Stump Grinding

Left to its own devices, a freshly-cut tree stump will take between 3 to 8 years on average to rot, sometimes more depending on the type of tree and its location. The tree stump and root system has survived perfectly well above and below ground when alive as the wood contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents to protect it. These agents remain active after the tree has died, hence the length of time taken they take to decay.

We understand that the long, natural rotting process may be too long for some folks. After all, a stump doesn’t look that great and besides they can also be a safety hazard to people and to vehicles too. A slowly rotting stump can also attract pests such as termites leading to other potential problems on your property.

We can remove your unsightly tree stump through a fast, mechanical grinding process. In doing so, the aesthetic appeal of your yard will improve, likely increasing the value of your property.

How long will it take?

Depending on the size and age of the stump, the process can take less than a couple of hours to complete.

What to expect

Before we start, we will work with you to understand the location of any underground utilities e.g. gas pipes, fresh and waste water pipes, electrical cables.

During the grinding process, we will protect your lawn and property so we leave both in a pristine state. As part of the job, we will remove the wood chips created from the grinding process. This is highly advisable if the original tree was diseased. Alternatively, you can keep the waste and use it as mulch for your garden or for composting with other plant material. Either way, we will make good the area of the old tree stump for you to plant, seed or lay turf.

There will be roots left behind and possibly the base of the stump too. But what remains will be underground and out of sight. Unseen, they will decay over time adding to the fertility of your soil by slowly releasing nutrients.

tree stump grinding equipment

Stump Grinding equipment used

Depending on the nature of the job, we use either a heavy-duty tracked or wheeled stump grinder. Both have a powered, toothed wheel tipped with hard-wearing tungsten carbide cutting teeth. We usually cut down to between 6 and 8 inches below ground level or more upon request.


We are fully insured and licensed to carry out such work. Our skilled operatives are also insured under Workers Compensation Insurance. This means there is no liability to you if there’s an injury whilst working on your property.

Stump Grinding Cost

Tree Top Pros uses the latest, efficient machinery which reduces time on the job and keeps costs low. It is difficult to provide a price list as tree stumps differ in type, size and accessibility. Call us and we’ll be sure to provide a FREE competitive estimate for the necessary work after asking a few simple questions.


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