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Tree Trimming Definition

The trimming of trees is a tactical practice in response to a risk caused by a tree or larger shrub. For example, a tree should be cut back if a tree limb blocks a road or path. When tree branches remain a physical risk to buildings, they must definitely be cut and also taken out if necessary. Trimming can also take place if ever the whole appearance of the tree really needs improving for aesthetic reasons.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

Is pruning different?

Trimming is similar but slightly different to pruning. Tree pruning is really more of a skilled, planned activity necessitating surgical incisions at particular places on the tree and during particular months of the year so as to enhance the tree's condition or fruitfulness. In truth, however, the 2 terms are made use of often interchangeably in practice. We offer both tree services besides.

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It is without a doubt a good time to call our company for our tree trimming service as soon as ...


- Your tree is reaching way too close to electric high-voltage lines

- Tree limbs are hanging close to or scraping the walls of your property

- You prefer to have a more pleasing or different shape for your tree

- Your neighbor is complaining that your tree is looming over his back yard

- There are dead branches swinging from your tree

- Your trees haven't been actually trimmed for a long time

- Your tree is literally way too enormous to trim without a step ladder or even climbing equipment
Get in touch with our company and chat with a certified arborist so that he can take a look at your trimming requirements. We may visit if it's a large tree or there’s a group of trees included in the work.

Our team will then provide a FREE, competitive projection of costs regarding the required service/s before any job commences. This leaves you firmly in the driving seat which is how our customers like it!

The only thing our team can't assist our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree unless it’s a live, growing one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might be considering whether or not to trim a tree on your own. If you have a small-sized tree, it may be practical IF you can find the proper equipment, a little bit of knowledge, safety wearable’s and the height of the tree doesn’t demand the use of a step ladder. It is very difficult to summarize years of knowledge as well as practical experience in a couple of sentences. Having said that, here are the top four trimming blunders our experts see and also just what to refrain from are laid out here in these tips:

  1. A stub is allowed to remain where the tree limb has been cut off. Stubs can attract rot as trees can not heal these adequately. Instead, cut near to the primary branch or trunk without breaking the 'collar'. Don't cut too close since the cut will certainly be slow to heal and invite decay causing weakness in the main limb.
  2. Trees are sometimes being cut back far too radically. This practice is usually called topping and can certainly promote weak growth if it doesn't finish the tree. Try to trim no more than a quarter out from the entire tree canopy within any 1 year.
  3. The tree is excessively large to trim. Inexperienced people climbing up massive trees can and does lead to a high risk of an accident along with property breakage underneath and about the tree. Simply don't do this - phone the experts.
  4. Cuts are sometimes made too oblique to the direction of the tree branch and also larger than needed. Your trimming wound will need to be tidy and you have to attempt to get the minimum cut face feasible. Otherwise, the cut will definitely heal over much more slowly, requiring additional energy that the tree could make use of in other areas of the tree.
Gardener trimming a small tree

How to trim a large tree without killing oneself

Simply say no! Call Tree Top Pros as a safe alternative. Pruning a larger tree necessitates climbing equipment or even hydraulic bucket lift trucks. There's always a huge likelihood of tumbling off standard domestic ladders resulting in a major cause of backyard accidental injuries and even worse. The limbs of bigger trees are also much bigger and consequently much heavier. When sawn off, they fall in an unpredictable pattern and can easily knock out any climbing equipment and can and do take out the ladder that's holding you up many feet off the ground. This is actually the second area of high risk. The few dollars saved trying it yourself does not justify the huge personal risk to your personal safety.


How to trim a small tree

Utilizing practice and also some tips directly from arborists, you might do this yourself for your small-sized trees. Our team discusses a few of the essentials and also trimming top practices in our pruning article here and within our February Tree Care Diaries. Our experts reveal the highest height of commonly-available trimming hardware which corresponds to about 30 feet. Any tree higher than this definitely will demand ladders and our team really don't advocate that you work with these in a tree for your own personal well being and safety. Our staff has come across and been aware of too many personal injuries. The first time you consider trimming, get in touch with our local area arborist and they will demonstrate to you the best way how to prune ... or trim.

Tree Cutting Permit

Numerous local cities and towns including Delray Beach require that people acquire a pruning permit well before work starts on your tree, particularly if it is situated inside a commercial or industrial area or found in a shared community living location. A number of counties go a step further and require a before and after inspection. Our company knows the policies and regulations in your local area and is able to advise you accordingly. On the other hand, our staff could deal with the permit application form/s for you if you wish.


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