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We have a passion for your trees to be even more of a positive feature to you and your living area in Tamarac, Florida whether you’re a residential, commercial or governmental customer.

Our arborist can also ensure that your trees are a lot less of a threat to you, your house as well as your neighbors.

Our tree support extends from tree planting and tree translocation, to a tree maintenance plan, tree cutting and, of course, an efficient tree removal service where desired and necessary.

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Exactly how can our firm help you?

Our experts frequently experience the following inquiries by customers and property-owners. Which one in particular relates to your needs?

  • I would just like a lot more tree shade in order to cut down my air-conditioning bills (by as much as 40 percent ).
  • I have a heavy-looking tree limb looming my home that might break off!
  • I have lofty trees in my grounds which result in a lot of shade over my growing shrubs and grass.
  • I have an enormous, older tree which is undoubtedly perishing and will need to be taken out. Are there any tree removal companies near me that will look after it?
  • A few of my trees require trimming so as to spruce up their good shape. Shall I try to find tree trimming companies near me for specialist guidance?
  • I am fretting about increasingly severe storms creating harm to my trees and my building.
  • I possess a tree which seems diseased and below par.
  • I need to get help with tree laws as they relate to my neighborhood.

Information about how we operate

Our people can certainly deal with all the aforementioned situations by applying our tree services and related measures to make your problem go away. In doing so, we like to work a certain way to improve our service to you:

  1. Our firm are going to supply our best cost estimate with respect to the project entailed, give you time to think about our prices or get started immediately at a mutually agreeable time.
  2. Our experts will respect your estate and backyard when tackling your trees and also do our very best to preserve your home or business from the impact of any kind of heavy vehicles, for example. Our company safeguards its employees with extensive training, well-maintained gear as well as compliance with to local, state, federal health and safety standards for tree work.
  3. We firmly believe in being on time for agreed appointments and will without exception remove tree waste after our work.
  4. Our company will most likely obtain any obligatory permits from city as well as state government when it comes to the necessary task. All we need is a signature at the bottom of the application by the home-owner along with your approval to proceed with the estimated services.
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Our approach

We are crazy about trees and Florida has more tree varieties in comparison to every other state, except for Hawaii. When in good health and also planted in the right spot, they lend shade from the sun, they oxygenate the atmosphere we breathe, they decrease contaminants in the soil and also they capture greenhouse gases such as co2 from the environment. When planted commercially, trees can provide timber and something tasty to eat; you’ll know that Tamarac was built on an old orange grove. Trees also host local fauna including birds and small mammals crucial for the well being of our natural environment. And well-located, healthy-looking trees enhance the value of your home or apartment.

But whenever trees come to be poorly, infected or weakened, they can probably become a threat. Located in a built-up habitat, they are generally routinely given little area to drop to the ground without resulting in damage to buildings and people too on occasion. Whilst our team favor nursing them back to rude health, some trees are really too far gone. In such circumstances, our staff will likely suggest their extraction in the most cost-effective manner.

Protection for workers' safety and security at your property

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is imperative with respect to any tree care operation. A respectable business is going to operate within the legislation in order to ensure their workforce is provided protection while operating at height and on the ground.

Despite the presence of official certification, extensive training and also PPE, workers can suffer from accidents. A lot of are minor yet some are certainly not. Your tree services company is responsible for the expense of proper treatment in the event of accidents as well as with respect to loss of earnings.

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Safeguarding you from all liability

However, in the event that the tree company cannot pay out medical costs on behalf of workers, then you as the property-owner are next in line to pay for such bills and also loss of income. So your chosen tree business must have Workers Compensation Insurance in effect to reduce your hidden responsibility.

Our professional advice is to always ask any type of tree removal firm you choose if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. On the grounds that without this vital policy there is a possibility, albeit a small one, that you could be liable in the event that there is an incident at your premises.


Protecting you together with your house at the time of the job

Incidents in our business CAN take place, even with all cautious steps taken to lessen the possibility. To avoid any damaging monetary impact on you and your house or company buildings, personal and property damage liability insurance policies will be in place in order to cover these kinds of incidences.

As a matter of fact, you ought to never fail to verify that any type of tree service firm you choose to utilize has obtained this sort of coverage and also Workers Compensation Insurance readily available simply by requesting to see their certificates of insurance coverage. If they get a bit offended that you asked, that’s a clear warning sign and you should steer clear. The last thing you want is any type of 'Johnny with a power saw' wreaking havoc in your back yard. The breakage coming from plummeting tree limbs alone might total several thousands of dollars. And you may well be accountable whenever the individual wounds himself as outlined above. Your selected contractor simply MUST be properly insured.

Do not let any firm which cuts corners on insurance protections, cut your trees!


In one word, fair! Our team like being active and so we'll offer you the absolute best cost we can. Anytime you are comparing prices, don't forget to check whether or not your chosen tree business has the insurances in place in order to provide protection to themselves, your house, your wallet and your neighbor's home in case of any sort of inadvertent damages or, heaven forbid, accidental injuries to the workforce.


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