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Terrible tropical storms, windstorms without a moniker and also flooding incidents around the state of Florida can absolutely have a serious affect on the wellbeing of your trees. The coastal City of Hollywood in Florida is uncomfortably familiar with hurricanes and the physical damage they can cause to property and to its trees too, even palm trees. Tree removal is a serious and yet necessary solution to your tree issues. It’s without a doubt an often-used part of our service.

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Trees are so amazing

They clean our ground water, they oxygenate the atmosphere that is vital to life, they lessen intrusive noise and slow the level of climate change. Trees also enable biodiversity since they are normally shelter to various plant and fauna varieties. As stated by the Arbor Day Foundation, an individual mature tree can generate a day's supply of oxygen for as many as four individuals. They are certainly excellent with regards to the world, our environment and they uplift our spirit. More than 99.9% of the time they are a purely positive presence in our life.

So what is the idea of removing trees? So why is this, the most severe form of tree service, required?

Trees are alive and but can die too

In the event that a tree becomes infected, then it drops its physical vigor which in turn compromises its ability to carry aloft tens or 100s of tons of lumber and leaf, in particular in a severe storm. So every time our experts are asked to take a look at your trees as part of our removal service, we always search for the following weaknesses:

Incline - If your tree begins to slant to a single direction where it was not bending previously, this could reveal a badly compromised tree. The problem maybe even more serious when seen with bare and/or sagging branches with no leaves.

Tree Roots - The condition of the tree's roots is similarly important with respect to the well being of the tree. If they reveal damage or disease, then your tree is most certainly at risk. Fungus infection sprouting from either the tree roots or maybe near the bottom of the tree trunk indicates dead timber. In case there is a load of fungal infestation (mushroom-like protrusions), generally there will likely be no rescuing the tree and it is going to fall down sooner rather than in the distant future. With luck, it won’t fall on anything breakable.

An uplift of ground next to the roots indicates a partly uprooted tree. Just one strong windstorm could very well see the tree falling over, hopefully not on your property.

Trunk - ground wood debris close to the bottom of the trunk suggests that tree-boring beetles are inside or laying eggs, probably both. In this situation the harm happens unseen. The tree will certainly end up being more and more weak from disease, loss of tree sap and then loss of structural stability. Soon after it will succumb to gravity and collapse.

Additional symptoms of disease may be detected if ever the trunk has bark missing or perhaps very loose bark. We examine spaces and fractures within the trunk too, particularly if fresh.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree workers remove cut tree branches by feeding through wood-chipping equipment

Tree Removal Service - the 6 steps to clearing away your diseased or dying tree


  1. After your call, we will be happy to present you with a draft of the most effective removal options for your tree. In addition, our company is going to give you a cost estimation, for A trip to your home or building will be normally best in order to fully appreciate the scope of works, most especially whenever removing trees.
  2. Soon after you okay our proposal, a mutually convenient date and time will be fixed so our team will be able to start the required work.
  3. Currently there is community and also Florida state legislation relating to removing a tree - view below for more info. Most of the time, tree extraction will likely necessitate a removal permit which our firm will be happy to obtain for you, if you would like our company to do so.
  4. Our local firm prides itself in starting work in a timely manner. Our qualified tree experts will then undertake the project as safely as we can.
  5. Our team will subsequently remove your diseased or dead tree from your yard and take care of waste materials by re-cycling or reprocessing as required. Then again, you can keep the woodchips to mulch your other garden plants thereby minimize water bills in the medium to long term.
  6. Removing trees is quite costly. Therefore, to help save you money in the future our arborists will check various other trees at your property in order to suggest a low cost maintenance program. Besides, a stitch in time saves nine! For instance, prudent tree trimming will definitely make your trees much safer when it comes to a storm by means of lowering their wind resistance as well as reducing the odds of the trees being possibly blown over.

Emergency Tree Removal

The steps that are listed above are suggested in order to maximize your satisfaction by using our support work on your trees. Nonetheless, our firm will be able to fast-track the method and take action quicker when there's an unexpected emergency. Get in touch with us and we'll promptly run through the timing and our broad costs in order to complete emergency tree work.

Florida law when you remove trees

In the state of Florida, getting rid of trees necessitates you first and foremost procure formal permission in many cases. There are a few exceptions though. Presently there are also variances in the regulations between counties and municipalities. Within Broward county, for instance, the property owner has to sign a permit request if she wishes to remove or transplant trees. And they insist that tree trimmers and removers are properly licensed too! Our company is able to handle the license application for you wherever chosen to carry out your work.

Our Removal Costs

Our firm strives to keep our expenses and consequently your fees as small as we are able. The charges can vary according to:

- ease of access to the affected tree site
- tree type/s
- tree elevation and proportions
- the scale of the situation with your tree and
- whether or not additional operational equipment such as a motorized crane is required.

Our firm do not market 'cheap tree removal' since our company do not think that cutting corners regarding safety, coaching, insurance coverage and certification is the best approach to operate our organization. Instead, we are one of the better companies that firmly believe in being totally insured and our workers properly coached. It’s  simply the most reliable solution to avoid costly mishaps to your property as well as to eliminate any potential liability on you, in the event that there's an accidental injury to any of our workers.

Hopefully, you are going to understand that our services are well-considered, charged sensibly and the project carried out successfully and with reduced risk. We will be able to provide you some savings simply by offering you the option to gather debris right after the tree has been felled, perhaps to keep as fire wood. We are usually instructed to leave your lot in good shape and debris-free however this depends on you.


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