About Us

Who we are

We are a co-operative chain of owner-operator tree service businesses brought together under the Tree Top Pros umbrella. Each city is a separate owner-operator who is carefully vetted by our organization. We provide our owner-operators with publicity and customer inquiries. They in turn serve their residential and commercial customers within their local service areas.


How we became experts

All our owner-operators are qualified tree professionals. Some are trained and certified arborists. It’s always sensible to check their credentials and insurances before hiring them, as you would do with any home service business.


A shared appreciation for trees and great service

All our operators share an appreciation for trees, their health and well-being. Trees benefit our communities, our homes and our health in so many ways. This shared appreciation means we will always recommend what’s best for your tree. Hazardous trees can be made safe. Trees in poor health can be treated. With our approach, tree removal is usually a last resort.


We share our expertise and knowledge

Jerome HallbergJerome Hallberg is our Business Development Manager. He's active on Twitter and LinkedIn, by the way:

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Whilst not yet a fully-qualified arborist, he is a trained communications professional. One of his missions is to collate the collective opinions on tree care from all our owner-operators at different points in the year. He then shares their expert views and insights into tree care within our Tree Care Diary. The Diary outlines simple measures any property owner can do to look out for the on-going health and benefit of their own trees. Why? Call it enlightened self-interest as explained below. Recent Tree care Diary entries can be found at the bottom of this and most other pages on our website.


Why do we share our knowledge and expertise widely?

We want to help property-owners grow healthy trees on their land. After all, healthy, mature trees can add between $1000 to $10,000 onto a home’s resale value (Source: Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers). It’s better for us to have beautiful trees to trim and nurture year after year rather than a one-time tree and stump removal job. So you can see that our customers win with this approach. The communities we serve also win. And the approach benefits our business in the long run with improved reputation and credibility. That’s why we share our knowledge and passion for trees.


We look forward to serving you!