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Our company likes to assist private individuals and also business people with their trees in the wonderful inlet town of Jupiter, Florida.

Our team has a passion for your trees to become more of a real benefit to you and your living area. They are also able to ensure that your trees are much less of a threat to you, your home and also your neighbors, say from damage caused by severe storms. Preventative action ahead of bad weather can save you greater expense later on.

Our tree service extends from tree planting, tree moving and replacement, to a tree maintenance plan, tree cutting and, of course, a whole tree removal service where necessitated and permitted by the town planning department. The fuller list of our local, available tree services is outlined at the bottom of this page. You can find separate, dedicated service pages just for Jupiter covering tree removal and tree trimming, respectively.

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Precisely how can we assist you?


Our firm very often sees the following inquiries by potential customers and residential property-owners. Which one in particular characterizes your needs?

  1. I would prefer additional tree shade in order to cut down my air-conditioning costs (by almost 40 per cent ).
  2. A number of my trees are in need of pruning to enhance their form. Shall I try to find tree trimming companies near me for specialized help? No need, we can help here too!
  3. I am fretting about windy weather resulting in harm to my trees and my place.
  4. I have a tree that appears diseased and unhealthy.
  5. I really need help with Jupiter’s latest tree regulations as they apply to my street.
  6. I am worried about a heavy-looking tree limb looming my residential property that might actually fall off!
  7. I possess tall trees around my property that result in an excessive amount of shade cast over my other ground shrubs and my lawn.
  8. I have a big, aged tree which is undoubtedly perishing and should be removed. Are there any tree removal companies near me that could handle this? Oh yes, we can help with this!

Information about how we operate

Tree Top Pros can provide the qualified expertise required to help with every one of the above tree-based dilemmas with an appropriate combination of services and support. And we’ll aim to deliver these services in a customer-friendly way as follows:

  • Our firm will present our best estimate with regard to the job involved, give you as much time as you need to review our charges or even get started right away at a mutually agreeable time.
  • Our experts will certainly respect your property and grounds whilst working with your trees and also do our best to provide protection to your home or business from the impact of any heavy working vehicles we need to use, for instance.
  • We protect our staff with comprehensive training program, well-maintained machinery and also adherence to community, state, countrywide health and safety laws. Better staff equates to a better job and happier customers, in our view.
  • We believe in beginning work on time for agreed appointments and will be sure to clear away waste after the job has finished.
  • As a service option and at your discretion, we are able to obtain each mandatory authorization for you from Jupiter municipality as well as Palm Beach County administration for all removal, trimming or tree pruning jobs. All we require is a signature on the application form/s from the home-owner along with your approval to commence the considered services.
Tree trunk section in the shape of a heart

Our belief in trees

All our staff are crazy about trees and the Sunshine State nurtures more tree types compared to every other state, other than Hawaii. When in good condition and positioned with care, they lend shade from sun rays, they oxygenate the atmosphere we inhale, they help protect us from pollutants in the ground and in the air, They also capture greenhouse gases like CO2 from the air which slows the rate of climate change. Furthermore, trees provide a home to native wildlife including birds and beneficial insects, crucial when it comes to the health of our ecosystem in Florida. And don't forget that well-located, healthy-looking trees elevate the valuation of your home too.

Yet when trees are below par, infected or damaged, they can easily develop into a threat. Within a built-up place, they're routinely left little leeway to fall to the ground without resulting in damage to dwellings and people too. Whilst our arborist would sooner help to nurture them back to good health, some trees are simply too far gone. In such condition, our team will most likely suggest their removal in the most safe, practical way.

Protection systems for workers' safety at your home or business

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary with regards to any sort of tree related working task, even for non commercial individuals. A reputable tree business will follow the regulations so as to make certain that their staff members are offered protection while operating at height and on the ground.

In spite of proper licensing, comprehensive training sessions and PPE, individual operatives do encounter accidents. Most are minor yet some are certainly not. Your tree services company is responsible for the cost of medical treatment in case of injury as well as when it comes to their loss of wages.

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Protecting you against financial liability

That being said, if the tree company is unable or unwilling to compensate injury costs for employees, at that point you as the property-owner are next in line to pay out these types of expenses and also loss of salary. Therefore your preferred tree contractor ought to have Employees Compensation Insurance in place to reduce your possible liability.

Our recommendation is to make sure that you demand of any tree care business you work with if they have ‘paid up’ Workers Compensation Insurance. Because without this important policy coverage there certainly is a possibility, albeit a slim one, that you may be financially liable in the event that there's a mishap at your grounds.


Providing protection to you and your household at the time of the work

Unfortunate incidents within our sector DO happen, in spite of each of the cautious measures taken to minimize the possibility. It remains one of the most dangerous occupations in the country. To avoid any damaging financial impact on you and your property or business premises, our firm have personal as well as property damage liability insurance plan in effect to cover these types of incidences.

In fact, you have to verify that any kind of contractor you work with has this sort of insurance protection and also Workers Compensation insurance readily available by means of asking to examine their certificates of insurance coverage. The last thing you need is any kind of 'Johnny with a chainsaw' wreaking havoc in your backyard. The breakage arising from dropping tree limbs alone may run into thousands of dollars. And you may possibly be accountable in case the individual injures himself as described in this article. Your preferred firm simply MUST be properly insured.

Don't allow any firm that cuts corners on insurance cover, to cut your trees!

Best Service Prices

In one word, fair! Our team enjoy being busy and so we'll give you the best price we can. Whenever you are comparing fees, don't forget to review whether or not your chosen service provider possesses the insurance coverage in place to provide protection to themselves, your house, your finances and your next-door neighbor's property just in case of any accidental mishaps or, heaven forbid, accidents to the workforce.


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