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Devastating hurricanes, frequent thunderstorms and flood incidents within the state of Florida may have a major effect on the health and wellbeing of your trees. Tree removal is occasionally a radical but necessary solution to your tree problems in Tamarac, Broward County. Removing trees of many varieties including palm trees is without a doubt a fundamental part of our service to local residents.

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Trees are really incredible

They cleanse our ground water, they oxygenate the air, they diminish traffic noise and also they reduce the rate of climate change. Trees likewise support biodiversity given that they normally shelter many different flora and fauna species. One single, big tree is able to supply a day's supply of oxygen for up to four individuals, according to the Arbor Day Foundation,. They are certainly excellent for the world, our natural environment in Tamarac and they lift our state of mind. Over 99.9% of the time they are a completely benign presence in our world.


So exactly what's the reason behind removing trees? Why is this, the most drastic kind of tree service, ever required?

Trees are mortal

In the event that a tree is diseased, before long it drops its own physical vigor which hurts its capacity to hold up above tens or even hundreds of tons of lumber and leaf, especially in a blowy storm. And so anytime our arborist is invited to inspect your trees as part of our removal service, she definitely searches for weak spots, some of which are mentioned here:

Lean - If ever your tree begins to slant towards one single direction where it wasn't pitching previously, it may perhaps reveal a damaged tree. The problem may be much more acute when observed with naked and/or drooping branches with no leaves.

Trunk - small wood fragments close to the base of the trunk means tree-boring bugs are eating the inside of the tree or laying eggs. In this instance, a sustained level of deterioration will most likely go on out of sight. The tree will become progressively weaker from disease, loss of tree sap and lack of structural cohesion. Subsequently it definitely will collapse.

Some other indicators of disease may be discovered if the trunk has tree bark missing or very loose bark. Our experts check for holes and cracks in the trunk also, especially if fresh. A sounding hammer will also indicate hollow spaces within the tree. Experience and an increment borer will tell by how much; any tree more than 30% hollow is severely compromised and is much more likely to be blown down in a gale.

Tree Roots - The condition of the tree's roots is similarly crucial with regard to the well being of the tree. If they indicate breakage or rot, then your tree is quite likely vulnerable. Actual fungus on either the tree roots or perhaps around the bottom of the tree trunk indicates dead wood very nearby. If there is a lot of fungus proliferation i.e. larger mushroom-like growth, certainly there will likely be no saving the tree and it is going to fall down faster rather than in the distant future.

A loosening of earth around the roots indicates a partly uprooted tree. One single strong windstorm could well see the tree falling over, preferably not over your property.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree workers remove cut tree branches by feeding through wood-chipping equipment

Tree Removal Service - the 6 steps towards ridding you of your dying tree


  1. Following your call, we will be happy to provide you with a draft outline of the best way to remove your tree. Our team will in addition present you with a cost quote, for free. A trip to your residence or land will be normally best to thoroughly understand the scale of the task, most especially whenever removing trees.
  2. Once you okay our estimate, a mutually convenient date and time will be fixed so that our staff will be able to undertake the necessary work.
  3. There are rules at a county as well as at a state level when you remove trees - see the paragraph below. Most of the time if you want to remove a tree, this will certainly demand a removal permit that we will be pleased to pick up on your behalf, if you would like us to do that for you.
  4. We pride ourselves on turning up early. Our well-trained tree technicians are going to then start the project as safely and efficiently as possible.
  5. Our staff will at that point get rid of your diseased or dead tree from your backyard and take care of waste wood by re-cycling or reprocessing as required. As an alternative, you can keep the woodchips in order to mulch your other plants and so moderate your watering costs in the upcoming months or years.
  6. Removing trees is quite costly for some family budgets. Therefore, our arborist will take a look at various other trees within your property in order to suggest an affordable tree care program to save you cash and time in the long run. After all, "a stitch in time saves nine!" For instance, prudent tree trimming will certainly make your trees much safer in a windstorm by simply lowering their wind resistance and reducing the prospect for them being blown over.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above actions are suggested so as to maximize your satisfaction using our work on your trees. Having said that, our company will certainly fast-track the preparatory work and take action faster when there's an emergency situation. Call us and our experts will quickly go through the timing and our broad costs to complete any sudden tree job.

Florida legislation on removing trees

In the state of Florida, taking out trees demands that you beforehand have an official permission in many cases. There are several exceptions, however. There are a few variances in the laws between counties and communities. On top of this, Broward County mandates proper licensing of all tree contractors. We will be able to manage to secure a permit for you wherever appointed to perform your tree work.

Tree Removal Cost

We strive to hold our costs and therefore your bill as low as we are able. The costs can vary hinging on convenience of entry, tree types, tree height and overall size, the type of the problem with your tree and whether extra equipment such as a crane is necessary. Please also be assured that we’re not one of those companies that believe in cutting corners regarding safety, coaching, insurance and licensing. For us, this is certainly not the most effective way to manage any tree enterprise. Instead, we firmly believe that being completely insured and our technicians thoroughly coached is simply the best way to prevent costly damage to your house as well as to protect any potential liability against you, if ever there's an injury to one of our staff members, heaven forbid.

You will find our remedy to be well-considered, costed fairly and the removal performed efficiently and with measured risk. We are able to give you some cost reduction simply by allowing you the option to gather debris right after the tree has been felled, possibly to store as fuel. Our staff members are usually instructed to leave your back yard clean and debris-free but it's up to you.

Contact our experts today! Our staff would love to listen to your tree story.

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