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We, as operators of the Tree Top Pros website do not accept responsibility for any of the free advice offered in our articles for the reasons outlined below.

The free advice provided in our monthly Tree Care Diary and other articles on this site is based on the latest available tree research in the USA and arboreal best practice. However, the accuracy of this calendar along with the actions and timings shared within it cannot be guaranteed nor can it be relied upon in all geographic locations. It is impossible to provide uniform advice for all not least because states in the USA are at different latitudes, longitudes and have varying elevations. This makes the general advice we give hard to fit all locations in all states with equal relevance to all readers.

Compounding these differences are the typical tree species sets between states. Furthermore, each state has its own weather patterns, levels of rainfall and micro climates. All the calendar can do is broadly summarize best practice care for trees. Visitors may accept, implement or ignore this at their own discretion and at their own risk.

The Visitor agrees that information contained within the site can only be regarded as infotainment as opposed to dependable and reliable arboricultural advice that is of direct relevance to the individual Visitor’s specific situation, soil type, tree problem, hardiness zone or local climate; the reasons for which are outlined in the above clauses.

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The operators of this Website (Operators) suggest that you consult your local arborist for more specific insights and advice relevant for your particular location and set of individual circumstances.

The Operators also suggest that Visitors understand their own local climate type and employ this and other relevant or seasonal factors to filter the advice given in these pages. Readers and visitors are encouraged to apply common sense to the advice given in our diary. For example, Visitors can discover their plant hardiness zone which is a measure based on locational differences in average minimum temperatures. Simply entering a zip code into the interactive tool from  will help Visitors determine their specific, local hardiness zone.

With this common sense approach, Visitors can discover that advice given on planting and caring for citrus trees, for example, will only apply to hardiness zones 9 to 11 i.e. Florida because such trees are extremely sensitive to frosts.