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Our company experts want to assist you with your tree challenge.

We are able to manage your trees in such a way as to become much more of a benefit to you as well as your home in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Our staff can also plan with you to ensure your trees are less of a risk to you, your property and others, say, from bad weather.

Our tree services for local residential and business customers include tree planting and tree relocation, replacing trees, custom tree care plans, tree pruning and, yes, a total tree removal service where necessitated.

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Specifically how may our staff assist you?

Our staff has grouped the common types of tree service calls received by residential customers and business customers alike in the local area. Does one of these relate to your tree requirements?

  • I would just like additional tree shade in order to lower my air-conditioning costs (by as high as 40 percent ).
  • I observe a heavy-looking tree limb projecting over my house that may well fall off!
  • I have tall trees in my grounds that cause a lot of shade across my growing vegetation.
  • I have a huge, ancient tree that is actually perishing and should be extracted. Are there any tree removal companies near me that can take care of it? We say: "For sure, you're at the right place with  Tree Top Pros!"
  • A number of my trees could do with trimming so as to spruce up their good shape. Should I review tree trimming companies near me for expert help? “Tree Top Pros would love to help” is our usual answer.
  • I am fretting about increasingly severe weather creating harm to my trees and my house. Is there anything that can be done to help prepare for the coming storms?
  • I possess a tree which appears sick and below par.
  • I need to get help with tree codes as they apply to my locale.

How we operate

Our firm is able to help with each of the above tree services. Our support is styled as follows because our customers prefer it that way:

  • Our company will supply our best estimate with regard to the requested services. We will permit you as much time as you need to look at our rates. On other hand, we can start without delay at a mutually convenient time subject to existing customer commitments.
  • Our experts will do all they can to respect your home and grounds whilst tackling your trees. For example, we’ll do our best to preserve your home from the weight on any kind of heavy vehicles needed.
  • Our company protects its staff members with extensive instruction, well-maintained equipment and adherence to local, state, federal safety laws.
  • We firmly believe in being on time with regard to agreed appointments and will always clear away waste after our work.
  • Our people will most likely obtain any required permissions from local and state government when it comes to the necessary services. The Port St. Lucie administration takes the city’s tree canopy seriously. Accordingly, there are different rules for preserved tree species, protected tree species, non-invasive tree species, invasive tree species, native trees and non-exotic trees. Don’t worry; we’ll help you through the various codes. Where a tree removal or tree trimming permit is necessary, all we require is a signature at the bottom of the permit application form by the home-owner along with your permission to commence the assessed service.
Heart shape in dying tree

Our philosophy

Our staff loves trees. Luckily then, the Sunshine State has many more tree types in comparison to any other state, aside from Hawaii. When healthy and positioned properly, they give shade from the direct sun light, they oxygenate the air we breathe, they help protect us from toxins in the soil and they sequester greenhouse gases like co2 from the air. They are essential habitats for local animals such as birds and insects important with respect to the health of our surroundings. And properly placed, healthy-looking trees improve the market price of your house.

Yet when trees start falling below par or become diseased or damaged, they can most likely become a risk eventually. When trees are located in city surroundings, they're routinely allotted very little leeway to fall back to earth without leading to destruction to property and people too. While our professionals favor nurturing them back to health, some trees are really too far gone. Usually, in such predicament, our arborist will most likely advise their removal in the safest and most cost-effective manner.

Safeguarding our team's welfare at your home or business

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required when it comes to any tree service operation. A professional service provider is going to stick to the law in order to make sure that their workforce is offered protection whilst working at height and on the ground.

But despite the presence of proper licensing, detailed coaching and also PPE, professional tree workers can still encounter mishaps. Most are minor and yet a few are definitely not. Your tree company is responsible for the expense related to medical treatment in case of on-site trauma and also with regards to loss of wages.

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Safeguarding you from liability

Unfortunately, there are some tree companies that do not or cannot compensate medical treatment expenses for their employees, when there’s an accident at work. In such cases, you as the property-owner are next in line to pay these types of charges as well as loss of income. Therefore, your tree firm has to have Employees Compensation Insurance in place to minimize your possible liability.

Our professional advice is to definitely inquire with all tree businesses you work with if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Because without this very important policy there certainly is a probability, albeit a slim one, that you could be responsible in the event that there's a mishap on your premises.


Protecting you and your home at the time the job

Accidents within our business CAN and DO happen, even after each sensible measure have been taken to lessen their likelihood. In order to minimize any adverse financial impact on you and your house or company buildings, our company have personal and property damage liability insurance policy in effect so as to take care of these sorts of occurrences.

In fact, you need to be sure to verify that any kind of tree contractor that you work with possesses this type of coverage as well as Workers Compensation insurance readily available. Demand to look at their certificates of insurance coverage. The very last thing you need is any type of 'Charlie with a chainsaw' wreaking havoc in your yard. The destruction from plummeting branches alone might total thousands of dollars. And you might also be responsible in the event that he hurts himself as described earlier. Your selected firm MUST be fully insured.

Do not tolerate anyone which cuts corners on insurance cover,
to remove or to trim your trees!

Tree Service prices

In just one word, competitive! Our company prefers being busy so we'll provide you the absolute best deal we can. Anytime you are weighing fees, be sure to ascertain whether or not your selected service provider possesses the insurance coverage in effect so as to offer protection to themselves, your home, your wallet as well as your next-door neighbor's property just in case of any inadvertent injuries or, heaven forbid, personal injuries to workers.


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