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Dreadful tropical storms, electrical storms, unrelenting wind storms and also flooding events in the state of Florida could have a major effect on the well being of your trees. Tree removal is a serious but crucial answer to your tree problems in Miramar, Florida. In fact, removing trees is a frequently used part of our tree service business.

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Trees are simply remarkable

They clean our water, they oxygenate the air, they minimize loud noise and decrease the level of climate change. Trees likewise underpin biodiversity as they are normally home to several plant and animal species. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, a single mature tree will yield a day's supply of oxygen for as many as four humans.. They are certainly desirable for the planet Earth, our ecosystem and they uplift our spirits. More than 99.9% of the time they are a simply positive presence in our lives.

So precisely what is the point of removing a tree? Precisely why is this, the most radical form of tree service, required?

Trees can live and die

If ever a tree becomes impaired, before long it depletes its vigor which hurts its capability to hold above tens or 100s of tons of wood and leaf, in particular, in a gusty storm. Therefore whenever our team are invited to assess your trees as part of our removal service, our staff definitely look for the following weaknesses:

Incline - Should your tree starts to lean to one single side where it was not slanting previously, it may reveal a damaged tree. Damage might be even more serious if ever accompanied by bare and/or drooping tree branches without any leaves.

Tree Roots - The condition of the tree's roots is equally significant when it comes to the well being of the tree. If they indicate breakage or rot, then your tree is more than likely in peril. Actual fungus on either the tree roots or around the base of the tree trunk means dead wood. Whenever there is actually a lot of fungus spread (mushroom-like protrusions), generally there will be no saving the tree and it will tumble down earlier as opposed to in the far future.

A loosening of earth around the roots implies a partially unstable tree. One single strong wind event could well see the tree falling over, with some luck not on your home.

Trunk - ground wood debris around the base of the tree's trunk reveals tree-boring bugs are eating the inside of the tree or embarking upon egg-laying or both. In this case the destruction will probably happen hidden from view. The tree is going to eventually become gradually weaker from disease, loss of tree sap and lack of structural cohesion. Subsequently it definitely will fall down, hopefully not onto something fragile or expensive to repair.

Various other signs of problems might be recognized whenever the trunk has bark missing or perhaps very loose bark. Our experts examine holes and fractures on the trunk too, especially if fresh. And a few taps of a sounding hammer will tell and experienced arborist whether a tree is hollow or not and to what approximate percentage.  Anything more than 30% hollow will start to become dangerously weak.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree trunk section being removed with crane

Tree Removal Service – the 6 steps to solving your problem tree


  1. Following your inquiry, we will be happy to provide you with an outline of the best course of action for your problem tree. We will also provide you with a FREE cost estimate on a no-obligation basis. A visit to your home or property may be best to fully understand the scope of works, especially when removing trees.
  2. Once you accept our proposal, a mutually agreeable appointment will be fixed between us so we can undertake the required work.
  3. There are local and state laws relating to tree removal – see below. In most cases action on your tree will necessitate a tree removal permit which we will be happy to obtain on your behalf, if you wish us to do so.
  4. We pride ourselves by turning up on time. Our trained tree professionals will then undertake the work as safely as possible.
  5. We will then remove your diseased or dead tree from your property and dispose of waste materials by recycling or reprocessing as required. Alternatively, you can keep the wood-chips to mulch your other garden plants and so reduce watering charges in the future.
  6. We will check other trees on your property and recommend a low cost care program to save you money and time in the future. After all, “a stitch in time saves nine!” For example, prudent tree trimming will make your trees safer in a storm by reducing their wind resistance and lessening the chance of them being blown over.

Emergency Tree Removal

These steps are advisable so as to increase your satisfaction with our work. Having said that, we can easily fast-track the method and respond more quickly when there's an emergency. Call us and our firm will quickly go through the timing and a note of our charges to carry out emergency tree project.

Florida rules regarding removing trees

Throughout the sunshine state of Florida, clearing away trees demands that you initially procure a formal permission most of the time. There are various exceptions, however. There are some variances in the rules among counties and towns. Within Miami-Dade county, for instance, the property owner has to complete a permit application if he wishes to fell or even uproot trees which have a trunk width of greater than 3 inches at breast level. Our company is able to attend to this for you if appointed to do your work.

Our Removal Charges

Our company strives to maintain our costs and also your bill as reasonably low as possible. The costs to customers hinge on:
i).  simplicity of access to the work site
ii). tree species to be felled
iii). tree elevation as well as its overall proportions
iv). the nature of the situation with your tree; and
v). if additional equipment like a crane is required.

Our firm do not provide a heavily discounted service since we do not think that cutting corners in relation to safety, coaching, insurance and certification is the best approach to manage our company. Rather, our firm believes in being fully insured and our team properly instructed is simply the most reliable solution to avoid expensive damages to your dwelling as well as to eliminate any possible liability on you, if there's an accident to one of our team members. Instead you will discover our approach to be well-considered, priced fairly and the project undertaken competently and in safety. Our company will be able to give you some financial savings simply by offering you the alternative to pick up waste just after the tree has been felled, possibly to utilize as firewood. Our firm much prefers to leave your back yard tidy and debris-free but it depends on your preference.

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