Emergency Tree Removal – we act fast to tackle your fallen or hazardous tree

Sudden summer storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, winter ice storms, lightning strikes all have the potential either to kill your trees outright or cause them irreversible damage. In any one storm, thousands upon thousands of trees have been known to be felled. And if it’s not your tree it could be someone else’s. We get calls from customers whose neighbor’s trees have fallen onto their property!

Where screening of trees prior to severe weather events has not been done, some trees will be at risk of damage or causing damage when that storm arrives.

A fallen tree is a dead loss and needs to be removed, of-course but the standing wounded could, with care, heal and thrive for many years. We prefer to save your trees whenever possible with the tools, techniques and treatments available to us. But if an inspection reveals that this is not possible, removing trees lying across roads, cars, buildings or electric lines is a priority.

Tree fallen onto house after storm

Why you should call Tree Top Pros if you want a tree removed FAST?

  • FREE estimates with reasonable charges are provided before any job commences
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as we know this is important to you in your situation.
  • Professionally-trained team used to operating well-maintained equipment required
  • We are experienced working with residential, commercial or municipal clients
  • Attention to safety when undertaking tree services
  • Fully insured and licensed to operate in your area
  • Working hand-in-glove with local authorities and we the necessary permits where required

We always remove waste materials after we have finished (unless the property-owner wants the logs for firewood or the wood-chips for garden mulch)

Taking care of damaged property

There’s no saving a tree which has fallen and it will take great care, skill and training not to cause further damage to the affected property when removing it. Our staff has those skills in abundance and will work hard not to cause further distress in a calamitous situation.

And after the tree has been safely removed, we will place a temporary tarp over the damaged area of your home to avoid water ingress and wind damage to the building or its contents.

We are local to you

We operate in your town and all nearby areas so we are just around the corner. We are your LOCAL answer to any tree-related emergency you may have and are able to respond quickly to your emergency. With upfront cost estimates, we want to be your first choice for storm damage tree removal.

Likely cost

We face many different situations where a fast service is required and it’s difficult to publish a price list covering each combination of factors. Fallen trees or limbs come in many different sizes and types and locations. A damaged tree in the middle of a wood is not an emergency. Yet if one falls on an electric line or road it most definitely is one. We also understand that not everything is an emergency; sometimes narrow time windows emerge in construction projects, for example.

Our promise is to keep costs at a reasonable level for your emergency. As mentioned above, we provide up-front estimates, FREE of charge. This means you are always in the driving seat knowing that you have a competitive quote before work starts.

Protect yourself

After a storm, our services tend to be in high demand. If licensed and insured companies are not available immediately due to a high volume of work, there can be a temptation to hire ‘fly-by-night’ tree guys to resolve your problem at the earliest opportunity. Our advice is to “Just Say No!”

Tree removal is fraught with risk and you could be exposing yourself and others to:
- further unnecessary damage to your property and perhaps your neighbor’s property too
- limited or no ability to claim against the firms liability insurance if they do not have this coverage
- injury of the workers they employ due to lack of training
- a legal claim against you if the unlicensed firm and uninsured firm cannot pay the medical expenses of injured workers.

We will get to your job as soon as humanly possible in an emergency or recommend you contact a tree service company who we know and trust.

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