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Nameless but violent storms, flood incidents here in the state of Florida not to mention the hurricanes that plague our coastal communities, all have a notable impact on the health and well-being of your trees. Removing trees is obviously a drastic but crucial solution to some of your tree issues here in Delray Beach. Tree removal is an important and popular part of our service activities.

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Trees are truly magnificent

They cleanse our water, they oxygenate the atmosphere we need for respiration, they diminish traffic noise and also reduce the level of climate change. Trees likewise underpin biodiversity as they are normally host to many diverse plant and fauna species. As confirmed by the Arbor Day Foundation, one mature tree is able to produce a day's supply of oxygen for as many as four human beings. They are without a doubt excellent for the planet, our ecosystem and they raise our spirit. For more than 99.9% of the time they are a purely positive presence in our daily lives.

So precisely what function does removal serve? Precisely why is this most extreme form of tree service required?

Trees are alive and can die too

If a tree is infected, it drops its own physical vigor which hurts its capability to hold aloft many 10s of tons of timber and leaf, in particular in a severe storm. And so anytime our firm is called in order to examine your trees as part of our removal service, we make sure to look out for the following indicators:

Stance - If your tree starts to pitch towards a single side where it had not been pitching before, that might signify a badly compromised tree. The problem maybe even more serious in case observed with naked and/or drooping branches without having leaves.

Roots - The well being of the roots is equally significant for the well being of your tree. If they display breakage or disease, then your tree is most certainly in danger of falling soon. Fungus infection sprouting from either the tree roots or near the base of the tree trunk signifies dead wood. In the case that there's a lot of large mushroom-like protrusions, certainly there will be no saving the tree and it is going to collapse quicker as opposed to in the distant future.

A loosening of soil around the roots implies a partially unstable tree. One single strong wind event could result in the tree collapsing, with a little luck not on your home.

Tree Trunk - Fine wood grains around the base of the trunk indicates that tree-boring pests are busy eating the inside of the tree or laying eggs or both probably. In this situation the harm will go on unseen. The tree will end up being progressively weak from disease, loss of tree sap and also loss of structural stability. Then it definitely will fall down.

Additional hints of disease can be seen if ever the trunk has bark missing or perhaps fairly loose bark. We examine spaces and splits within the trunk too, especially if fresh. We can even tell if your tree is hollow and by how much by employing arborist tools such as a sounding hammer and increment borer. If a tree has more than a third of its trunk as a hollow void then this is yet another sign that it has become unsafe and its days are numbered before it falls to the ground.

So hopefully you can now see why we remove trees and what signs we look for before recommending their safe removal.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree workers remove cut tree branches by feeding through wood-chipping equipment

Tree Removal Service - the 6 stages to fix your dying tree problem


  1. Having received your query, our company will be happy to offer you with a draft regarding the most effective plan for your tree. In addition, we are going to give you a cost estimation, for FREE. A quick visit to your place or building may be usually most ideal so as to thoroughly recognize the scope of works, most especially when removing trees for reasons explained in the above paragraph.
  2. Shortly after you accept our recommendation, a mutually agreeable appointment will be fixed between us so our team can tackle the necessary work.
  3. There are local and also Florida state legislation that govern when how and who can remove trees - see below. In many cases extraction of a tree will certainly require a removal permit which we will to acquire for you, should you wish our company to do the very same. Palm Beach County cares about native tree species so special care is needed here.
  4. Our company staff prides themselves on showing up promptly for scheduled work with at customers’ properties. Our qualified tree professionals can then start the removal work as safely and efficiently as possible.
  5. We can subsequently remove your diseased or lifeless tree from your property and deal with waste tree parts through re-cycling or reprocessing as required. Otherwise, you may keep the woodchips to keep moist your various other garden plants thereby decrease sprinkling costs in the medium to long term.
  6. Removing trees can be costly. Hence our team will most likely check out various other trees within your land in order to propose an economical maintenance program to save you cash and time in the future. After all, a stitch in time saves nine! For instance, reasonable tree trimming will render your trees safer when it comes to a storm simply by lowering their wind resistance and decreasing the chance of being possibly blown down. This works well for all trees including palm varieties.

Emergency Tree Removal

These 6 listed actions are recommended in order to maximize your total satisfaction with our work for you. Having said that, our firm can fast-track the procedure and take action more quickly if there's an unexpected emergency. Some permits can be obtained with Call us and we'll quickly share the timing along with our charges to undertake critical tree service.

Palm Beach County legislation on removing trees

Throughout the state of Florida, clearing away trees requires you beforehand to procure an official permission in many cases. There are a number of exemptions especially for non-native or invasive species of trees. Currently there are quite a few variances in the rules when comparing counties and communities. For example, Palm Beach County alone has 3 agencies that need to be considered when planning to remove various tree types within county boundaries. Plus, Delray Beach municipality also needs to be referred to. Our team will look after this departmental maze for you if chosen to complete your tree work.

Tree Removal Cost

Our company makes every effort to keep our expenses low and also your invoice as reasonable as we are able. The costs vary based upon:

  • ease of access
  • proximity of nearby buildings/ structures/power lines
  • tree type to be removed
  • the nature of the situation with your tree and
  • whether or not additional equipment like a mobile crane is needed.
  • tree height as well as proportions

We would like to be more transparent on costs but at the moment it’s difficult to publish a price list due to the above factors. Just call us to find out an approximate amount.

We are one of those companies that do not feel that cutting corners in relation to safety, training, insurance coverage and licensing is the most reliable approach to the sustainable management of our organization. Rather, our company firmly believes being fully insured and our technicians successfully trained is actually the best way to prevent costly mishap to your property and to protect any conceivable liability against you, in case there's an accidental injury to any of our employees.

So hopefully you are going to find our service to be well-considered, costed fairly and the work undertaken effectively and with measured risk. Our company is able to give you some financial savings by simply offering you the chance to pick up the tree waste right after the tree has been felled, perhaps to keep as stove fuel. Our firm much prefers to leave your yard tidy and debris-free but it's up to you.


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