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Destructive tropical storms, violent thunder storms, flood events and the ever present danger of lightning in the state of Florida will each have a critical affect on the health of your trees. Tree removal is certainly a severe answer to your tree problems in Jupiter but a necessary one as we’ll find out. Removal of trees is undoubtedly a fundamental part of our company’s local commercial activities.

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Trees are so very remarkable

They purify our water and air, they oxygenate the atmosphere we breathe, they lower loud noise as well as they decrease the level of climate change. Trees also encourage biodiversity as they are shelter to several plant and fauna types. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, a single big tree will produce a day's supply of oxygen for around 4 people. They're desirable with regards to the world environment, our ecosystem in Palm Beach County and they lift our general disposition. Over 97% of the time they are a solely benign presence in our daily lives.

So precisely what is the point of removing trees? Why is this, the most severe form of tree service, needed?

Trees can live for an age but they are not immortal

If ever a tree becomes diseased, then it depletes its own vigor which compromises its capability to carry aloft tens or hundreds of tons of wood and leaf, especially in a windy violent storm. And so whenever our experts are asked to assess your trees as part of our removal service, they always search for the following indicators:

  • Stance - If your tree starts to slant towards one direction where it had not been slanting previously, this might just indicate a compromised tree. The problem could be more serious when accompanied by naked and/or drooping branches without having leaves.
  • Roots - The condition of the root system is every bit as crucial with regard to the wellbeing of the tree. If they reveal damage or decay, then your tree is probably at risk. Fungi coming from either the tree roots or even close to the base of the tree trunk can denote the presence of dead timber somewhere in your tree. In the event that there is a lot of fungal growth from the visible mushroom-like fruiting bodies on the exterior of the tree, certainly there will likely be no saving the tree and it is going to fall down quicker rather than later.

    A loosening of earth about the roots signifies a partially uprooted tree. One single powerful wind event could easily see the tree falling down, preferably not over your property.

  • Trunk – The presence of fine wood fragments at the base of the trunk indicates that tree-boring bugs are inside your tree laying eggs. These eggs will turn into grubs (larvae stage) which will do their utmost to eat away your tree. In this instance the damage will probably happen concealed. The tree will most likely become weaker structurally slowly but surely. It will also leave your tree more prone to other disease. Subsequently, it will collapse at the merest suggestion of a wind.

    Other symptoms of disease might be observed if the trunk has bark missing or very loose bark. Our experts examine hollow voids, holes and fractures in the trunk also, particularly if fresh.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree being removed with a crane

Tree Removal Service – our 6 moves to fix your dying tree


  1. After receiving your call, our arborist will certainly be happy to provide you with an overview related to the best and safest way for your tree to be dealt with. Our company is going to present you with a cost estimation, free of charge. A preparatory trip to your home or building may usually be best in order to fully appreciate the scope of the task, especially if the only viable option is to remove trees.
  2. Very soon after you okay our recommendation, a mutually convenient date and time will be arranged so that we will be able to tackle the required services.
  3. Currently there is Jupiter city as well as Palm Beach County and even Florida state legislation to bear in mind when one has to remove trees - view separate paragraph below. In Jupiter, even toxic or invasive tree species need a ‘Vegetation Removal Permit’. Our company will be happy to obtain this, if you prefer us to do it for you.
  4. Our staff prides themselves on turning up on time at agreed times. It’s part of our company mantra to be prompt with work so long as it doesn’t compromise safety of all concerned. Our well-trained tree experts can then perform the services as carefully as possible.
  5. We can then take out your diseased or dead tree from your yard and take care of waste materials by simply re cycling or reprocessing as needed. As an alternative and where permissible by the municipality, you may retain the woodchips in order to keep moist your other garden shrubs thereby decrease water bills in the years to come.
  6. Removing trees may be an expensive solution for some customers. And so our arborists can take a look at other trees on your plot in order to propose a low cost maintenance plan to save you money plus time in the long run. A stitch in time saves nine, after all. For example, reasonable tree trimming will definitely render your trees much safer when it comes to a wind storm by decreasing their wind resistance and helping reduce the possibility for them being actually blown over.

Emergency Tree Removal

We work to the above model in order to maximize your total satisfaction from using our tree services, especially removal. However, the procedure can be fast-tracked in case there is an emergency. Phone us and our experts will promptly go through the best way to proceed and a note of our broad costs in order to carry out emergency tree service.

Jupiter rules for removing trees

Removing trees, even palm trees, in Palm Bach County (PBC) requires you initially apply for and obtain a formal permission if the tree to be removed is located in unincorporated land. For all other areas within Jupiter city limits, a Vegetation Removal application must be submitted even for non-native species of trees. We can attend to obtaining the permit for you if chosen to complete the removal work for you.

How much does it cost to remove trees?

We try our best to maintain our rates and consequently your bill as reasonable as possible. The charges vary depending on simplicity of access, tree type, tree elevation as well as proportions, the nature of the problem with your tree and in case additional operational equipment like a mobile crane is necessary. Because of these factors, it is difficult to provide a price list although a tree removal cost calculator might be possible in the future so we can provide indicative pricing online.

We aren’t one of those companies that think that cutting corners in relation to safety and protection, coaching, insurance coverage and certification is the most effective approach to running a business. Instead, Tree Top Pros firmly believes being completely insured and our workers successfully instructed is the best means to prevent costly mishaps to your dwelling and also to eliminate any latent financial responsibility on you, in case there's an accident to one of our operatives. So we hope that you will find our approach to be well-considered, costed fairly and the project undertaken successfully and with reduced risk. We are able to offer you some savings by simply offering you the alternative to pick up waste following the tree has been extracted, possibly to keep as fire logs. This depends on local conditions of granted permits because uncollected tree waste can easily block drains in a storm.


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