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We want your trees to look amazing!

We also want your trees to be less of a hazard to you, your property and others.

Our tree service support extends from tree trimming and to full tree removal where needed. We can also undertake tree planting, tree moving and a regular tree care program for you if required.


Beautiful palm trees in a street in Florida.

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How can we help you?

We often see the following requests by customers and property-owners. Which one describes your requirements?

  • "I would like more tree shade to reduce my air-conditioning bills" (by up to 40 %).
  • "I have a heavy-looking branch hanging over my property which might fall off!"
  • "I have tall trees in my yard which cause too much shade over my other growing plants."
  • "I have a large, old tree that’s dying and needs to be removed. Are there any tree removal companies near me that can take care of it?"
  • "Some of my trees need trimming to improve their shape. Should I look for tree trimming companies near me for specialist help?"
  • "I am worried about storms causing damage to my trees and my house."
  • "I have a tree which looks sick and unhealthy."
  • "I need help with tree regulations as they apply to my street."

How we work

We can help with all these challenging tree situations. When doing a job for you, this is our service commitment to you:

  • We will provide our best estimate for the work involved, allow you time to consider our fees or get started right away at a mutually convenient time.
  • We will respect your home and yard whilst working on your trees and do our best to protect your property from the impact on any heavy machinery, for example.
  • We protect our workers with thorough training, well-maintained equipment and adherence to municipal, state, national safety standards.
  • We believe in being on time for agreed appointments and will always clear away debris following our work.
  • We will secure any necessary permits from local and state government for the necessary work. All we need is a signature on the application form from the home-owner and your permission to proceed with the estimated work.
Tree fallen onto house

Our philosophy

We love trees and Florida has more tree species than any other state, apart from Hawaii. When healthy and placed correctly, they provide shade from the sun, they oxygenate the air we breathe, they reduce pollutants in the soil and they capture greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They support local wildlife such as birds and insects important for the health of our environment. And well-placed, healthy-looking trees improve the value of your home.

But when trees are unhealthy, diseased or damaged, they can become a hazard. In an urban setting, they’re often left little room to fall to the ground without causing damage to buildings and people. Whilst we prefer to help nurse them back to good health, some trees are too far gone. In this case, we will recommend their removal in the most cost-effective way.

Protecting you and your home during the work

Accidents in our industry DO happen, despite all prudent measures taken to reduce the risk. To avoid any adverse financial impact on you and your home or business premises, we have personal and property damage liability insurance in place to cover such incidences.

In fact, you should always verify that any tree service company you employ has this type of coverage and also workers compensation insurance in place by asking to see their certificates of insurance. The last thing you want is any ‘Johnny with a chainsaw’ wreaking havoc in your back yard. The damage from falling branches alone can run into thousands of dollars. And you could be liable if he injures himself as outlined above. Your chosen vendor MUST be insured.

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Protection for workers’ safety at your property

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory for any tree care operation. A reputable firm will follow the law to ensure their workers are protected whilst working at height and on the ground.

Despite certification, thorough training and PPE, workers can have mishaps. Most are minor but some are not. Your tree services company is responsible for the cost of treatment in case of injury and also for loss of earnings.

Protecting you against any liability

However, if the tree company fails to pay injury costs for workers, then you as the property-owner are next in line to pay such expenses and also loss of earnings. So your chosen tree company needs to have Workers Compensation Insurance in place to reduce your potential liability. We do.

Our advice is to always ask any tree services business you hire if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Because without this important coverage there is a possibility, albeit a remote one, that you could be liable if there’s an accident on your premises.

Don’t let anyone who cuts corners on insurances, cut your trees!

Tree Service prices

In one word, competitive! We like being busy so we’ll give you the very best price we can. When comparing prices, be sure to check whether your chosen firm has the insurances in place to protect themselves, your property, your wallet and your neighbor’s property in case of any accidental damages or, heaven forbid, injuries to workers.

Call us now. We want to help!

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