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Dreadful natural disasters, sudden windstorms and water damage emergencies in the state of Florida have the ability to have a serious affect on the health of your trees. Removing trees is certainly a drastic yet required solution to your problems in Broward County. Tree removal is a fundamental part of our local business in the green city of Plantation and we’re here to help you.

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Trees are remarkable

They purify our ground water, they oxygenate the atmosphere, they lower traffic noise and decrease the level of climate change. Trees likewise enable biodiversity due to the fact that they are normally shelter to various plant and fauna species. As reported by the Arbor Day Foundation, one single big tree will be able to supply a day's supply of oxygen for around four people. They are certainly desirable for the planet, our environment and they lift our spirits. For more than 99.9% of the time they are a completely positive presence in our daily lives.

So exactly what are we thinking when we say we remove trees? Precisely why is this, the most drastic type of tree service, called for?

Unfortunately Trees are Mortal

If ever a tree is diseased, before long it drops its own physical strength that impairs its capability to hold up aloft tens or even hundreds of tons of lumber and leaf, in particular in a windy violent storm. And so every time our arborists are asked to check your trees as part of our removal service, our experts always search for the following indicators:

  • Stance - If ever your tree begins to pitch towards one direction where it had not been bending before, it could perhaps identify a damaged tree. Damage might be much more severe when seen with naked and/or sagging branches with no leaves.
  • Root System - The condition of the root system is similarly significant with regard to the well being of the tree. If they display damage or rot, then your tree is most likely vulnerable. Fungi sprouting from either the roots or perhaps close to the bottom of the tree trunk imply dead wood somewhere close. In the event that there is a lot of fungus growth (mushroom-like protrusions), generally there will likely be no rescuing the tree and it is going to tumble down quicker rather than in the distant future.

    A loosening of earth about the roots signifies a partly unstable tree. One single powerful windstorm could well see the tree falling down, hopefully not on your home.

  • Trunk - small wood particles at the base of the trunk suggests that tree-boring beetles are inside laying eggs or eating your tree …or both. In this instance the damage will go on unseen. The tree will become steadily weak from disease, loss of tree sap and loss of structural stability. Then it will probably collapse, hopefully not close to anything breakable or valuable.

    Various other symptoms of problems can be detected whenever the trunk has bark missing or perhaps very loose bark. Our experts examine spaces and fractures within the trunk too, particularly if fresh. And if they remember their sounding hammer, they can tell if your tree is hollow and weak and often by how much too.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree damage caused by anobium thomsoni
Tree being removed with a crane

Tree Removal Service - the 6 measures needed to clearing away your problem tree


  1. After your query, our firm will be more than happy to give you with a rundown related to the best removal options for your problem tree. Our company is going to in addition give you with a price quote, at no cost. A quick visit to your residence or land may be advisable so as to completely recognize the scale of works, particularly whenever removing trees.
  2. Soon after you okay our estimate, a jointly acceptable appointment will be arranged between us so our staff are able to undertake the necessary service.
  3. Currently there are community and state regulations that control tree work - please see below. For the most part, removal of most trees is going to entail a removal permit that we will pick up for you, assuming that you want us to do that for you.
  4. We pride ourselves by showing up on schedule or a little before. Our skilled tree professionals can then perform the removal work as safely and efficiently as they can.
  5. Our team can subsequently clear away your diseased or lifeless tree from your back yard and deal with waste materials by simply recycling or reprocessing as necessary. Alternatively, you will be able to keep back the woodchips in order to mulch your other yard plants and so decrease watering costs in the upcoming months or years.
  6. Removing trees is quite a lot of money for most families. And so our team will most likely inspect various other trees within your property and propose an economical care solution to save you cash and time in the future. Because "a stitch in time saves nine!" For example, judicious and timely tree trimming will most likely make your trees safer when it comes to a violent storm by reducing their wind resistance and also decreasing the odds of them being actually blown down.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above steps are taken with care so as to increase your satisfaction with our work on your trees. That being said, our company is able to fast-track the course of action and take action quicker when there is an unexpected emergency. Get in touch with us and we'll go through the best way to proceed and our approximate charges to carry out emergency tree services.

Florida regulation for removing trees

Throughout the Sunshine State of Florida, taking away trees demands you beforehand secure a permit in many cases. There are a number of exemptions, however. Currently there are a number of variations in the laws among districts and towns. Broward County, for example, mandate permits for any tree work taking place in certain specified areas of land. Our team is able to attend to obtaining a permit for you wherever appointed to do your services.

How much does it cost?

Our company strives to keep our rates and also your invoice as affordable as possible. The charges range according to:

  • convenience of accessibility
  • tree species
  • tree elevation as well as size
  • the nature of the problem with your tree and
  • whether or not additional operational equipment like a mobile crane is required.

We firmly believe being completely insured and our technicians successfully trained is actually the most reliable means to avoid costly mishap to your house and also to protect any latent liability against you, if ever there's an injury to one of our team members.

So you will find our remedy to be well-considered, priced sensibly and the job carried out effectively and with reduced risk. Our firm can provide you some cost savings by allowing you the choice to gather waste right after the tree has been extracted, perhaps to use as logs. Our firm would prefer to leave your lot in good shape and debris-free but it depends on you.


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