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Trimming Definition

Tree trimming is actually a deliberate practice in reaction to a risk caused by a tree or large shrub. For example, a tree needs to be trimmed back if a limb obstructs a street or even a walkway. Wherever tree branches remain in peril of destroying buildings, they need to be cut down and also cleared away. It can likewise be required in case the overall appearance of the tree needs enhancing for aesthetic purposes.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

Pruning Definition

It is similar and yet just a bit different to pruning. Tree pruning is generally much more of an organized, intentional action entailing surgical cuts at particular locations on the tree as well as over certain times of the season so as to increase the tree's condition or fruitfulness. In truth, however, the two words are used often reciprocally.

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It is definitely appropriate to contact our team with regard to tree trimming services every time ...


  1. Your tree is reaching way too close to electricity power lines
  2. Tree limbs are hanging near to or even touching the roof of your property
  3. You could do with a more attractive or unique shape for your tree
  4. Your neighbor is grumbling that your tree is looming over his property
  5. A storm is threatening and you are worried that it might wreck your trees and yard
  6. There are lifeless branches falling off your tree
  7. Your trees have not been actually trimmed within memory
  8. Your tree is literally way too large to trim without needing a step ladder or climbing equipment

Ring our business in order to talk with a certified arborist so as to go over your trimming needs. Our experts may well visit in case it's a large tree or a number of trees affected.

Our experts will then present you a FREE, reasonable estimate of costs concerning the requested service well before any service commences. This leaves our customers squarely in the driving seat which is definitely how our customers prefer it!

The single thing that we can't help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... unless it's a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might be tempted to trim a tree by yourself. If you own a small tree, doing this might be possible IF you can get your hands on the correct equipment, a little know-how and protective accessories and do not require a ladder. It is hard to encapsulate several years of learning and skill in a few glib sentences. Nonetheless, several of the common trimming mistakes our team observes and just what to refrain from are described beneath with these tips:

Trimming mistake number 1. - A stub is allowed to remain just where the branch has been cut off. Such stubs can allow rot because trees are unable to repair these fully. Rather, trim near to the main branch or trunk without injuring the 'collar'. Do not cut down very close because it will be sluggish to recover and encourage decay leading to weakness in the principal limb.
Trimming mistake number 2. - Cuts are sometimes too inclined to the direction of the branch and larger than necessary. Your trimming snip needs to be clean and you must attempt to get the minimum cut face achievable. Otherwise, the cut will repair over more sluggishly, requiring more energy which the tree can make use of in other parts of the tree.

Trimming mistake number 3. - Trees are sometimes cut way too drastically. This is normally termed topping and can certainly spur weak growth in the event that it does not terminate the tree. Over exuberance when trimming must be avoided at all costs. Plan to trim no more than 25% from the overall tree canopy within any 1 year to avoid fast growth of weak branches prone to fall in the next strong gust of wind.

Trimming mistake number 4. - The tree is too big to trim down. Untrained people climbing into massive trees can easily and does lead to a very high risk of personal injury as well as property damage below and around the tree. Simply never do it - call the professionals.

tree surgeon at work in a palm tree with safety harness
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man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing oneself

Simply say no! Contact Tree Top Pros as a safe alternative. Cutting a larger tree necessitates climbing hardware or hydraulic bucket trucks. There's always a substantial chance of tumbling off normal home ladders causing a major reason for back yard traumas and worse. The limbs of bigger trees are much larger as well as heavier. When cut off, they can easily compromise any climbing gear and can and do wreck the very ladder which is holding you up. You can’t always predict in which direction they will fall with any certainty. This is generally the second area of significant hazard and it really is simply just not worth it.


How to trim a small tree

With practice as well as some guidelines directly from arborists, you can do this type of work yourself for your small trees. Our team have written up some of the basic principles as well as top pruning methods in our independent article here and within our February Tree Care Diaries. Our team discusses the max reach of commonly available pruning appliances that equates to about 30 feet. Any higher than this definitely will necessitate ladders and our staff never advises you to work with these in a tree when it comes to your own safety. We have noticed and know about way too many personal injuries. The first time you think of trimming, phone our local area arborist and they'll demonstrate to you the best ways to prune ... or to trim.

Tree Trimming Permit

A lot of local towns require that people acquire a pruning permit in advance of work commences on your tree, especially in the event that it's located in a business or industrial zone or found in a shared community area. A number of counties go a step further and demand a before and after trimming check. We understand the policies and rules in your city of Coral Springs and are able to advise you appropriately. On the other hand, we could take care of the red tape for you if you wish.


Get in touch with our team now concerning all your tree service needs and questions.

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