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We really want to be of help. Our staff would like your trees to become much more of a feature to you and your immediate environment in Weston, Broward County.

We are able to make your trees less of a hazard to you, your property and also other people.

Our tree service support ranges from tree planting and tree relocation, to a tree care regimen, tree pruning and, of course, a total tree removal service where desired.

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How can our team serve to help you?

Our experts often observe the following requests by potential customers and property-owners. Which one in particular relates to your requirements?

  • I would just like more extensive tree shade so as to slash my air-conditioning monthly bills (by almost 40 percent ).
  • I have a heavy-looking tree limb looming over my home that could perhaps drop off!
  • I possess lofty trees in my back yard which create too much shade cast over my other lower shrubs.
  • I have a substantial, aged tree that is actually perishing and has to be removed. Are there any tree removal companies near me that could take care of it?
  • Some of my trees need cutting in order to enhance their good shape. Should I review tree trimming companies near me with regard to specialist help?
  • I am concerned about windstorms resulting in damage to my trees along with my house.
  • I possess a tree which looks in poor health and in ill health.
  • I want assistance with tree laws as they relate to my locale.

Information on how we work

Our company can help with solving each of the above tree problems with relevant services. We like to work this way when doing so:

  1. We will prepare our best cost estimate with respect to the job required, allow you as much time as you need to think about our prices or even get started right away at a mutually favorable time.
  2. Our experts are going to respect your home and lawn whilst working on your trees and do our very best to protect your house from the affect on any kind of heavy machinery, for example.
  3. We safeguard our workers with comprehensive proper training, well-maintained gear and also adherence to municipal, state, national health and safety codes.
  4. Our company believes in being on time with respect to confirmed appointments and will be sure to clear away debris following our work.
  5. Our experts will most likely obtain any obligatory permission from city as well as state government for the necessary work. All we need is a signature on the application by the home-owner and your agreement to proceed with the estimated services.
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Our approach

Our team is passionate about trees and the Sunshine State hosts more tree types compared to every other state, except for Hawaii. When in good condition and planted properly, they provide shade from the sun, they oxygenate the air we inhale, they lower contaminants in the ground and they sequester greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide from the environment. They sustain natural fauna like birds and insects crucial with respect to the wellbeing of our ecosystem. And don't forget that properly placed, healthy-looking trees elevate the valuation of your residence.

However, whenever trees start becoming poorly, diseased or weakened, they can probably develop into a threat. In an urban place, they're normally allotted very little leeway to fall on the earth without giving rise to harm to buildings and people. Whilst our arborists favor helping to nurture them back to rude health, some trees are too far gone. In this situation, our arborists are going to recommend their extraction in the most economical way.

Protection for workers' safety and security at your property

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required with regards to pretty much any type of tree job. A quality tree business is going to adhere to the rule of law so as to make certain that their workforce is protected whilst operating at height as well as on the solid ground.

Despite proper licensing, in depth training sessions and PPE, professionals can still have accidents. Most are minor yet some are definitely not. Your tree services company is responsible for the costs related to treatment in the event of accidental injury and for the loss of income.

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Shielding you against all liability

Be that as it may, when the tree company fails to pay out accidental injury costs on behalf of employees, at that point you as the property-owner are next in line to pay these costs and also loss of salary. Therefore, your tree firm needs to have Workers Compensation Insurance available so as to reduce your possible obligation.
Our suggestion is to be sure to demand that any type of tree firm you work with has up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. If they get offended when you ask to view their insurance certificates then you probably don’t want to invite that business to conduct any tree work on your property. Without this vital insurance coverage there is a potential, albeit a small one, that you might be liable in the event that there's an injury on your land.


Protecting you together with your property at the time of the work

Mishaps in our profession CAN and DO happen, in spite of all of the sound measures taken to minimize the likelihood. In order to prevent any unwelcome financial impact on you and your house or business premises, our firm have personal as well as property damage insurance in place to take care of such occurrences.

In fact, you have to always establish that every tree contractor you utilize has this sort of insurance and also Workers Compensation insurance readily available by means of requesting to view their official documents of insurance coverage. The last thing you need is any 'Charlie with a power saw' wreaking havoc in your back yard. The damage from dropping branches alone could amount to thousands of dollars. And you may well be liable in case he hurts or injures himself as detailed in this article. Your chosen firm simply MUST be insured.

Don't tolerate anyone that cuts corners on insurances, cut down your trees!

Our Service Prices for tree work

In just one word, very competitive! OK, that’s two words. We love being busy so we'll offer you the absolute best deal we can. Any time you are checking rates between different tree companies, make sure to check up on whether your chosen company comes with the insurance coverage in effect in order to offer protection to themselves, your home or business, your wallet and your next-door neighbor's house in case of any type of inadvertent mishaps or, heaven forbid, accidental injuries to workers.


Get in touch with us now. Our arborists would like to work with you!

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