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Trimming and Pruning Definition

Tree trimming, specifically, is a calculated activity in response to a threat caused by a tree or substantial shrub. BY way of example, a tree must definitely be trimmed if a limb blocks a street or perhaps walkway in Fort Lauderdale. While tree limbs remain in risk of destroying residential or commercial property, they will need to be cut down and disposed of. It might also be desirable that the entire form of the tree needs sprucing up for a more cosmetic aim in mind.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It really is comparable and yet slightly different to pruning. Tree pruning is a lot more of a scheduled, predetermined practice necessitating precise cuts in particular locations on the tree and also over certain months of the year in order to maximize the tree's condition or fecundity. But, actually, both words are employed interchangeably very often.

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It's opportune to get in touch with our team with regard to our tree trimming service as soon as you observe any of the following:

  • Your tree is reaching too close to electricity power lines
  • Tree branches are sagging close to or even scraping the exterior of your house
  • You prefer to have a more desirable or unique appearance for your tree
  • Your neighbor is grumbling that your tree is blocking out the sun in his property
  • There are lifeless branches drooping down from your tree
  • Your trees have not been trimmed within the past
  • Your tree is way too large to trim without having a step ladder or climbing gear

Phone our business and talk with an accredited arborist so as to review your trimming project. Our experts might stop by if there is a substantial tree or perhaps group of trees concerned.

Our team will present you a FREE, affordable estimate of costs concerning the tree cutting service well before any work begins. Doing this keeps you safely in the driving seat which is how our customers want it!

The only thing that we aren't able to help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... except if it's a living one of-course … and doesn’t involve tinsel.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You may be tempted to trim a tree on your own. Assuming that you possess a small tree, it could be feasible IF you can secure the suitable tools, a little knowledge and safety gear and don't involve teetering on a step ladder. It is very difficult to encapsulate many years of training as well as skill in a handful of sentences. Having said that, several of the common slips we encounter and what to refrain from are detailed here in these tips:

  1. A stub is left where the tree limb has been cut off. Such stubs will attract decay because trees can not heal them fully. Rather, cut close to the main branch or trunk without damaging the 'collar'. Don't cut down too close into the collar because the cut will be slow to heal and encourage rot causing a weakness in the principal limb.
  2. Cuts are sometimes too oblique to the direction of the tree branch and also larger than needed. Your trimming wound will need to be clean and you have to try for the smallest cut face feasible. In any other case, the cut will definitely heal over much more slowly, requiring additional energy that the tree could utilize in other parts of the tree.
  3. Trees are sometimes being cut way too dramatically. This is normally referred to as topping and will promote poor growth in the event that it doesn't kill the tree. Aim to trim no more than 25% from the overall tree canopy in any 1 year.
  4. The tree is way too large to cut. Untrained people climbing up sizable trees can easily and does bring about a high danger of an accident and property damages beneath and about the tree. Simply never do it - get in touch with the professionals.
man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Simply say no! Call Tree Top Pros as an alternative. Thinning a big tree requires climbing hardware or hydraulic bucket rigs. There a huge danger of tumbling off normal domestic ladders leading to a leading reason for yard accidental injuries and worse. The limbs of large trees are, well, much larger and much heavier. When cut off they can swing about wildly and so are easily able to compromise and take out that carefully placed ladder that you’re standing on. This is the 2nd area of substantial danger and it’s simply just not worth the small financial savings you earn doing it yourself.


How to trim a small tree

By using practice and some pointers from arborists, you should do this type of work by yourself for your small-scale trees. Our experts mention a number of the fundamentals together with trimming best methods within our independent article here and in our February Tree Care Diaries. We explain the highest height of commonly available tree-cutting products (such as pruning saws with long pole extensions) which approximates to about 30 feet. Any tree taller than 30 feet will definitely require ladders and our experts don't recommend you make use of these to climb up a tree when it comes to your own health and safety. Our experts have seen and know about too many unfortunate incidents. The first time you think about trimming, phone our district arborist and they'll demonstrate to you the best ways to prune ... as well as trim. Or look out for a local pruning or trimming seminar sometimes available in your locality.

Trimming Permit

Many local districts including Broward county ask that people acquire a pruning permit before work starts on your tree, particularly if it's placed within a business or industrial area or found within a shared community living location or county-owned property. Several counties go even further and need a before and after assessment. We know the policies and regulations in your locality and are able to advise you as necessary. As an alternative, our staff is able to deal with the application form for you if you wish.

Phone our company now for your tree service needs.

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