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Trimming Definition

Tree trimming is a calculated activity in reaction to a danger brought on by a tree or larger bush. For example, a tree will need to be trimmed should its limb/s block a highway or even pathway. Wherever tree branches remain in danger of damaging buildings, these need to be cut down and also to be extracted. It can also take place when the whole form of the tree needs enhancing for aesthetic ideas in mind.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

Pruning definition

It really is comparable but slightly different to pruning. Tree pruning is normally more of a considered, deliberate practice entailing precise incisions in certain locations on the tree as well as during specific months of the season in order to maximize the tree's vigor or fruit production. In truth, however, these terms are made use of reciprocally quite freely.

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It is opportune to call us with regard to tree trimming services when ...

- Your tree is climbing way too near electric lines

- You’re worried that the imminent storm season could play havoc with your trees and you’d like them trimmed to reduce their wind resistance

- Tree branches are sagging close to or even touching the roof of your house or apartment

- You could do with a pleasing or unique form for your tree

- Your next-door neighbor is grumbling that your tree is towering above his property

- There are lifeless branches drooping off your tree

- Your trees haven't been trimmed within living memory

- Your tree is literally too extensive to trim in the absence of a step ladder or even climbing gear

Contact our company in order to talk to a certified arborist so as to take a look at your trimming work. Our experts may well drop by in case it's a big tree or maybe group of trees involved.

Our team will then give you a FREE, affordable projection of expenses concerning the needed work before any job begins. This leaves our customers squarely in the driving seat which is how our customers want it!


The thing our team won't be able to help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... except if it is actually a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You may well be tempted to trim a tree yourself. In case you own a modest tree, doing this might just be practical IF you own the right tools, a little expertise, and safety gear and do not need to climb up a ladder. It is hard to encapsulate many years of tree knowledge as well as practice in a couple glib sentences. Having said that, several of the typical trimming errors our staff sees and just what to abstain from are outlined here within these tips:


  1. A stub is allowed to remain just where the limb has been cut off. Stubs can allow decay since trees cannot repair these stubs properly. Alternately, trim near to the larger tree branch or trunk without injuring the 'collar'. Do not cut down too close because the cut will be sluggish to mend and cultivate decay leading to a weakness in the principal branch.
  2. Cuts are too inclined to the direction of the tree branch and also bigger than necessary. Your pruning snip needs to be clean and you must try for the smallest cut face feasible. In any other case, the wound will heal over more slowly, involving more energy that the tree can make use of elsewhere.
  3. Trees are sometimes being cut too much. This practice is sometimes called topping or hatting and can certainly encourage weak growth if it doesn't kill the tree. If the tree loses too much of its leaf cover then it over-compensates by sending up weaker branch shoots which are more prone to breaking off in the next strong wind. Therefore, aim to crop no more than a quarter from the whole tree canopy in any 1 growing season.
  4. The tree is too sizable to trim down. Inexperienced individuals going up sizable trees can easily and does lead to a high possibility of injury as well as property damage below and around the tree. Simply never do it - phone the specialists.
Trimming a tree branch close to the collar
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man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing oneself

Simply say no! Phone Tree Top Pros as an alternative. Cutting a large tree necessitates climbing hardware or even hydraulic bucket vehicles along with the appropriate skill and training required to use them. There's certainly a huge likelihood of tumbling off regular home ladders leading to a primary cause of yard accidental injuries and even worse. The branches of bigger trees are, well, much bigger as well as much heavier. When they fall in a random direction after being cut, they are able to compromise any climbing hardware and can and do wreck the very ladder that is holding you aloft. This is actually the 2nd area of hazard and it is just not justifiable to your own health and longevity.


How to trim a small tree

Through practice and a couple of tips from arborists, you can possibly do this type of work on your own for your compact trees. Our experts discuss a few of the fundamentals including best pruning practices in our separate post here and in our February Tree Care Diaries. Our experts discuss the maximum height of commonly available trimming products like pole-mounted pruning saws that corresponds to about 30 feet. Any tree taller than this will definitely need ladders and we really don't endorse that you choose these in a tree in the interest of your own safety. Our experts have observed and been aware of too many mishaps. The moment you think of trimming, phone our local area arborist and we'll demonstrate to you the best ways to prune for a modest charge.

Trimming Permit

Many local towns demand that you seek a pruning permit in advance of work begins on your tree, particularly in case it's positioned within a commercial or industrial zone or sited within a shared community location. Many counties go a step even further and require a before and after assessment. We understand the local codes and rules in Boca Raton and Palm Beach County at large and are able to advise you appropriately. Alternatively, our team can handle the application form on your behalf if you wish.


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