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Tree Top Pros likes to help people solve problems with their trees.

Our experts have a passion for your trees to become even more of an advantage to you as well as your living space in Boca Raton.

We are able to ensure your trees less of a risk to you, your house and neighbors.

Our local tree service support extends from tree planting and tree translocation, to tree trimming, tree pruning, a tree care plan and even a full tree removal service if it’s really needed. We serve both residential and commercial customers.

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Exactly how can our firm help you?

Our firm regularly sees the following requests by individuals and property-owners. Which one in particular epitomizes your situation?

  • I would really like more extensive tree shade in order to decrease my air-conditioning expenses (by around 40 per cent ).
  • I have a heavy-looking tree limb threatening my home that might just fall down!
  • I have tall trees around my backyard which cause excessive shade across my other growing vegetation.
  • I have a sizable, aged tree that is actually dying and has to be removed. Are there any tree removal companies near me that may deal with it?
  • Some of my trees are in need of trimming back so as to improve their form. Shall I try to find tree trimming companies near me in order to get specialized support?
  • I am concerned about bad weather resulting in harm to my trees along with my house.
  • I possess a tree that looks in poor health and unhealthy.
  • I need assistance with tree laws as they relate to my locale.

Insights on how we work

Our team will be able to help with each of the tree services necessary to sort out all 8 tree issues mentioned above. We like to help our customers with the following service principles that govern our actions:

  1. We will prepare our absolute best estimate with respect to the work entailed, allow you as much time as you need to consider our fees or even get started without delay at a mutually practical time.
  2. Our experts are going to respect your property and back yard whilst working on your trees and also do our very best to protect your house from the weight on any kind of heavy vehicles, for instance.
  3. Our firm looks after our employees with comprehensive & proper training, well-maintained gear as well as adherence to municipal, state, countrywide safety codes. You see happier operatives and a safe working site with more reasons to be delighted with the results.
  4. Our company believes in beginning work on time with respect to confirmed appointments and will make sure to remove tree waste following our work.
  5. Our people will most likely obtain each necessary permits from district as well as state authorities when it comes to the needed task. All our experts require is a signature at the end of the application form from the home-owner together with your authorization to commence the estimated work.

Our philosophy

All our team really like trees and Florida features many more tree varieties in comparison to any other state, apart from Hawaii. When in good health and also planted in the right location, they lend shade from the sun, they oxygenate the air we breathe, they help protect us from toxins in the soil and they capture greenhouse gases such as CO 2 from the environment. They sustain native animals like birds and small mammals valuable with regard to the well being of our ecosystem. And remember that well-placed, healthy-looking trees boost the market price of your residence.

On the other hand whenever trees are sickly, diseased or mutilated, they can certainly grow into a risk. Within built-up surroundings, they are generally given limited space to fall on the ground without causing damage to properties and people too on occasion. While our experts would sooner to help nurture them back to health, some trees are too far gone. Usually, in such a situation, we will likely suggest their extraction in the most cost-effective way.

Protection for our team's welfare at your home or business

Personal Protective equipment (PPE) is obligatory when we conduct any form of tree work for customers. A reliable business is going to abide by the regulations so as to make sure that their employees are given protection while operating at elevation as well as on the ground. As do we.

Despite having proper licensing, extensive instruction and also PPE, staff members can encounter mishaps. The majority of are minor yet a few are not. Your tree services company is accountable for the cost of medication and therapy in case of accidental injury and for loss of wages. But what if they don’t honor their obligations in this regard?

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Reducing your potential liability

In case the tree company refuses to pay out personal injury costs for affected workers, then you as the property-owner are next in line to compensate the worker for these charges as well as the loss of his income whilst undergoing treatment and recovery. Therefore your chosen tree business must have Employees Compensation Insurance available so as to eliminate your latent liability.

Our recommendation is to never fail to inquire with any type of removal firm you select if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Given that without this important insurance protection there certainly is a chance, albeit a remote one, that you could be liable if there's an injury at your grounds.


Safeguarding you and your residential property at the time the your job

Incidents of an accidental nature in our business sector CAN and DO occur, despite all sensible steps taken to minimize their likelihood. To avoid any damaging financial impact on you and your house or business buildings, your tree company must have personal as well as property damage insurance policy in effect in order to cover these types of occurrences.

In point of fact, you ought to make sure you check that any kind of tree contractor that you employ has this type of insurance protection as well as Workers compensation Insurance readily available by simply asking to view their certifications of insurance. If they pretend to be offended then politely walk away and don’t use them. The very last thing anyone wants is any kind of 'Johnny with a power saw' wreaking havoc in their backyard. The damage arising from dropping tree limbs alone can run into thousands of dollars. And you could be liable in case he harms himself as outlined above. Your preferred contractor MUST be adequately insured.

Don't allow anyone who cuts corners on insurance coverages, to trim or remove your trees!


Although it’s difficult to share specific prices in view of the wide variation in the nature of our work, our prices are very competitive. Our company likes being busy so we'll provide you the best price we can. Whenever you are comparing fees, don't forget to investigate whether or not your shortlist of tree businesses has the insurance coverage/s in place to safeguard themselves, your property, your wallet as well as your neighbor's house in the event of any type of unintentional damages or, heaven forbid, personal injuries to employees.


Call our company today. We want to assist you!

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