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Devastating tropical hurricanes, random thunderstorms with squally winds, electrical storms with lightning strikes and also flooding events in St. Lucie County can certainly have a grave affect on the health and well-being of your trees. Tree removal is a radical and yet indispensable remedy to your tree problems. We remove trees because we like doing it well and it’s a frequently requested part of our business activity.

Arborist removing a palm tree

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Trees are simply astonishing

They cleanse our ground water, they oxygenate the atmosphere we need for life, they lessen unpleasant noises and they slow down the rate of climate change. Trees also encourage biodiversity due to the fact that they are normally shelter to several flora and fauna varieties. As stated by the Arbor Day Foundation, a single sizable tree is able to produce a day's supply of oxygen for as many as 4 individuals. All are great reasons why Port St. Lucie has been honored as a 2017 Tree City USA. The city has also launched its PSL Challenge in 2018 which aims to plant 185,000 trees within city limits; 1 for every man, woman and child resident in the city in 2018. Trees are certainly excellent for the planet Earth, our immediate environment and they lift our spirits too. More than 99% of the time they are a solely positive presence in our lives.

So just what's the purpose behind removing trees? Why is this, the most major type of tree service, required from time to time?

Trees are alive but can die too

Should a tree become unhealthy, it depletes its own physical strength that harms its ability to bear aloft multiple tons of lumber and leaf, particularly in a windy violent storm. Even palm trees can suffer the same fate. And so when we are asked to check your trees as part of our local service to you, our arborist typically checks for the following weaknesses:

  • Roots - The health and well-being of the root system is similarly significant with respect to the physical condition of the tree. If they reveal damage or decay, then your tree is most likely in peril. Fungus on either the tree roots or near the bottom of the tree trunk indicates dead wood. In the case that there is really a great deal of fungal growth, in most cases there will likely be no saving the tree and it will collapse sooner as opposed to later.

    A loosening of soil next to the roots signifies a partly uprooted tree. One single strong wind event could very well see the tree collapsing, preferably not onto your home.

  • Tree Trunk - Fine wood grains around the bottom of the trunk suggests tree-boring beetles are inside or laying eggs. In this situation the deterioration will go on unseen. The tree will most likely become more and more weak from disease, loss of tree sap together with lack of structural integrity. Then it will probably fall down.

    Additional signs of disease may be discovered if ever the trunk has bark missing or perhaps very flaky bark. Our experts check for spaces, fractures and hollows in the trunk too, especially if recent. A hollow can survive with a void of up to about 30% but anything more that this should be of greater concern.

  • Lean - Should your tree start to slant more towards one single direction where it wasn't slanting before, it might indicate a compromised tree. The problem can be even more serious when accompanied by bare and/or sagging limbs without leaves.
Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree workers remove cut tree branches by feeding through wood-chipping equipment

Tree Removal Service - the 6 actions to eliminating your diseased or dying tree:


  1. After receiving your query, we will be happy to provide you with a summary concerning the optimal way to remove your problem tree. You’ll also receive an expense estimation, at no cost. A visit to your house or land may be advisable to fully appreciate the scope of the task, particularly when removing trees.
  2. Once you okay our plan, a jointly agreeable time will be set up between us so our team will be able to carry out the work.
  3. Currently there are state, city and St. Lucie county laws concerning the removal of trees - view the section below. In many cases removal is going to demand a permit that our firm will be happy to obtain on your behalf, if you want us to do the very same.
  4. Our staff prides themselves by starting work promptly when expected. Our well-trained tree experts will then undertake the removal work as carefully as we can.
  5. Our firm will then remove your diseased or lifeless tree from your backyard and deal with waste materials by means of recycling or reprocessing as necessary. As an alternative, you can keep the woodchips in order to keep moist your various other garden plants and so reduce water bills in the years to come.
  6. For some family budgets, removing trees may be expensive despite our efforts to keep our estimates as low as possible. So with your permission, our team is going to inspect other trees on your plot in order to suggest an affordable care solution to save you cash plus time in the long run. After all, prevention is better than cure. For instance:
    1. prudent tree trimming is going to make your trees much safer in a wind storm by simply decreasing their wind resistance and also lowering the possibility of the trees being possibly blown down; and
    2. low cost pest treatment will prevent insects from taking hold of your tree’s vitality.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above 6 stages are used in order to maximize your satisfaction and delight with our work. Nevertheless, we are one of those companies that can fast-track the whole removal process and take action quicker when there is an emergency. Phone us and we will run through the best way to proceed together with our approximate charges in order to complete the remedial tree work as fast and as safely as possible.

St. Lucie county law for removing trees

Chances are that you’ll already know that the city is very pro-tree having been declared a “Tree City USA” last year. Its focus is on encouraging the growth of the city’s tree canopy thanks to the efforts of the city’s current mayor. Here in the coastal county of St. Lucie, clearing away trees requires that you beforehand apply for and obtain a vegetation removal permit in most cases, especially for trees with a Diameter at Breast Height (D.B.H.) greater than 12 inches. There are some exceptions, however, including trees on single-family lots in the city of Port St. Lucie even though they are still subject to minimum landscaping requirements. There are several nuances in the code between trees of different types and classifications. Where necessary, our company is able to take care of any permit application for you whenever appointed to do your service.

Tree Removal Cost

We try our best to keep our rates and therefore your fees as small as we are able. The prices can change hinging on ease of accessibility, tree species, tree elevation and also size, the scale of the situation with your tree and whether additional machinery such as a crane is needed. Our company does not believe that cutting corners regarding safety, coaching, insurance coverage and licensing is the best way to manage our enterprise. Rather, we prefer being completely insured and our team thoroughly instructed is the most reliable approach to avoid costly damage to your property as well as to protect any conceivable responsibility against you, in case there's an accident to any of our workers.

So we hope you are going to understand our services to be well-considered, priced sensibly and the removal carried out successfully and with reduced risk. We can offer you some cost reduction by simply giving you the possibility to pick up debris following the tree has been removed, possibly to use as fire logs. Our team is usually instructed to leave your yard in good shape and debris-free but this depends on you.


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