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Our company likes to help our customers.

Our arborists would like your trees to be much more of a benefit to you and also your personal environment.

Our company wishes to help to make your trees a lot less of a danger to you, your house as well as other people. The city of Hollywood in Florida is no stranger to the physical damage that is caused to trees and caused by trees when there’s a hurricane.

Our tree service support extends from tree planting and tree moving, to a tree maintenance program, tree pruning and, yes, whole tree removal where needed.

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Just how can our staff serve to help you?

Our firm commonly sees the following appeals by customers and property-owners about their trees. Which one characterizes your requirements?

  • I would like more tree shade in order to minimize my air-conditioning costs (by around 40 % ).
  • I observe a heavy-looking branch looming across my building which could very well drop off!
  • I possess lofty trees around my backyard that create way too much shade cast over my other lower vegetation.
  • I have a large, old tree that is undoubtedly dying and ought to be taken away. Are there any tree removal companies near me which can deal with it?
  • Some of my trees need pruning in order to fix their bad shape. Should I look for tree trimming companies near me with regard to specialized advice?
  • I am fretting about increasingly severe causing damage to my trees as well as my property.
  • I possess a tree which appears infected and out of shape.
  • I need help with tree codes as they relate to my road.

The way we get the job done

Our company will deal with each of the above tree services required to resolve the above listed issues on your behalf. So you may like to see how we go about executing these services for you as follows:

  • Our company will provide our very best cost estimate with respect to the service involved, permit you as much time as you need to look at our prices or get started immediately at a mutually agreeable time.
  • We will definitely respect your home and backyard whilst operating on your trees and also do our best to provide protection to your home from the impact of any heavy equipment, for example.
  • Our company takes care of our staff with comprehensive instruction, properly maintained equipment as well as adherence to local, state, national safety standards.
  • We believe in being on time with regard to agreed appointments and will always remove debris after our work.
  • Our company will most likely obtain each obligatory permit from municipal and state authorities when it comes to the necessary task. All our experts require is a signature on the application by the home-owner along with your approval to commence the considered service.
Tree trunk section in the shape of a heart

Our approach

Our team love working with trees belonging to residential, municipal and commercial customers, alike. Florida hosts many more tree types than any other state, other than Hawaii. When healthy and also placed in the right spot, they offer shade from sun rays, they oxygenate the atmosphere we inhale, they minimize toxins in the ground and they reduce greenhouse gases like CO2 from the air. They are essential for natural wildlife such as birds and beneficial insects, both critical when it comes to the well being of our environment. And remember that well-placed, healthy-looking trees elevate the value of your house or apartment.

Yet when trees come to be poorly, infected or injured, they could become a risk. Around an urban setting, they are quite often given very little area to drop to the earth without inflicting harm to buildings and individuals. While our experts would rather to help nurture them back to health, some trees are really too far gone. Usually, in such situation, we will probably highly recommend their removal in the most affordable way.

Protection for employees' welfare at your home or business

Personal protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary when it comes to any kind of tree-related task. A quality service provider is going to adhere to the regulations to make certain their workers are provided protection whilst operating at height and on the solid ground.

In spite of proper licensing, extensive instruction and PPE, operatives can still encounter accidents. Many are minor but some are definitely not. Your tree company is accountable for the costs for medical treatment in the event of being injured and also for the loss of earnings.

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Safeguarding you from liability

Unfortunately, in case the tree company is unable to settle accident expenses for their affected workers, at that point you as the property-owner are next in line to compensate these costs as well as loss of earnings. Therefore, your chosen tree business has to have Workers Compensation Insurance in effect so as to eliminate your possible responsibility.

Our suggestion is to be sure to request any tree removal firm you choose if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Given that without this important insurance policy there is a chance, albeit a remote one, that you could be liable in the event that there is an injury on your grounds.


Providing protection to you together with your house at the time of the job

Incidents in our industry CAN and DO occur, even after all of the cautious measures taken to minimize the likelihood. In order to minimize any damaging monetary impact on you and your property or company premises, we have personal and also property damage insurance policies in place so as to cover such occurrences.

In point of fact, you need to always check that every tree company you choose to use has this type of insurance coverage and also Workers compensation Insurance readily available by means of demanding to look at their certifications of coverage. The very last thing you want is any type of 'Johnny with a power saw' creating chaos in your yard. The breakage from dropping limbs alone might run into many thousands of dollars. And you may possibly be accountable in the event that he hurts or injures himself as detailed above. Your preferred service provider simply MUST be fully insured.

Don't permit any firm who cuts corners on insurances, to trim your trees!

Best Service prices

In just one word, very reasonable! Aha, that’s two words. Our company prefers being busy so we'll offer you the absolute best deal we can. Any time you're weighing up competing fee quotes, be sure to review whether or not your favored tree business comes with the insurance policies in place so as to provide protection to themselves, your house, your finances and even your next-door neighbor's property just in case of any sort of unintentional damages or, heaven forbid, accidents to workers.

Get in touch with us now. Our arborists would like to assist you!

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