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Dreadful tropical cyclones with innocuous-sounding names, violent windy storms, lightning hits as well as flood events here in the state of Florida are able to have a critical effect on the health and well-being of your trees. Tree removal is a major but indispensable remedy to your tree problems in Coral Springs and it’s a vital part of our local tree care operations.

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Trees are simply amazing

They cleanse our water, they oxygenate the air we all breathe, they lessen traffic noise and they slow the speed of climate change. Trees likewise enable biodiversity as they are usually host to many distinct plant and animal types. As stated by the Arbor Day Foundation, an individual big tree is able to yield a day's supply of oxygen for around 4 humans. They're good for the planet Earth, our environment and they lift our spirit. Over 99.9% of the time they are a completely benign presence in our world.

So precisely what is the function of removing a tree? Just why is this the most severe form of tree service needed?

Trees can both live and die

If a tree becomes impaired, before long it depletes its physical strength that in turn sabotages its ability to hold multiple tons of wood and leaf, particularly in a severe violent storm. So every time our company is called in order to assess your trees as part of our removal service, our staff makes sure to search for the following weak points:

Stance - If your tree starts to slant to one direction where it was not bending previously, this might just identify a compromised tree. The problem can be much graver in case accompanied by naked and/or sagging limbs with no leaves.

Root System - The condition of the root system is similarly significant for the well being of the tree. If they indicate damage or rot, then your tree is more than likely vulnerable. Fungus attached to either the roots or even near the base of the tree trunk means the tree is harboring dead wood. In the event that there is really a lot of fungus infestation (mushroom-like protrusions), certainly there will probably be no saving the tree and it will tumble down faster rather than in the distant future.

A loosening of earth around the roots indicates a partly unstable tree. One strong windstorm could easily see the tree falling over, hopefully not on your house.

Trunk - ground wood particles about the base of the trunk means tree-boring beetles are inside or laying eggs. In this situation the damage will most likely happen hidden from sight. The tree is going to end up being progressively weak from disease and loss of structural stability. Subsequently it will probably collapse.

Additional hints of problems might be discovered if the trunk has bark missing or fairly loose bark. Our experts also check for openings and fractures in the trunk, particularly if fresh. They can also check for hollow voids in the trunk assuming they remember to bring along their sounding hammer and increment borer.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree workers remove cut tree branches by feeding through wood-chipping equipment

Tree Removal Service - the 6 measures to taking care of your problem tree


  1.  Following your call, our arborists will be glad to give you a draft concerning the most effective way to remove your problem tree. We will also present you with an expense estimate, FREE of charge. A visit to your house or building may be normally best in order to thoroughly appreciate the scope of works, specifically when removing trees.
  2. Right after you approve our proposal, a jointly agreeable date and time will be set up so our team can carry out the necessary work.
  3. There is community and state regulation governing who can remove trees, even palm trees - check below for details. For the most part, tree extraction will also necessitate a removal permit which we will be happy to secure for you, should you wish us to do that for you.
  4. Our firm pride ourselves on starting work on time. Our properly trained tree experts will then undertake the services as safely as they can.
  5. Our company will subsequently remove your diseased or dead tree from your backyard and take care of waste tree parts by simply re-cycling or reprocessing as required. Then again, you could keep back the woodchips in order to mulch your other types of garden shrubs thereby reduce water sprinkling costs in the years to come.
  6. Extracting trees may be on the expensive side for some residents in Coral Springs. And so our arborists are going to look at other trees within your property so as to offer an inexpensive maintenance plan to save you money as well as time in the long-run. After all, "a stitch in time saves nine!" For instance, judicious tree trimming is going to make your trees more safe when it comes to a wind storm by simply lowering their wind resistance and also diminishing the chance of being blown down.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above actions are recommended in order to maximize your complete satisfaction with our services. Having said that, our trained specialists are able to fast-track the above course of action and respond more quickly whenever there's an unexpected emergency. Phone us and our experts will share the timing and a note of our charges to carry out emergency tree services.

Florida rules on tree care services

In the state of Florida, removing trees entails that you initially obtain a formal permission in most cases. There certainly are a few exemptions. Currently there are quite a few variances in the codes comparing counties and municipalities. Inside of Broward County, all work on trees within certain geographical areas in the county requires prior written permission. They also focus on licensing of all tree service companies in the county in response to poor tree trimming practices in the recent past. Our company can deal with the permits for you if selected to carry out your job. And you can check our license at any time.

Tree Removal Cost

We try our best to keep our rates and consequently your fees as low as we are able. The costs vary according to ease of access, tree species, tree height as well as scale, the extent of the problem with your tree and whether or not extra equipment like a mobile crane is needed. We do not believe that cutting corners in relation to safety and protection, training, insurance and certification is the most reliable approach to run our enterprise. Rather, we firmly believe being totally insured and our workers properly trained is the better approach to prevent costly harm to your house and to stop any conceivable liability on you, if there's an injury to any of our workers.

Instead you are going to discover our remedy to be well-considered, priced sensibly and the work done successfully and with reduced risk. We can provide you some financial savings by offering you the possibility to gather the tree waste after the tree has been removed, perhaps to utilize as fire wood. Our company staff is under strict instructions to leave your back yard in good shape and debris-free but this depends on you.


Ring our experts today! Our team would like to understand and help resolve your tree predicament.

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