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We want to assist you with your trees.

Our experts would like your trees to be more of a real benefit to you and your home in the wonderful coastal city of Delray Beach, Florida.

Our team would also like to help make your trees much less of a risk to you, your property and also third parties, say from stormy weather.

Tree Top Pros offers tree service solutions to both local business and private customers. The services stretch from tree planting and tree translocation, to a tree care regimen, tree pruning and, yes, a whole tree removal service where desired.

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Specifically how can our company assist you?

Our arborists commonly find the following inquiries by residential customers and property-owners. Which one of these summarizes your tree situation?

  • I would just like more tree shade so as to decrease my air-conditioning costs (by approximately 40 per cent ).
  • I am worried about a heavy-looking limb hanging over my building that might break off!
  • I possess lofty trees in my grounds which cause a lot of shade on my grass and ground plants.
  • I have a large, aged tree that is undoubtedly perishing and should be taken away. Are there any tree removal companies near me which will deal with it? (yes, we can do this)
  • Some of my trees require cutting to fix their shape. Can I seek tree trimming companies near me in order to get expert advice? (yes but you need look no further than Tree Top Pros)
  • I am concerned about windy weather causing damage to my trees as well as my building.
  • I possess a tree that seems sick and below par.
  • I want assistance with tree laws as they apply to my thoroughfare.

The way we do the job

We will be able to deal with all the above tree dilemmas with an appropriate selection of our full range of services. Our customer-friendly work style is laid out below:

  • We will provide our best estimate with respect to the project entailed, allow you time to review our rates on the other hand get going immediately at a mutually agreeable time.
  • Our people will respect your property and grounds when tackling your trees and do our best to safeguard your home from the affect on any type of heavy vehicles, for instance.
  • Our firm looks after its staff with in depth training, properly maintained machinery and also adherence to Palm Beach County, state, countrywide health and safety laws. This will help keep the work site safe by reducing unintended damage and injuries.
  • Our company believes in beginning work on time with regard to agreed appointments and will always clear away debris after our work.
  • Our company will acquire each of the necessary permits from district as well as state authorities for the needed job. All we need to have is a signature on the application by the home-owner and your approval to proceed with the estimated services. Palm Beach County has 3 different departments that deal with commercial tree work so it helps to have someone find a way through the red tape.

Our philosophy

Our team is crazy about trees and happily Florida features more tree types compared to any other state, other than Hawaii. When in a healthy condition and planted carefully, they provide shade from the sun, they oxygenate the air we breathe, they decrease pollutants in the soil and they absorb greenhouse gases like CO2 from the air. They foster the propagation of animals like birds and beneficial insects, most valuable with respect to the wellbeing of our environment. Closer to home, well-placed, healthy-looking trees elevate the valuation of your home.

Yet when trees become unwell, infected or mutilated, they can easily develop into a hazard. Around a built-up setting, they are generally allotted very little room to fall to the earth without inflicting destruction to buildings and people too sometimes. While our arborists would sooner help nurture them back to rude health, some trees are really too far gone. In this case, we will likely advise their extraction in the most cost-effective way.

Safeguarding for staff members' safety and security at your property

Personal protective Equipment (PPE) is essential with respect to any type of tree care task. A respectable service provider will certainly adhere to the regulations to be certain that their staff members are provided protection while working at elevation and even on the solid ground.

In spite of official certification, in depth coaching as well as PPE, professionals can still have accidents. The majority of are minor yet a few are definitely not. Your tree company is responsible for the costs of treatment in case of accidental injury and with regards to their loss of income.

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Shielding you against potential liability

On the other hand, should the tree company not pay out medical treatment bills for their employees, at that point you as the property-owner are next in line to pay these types of charges and also loss of income. Therefore, your preferred tree business has to have Employees Compensation Insurance in place to eliminate your lurking obligation.

Our professional advice is to make sure you question any type of tree services firm you work with if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Given that without this critical policy there certainly is a probability, albeit a small one, that you might be responsible in case there is a personal injury on your property during the tree works.


Safeguarding you and also your house at the time of the your job

Accidents within our profession CAN occur, in spite of all of the prudent actions taken to minimize the possibility. To avoid any unwelcome financial impact on you and your property or company premises, we have personal and residential or commercial property damage insurance plan in effect in order to cover such incidences.

In point of fact, you need to never fail to establish that any kind of tree contractor you choose to use has obtained this type of insurance protection as well as workers Compensation Insurance in place by means of demanding to examine their certifications of insurance. The last thing you want is any kind of 'Johnny with a power saw' creating chaos in your backyard. The breakage coming from falling limbs might run into many thousands of dollars. And you could potentially be responsible in case he wounds himself as summarized above. Your chosen firm MUST be insured. And if they’re ‘offended’ that you asked then you probably shouldn’t deal with that company.

Never allow any firm that cuts corners on insurance protections, to cut your trees!

Service Prices

In a single word, competitive! We love being active and so we'll present you the very best fee we can. Anytime you are weighing rates, make sure to review whether your preferred service provider has the insurance coverage in place in order to offer protection to themselves, your property, your finances and your next-door neighbor's property just in case of any unexpected mishaps or, heaven forbid, accidental injuries to staff members.


Phone us now. Our experts want to assist you!

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