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Trimming a tree is actually a calculated act in reaction to a risk brought on by a tree or large shrubbery. For example, a tree must be trimmed should a limb impede a road or perhaps a foot path. Where tree branches remain in danger of destroying real estate, they ought to be secured and also be taken out. It might likewise be necessary in case the general shape of the tree is in need of correcting from a more cosmetic perspective.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It really is much the same and yet just a bit distinct to pruning. Tree pruning is normally more of an organized, intentional activity involving surgical cuts in certain positions on the tree as well as during particular times of the calendar year in order to increase the tree's condition or fecundity. In reality, both monikers are made use of quite often reciprocally.

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It is definitely opportune to get in touch with our business with regard to tree trimming services every time these happen ...

  • Your tree is growing way too close to electrical power lines
  • Tree branches are dangling close to or touching the roof of your property
  • You could do with a more pleasing or different appearance for your tree
  • Your next-door neighbor is grumbling that your tree is towering above his yard
  • There are lifeless limbs dangling from your tree
  • Your trees haven't actually been trimmed in memory
  • Your tree is excessively large to trim without a step ladder or climbing hardware

Telephone our team in order to speak to an accredited arborist so as to discuss your trimming project. Our team could visit if it's a large tree or maybe group of trees concerned.

We'll then offer you a FREE, reasonable estimate of charges regarding the required task before any kind of service begins. Doing this leaves you firmly in the driving seat which is definitely how our customers want it!

The thing our team isn’t able to assist our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... except if it's a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might just be tempted to trim a tree on your own. If you possess a small-sized tree, doing this may well be possible IF you own the right hardware, a little practical knowledge, protective accessories and do not require a ladder. It's hard to sum up many years of training and practice in a several paragraphs. That being said, some of the typical blunders our experts come across along with what to refrain from are detailed here with these tips:

  1. A stub is left behind where the branch has been removed. Stubs can attract decay because trees can not heal these stubs efficiently. Rather, trim near to the primary branch or trunk without damaging the 'collar'. Don't trim very close since the cut will be slow to recover and foment decay leading to a weakness in the primary limb.
  2. Cuts are sometimes too oblique to the direction of the branch and bigger than necessary. Your pruning cut will need to be clean and you should aim for the minimum cut face feasible. In any other case, the wound is going to repair over much more slowly, requiring additional energy which the tree could use in other parts of the tree.
  3. Over-trimming or topping. Trees are often being trimmed back far too much. This is usually termed topping and will spur weak growth if it doesn't terminate the tree. Try to cut no more than a quarter out from the whole tree canopy in any one year.
  4. The tree is too large to trim. Inexperienced folks climbing large trees can and does lead to a strong likelihood of an accident as well as property breakage below and around the tree. Simply don't do this - call the professionals.
Gardener trimming a small tree

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Simply say no! Hit up Tree Top Pros as an alternative. Thinning a larger tree demand the use of safety climbing hardware or even hydraulic bucket trucks. If you have neither, there's always a huge chance of tumbling off standard home ladders leading to one of the primary reasons for garden accidental injuries and worse. Note that the World Health Organization labels the USA the leading country in the world for deaths caused by falls from ladders.

Furthermore, the limbs of larger trees are, well, much bigger as well as heavier. These have the ability to knock out any climbing equipment and can and do take out the ladder which is keeping you up the tree. This is actually the 2nd area of significant hazard when using a ladder to trim a tree and it's simply not justifiable safety-wise.


How to trim a small tree

With practical experience as well as a couple of pointers from arborists, you can do this on your own for your small trees. We discuss a few of the fundamentals and pruning optimal practices in our separate feature here and also inside our February Tree Care Diaries. Our experts point out the max height of commonly available pruning products approximates to 30 feet. Any taller than this height will involve unsafe ladders and our team do not endorse you employ these to climb up a tree for the sake of your own safety. Our staff have observed and heard of too many injuries. The first time that you think of trimming, get in touch with our local arborist and our experts will show you how you can prune ... or even trim.

Tree Trimming Permit

Plenty of local towns ask that you secure a pruning permit well before work commences on your tree, particularly if it is placed within a business or industrial space or found within a shared community living area. A number of state counties go a step even further and need a before and after inspection. Our company knows the rules for the community of Coral Gables and is able to advise you as needed. On the other hand, our staff can deal with the application form for you if you wish.


Get in touch with our team right now for all your tree service requirements.

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