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Tree trimming is normally a remedial measure in reaction to a danger brought on by a tree or larger shrub. As an example, a tree needs to be trimmed should its limb obstruct a roadway or walkway. Where tree boughs are in risk of endangering real estate, these should be cut and also be cleared away. It could also take place whenever the entire shape of the tree requires enhancing for aesthetic ideas in mind.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It is much the same and yet a little distinct to pruning. Tree pruning is simply a lot more of a scheduled, purposeful action entailing precise incisions at particular places on the tree. Pruning is also carried out at specific times of the calendar year in order to boost the tree's physical condition or fruitfulness. In reality, however, both expressions are made use of reciprocally, quite often.

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It's good to get in touch with our company for our tree trimming service as soon as one or more of these things happen:

- Your tree is swaying too near to electrical power lines

- Tree limbs are drooping close to or scraping the roof of your property

- You would like a more pleasing or unique shape for your tree

- Your neighbor is lamenting that your tree is towering above his property

- There are dead limbs swinging from your tree

- Your trees have never been actually trimmed within living memory

- Your tree is simply way too enormous to trim without a ladder or even climbing equipment

Ring our business in order to talk to a licensed arborist to go over your trimming job. We may stop by in case it's a big tree or perhaps group of trees included.

Our staff will provide a FREE, competitive estimate of expenses concerning the required services before any job starts. This keeps you safely in the driving seat which is how our customers prefer it!

The single thing our experts won't be able to help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... except if it's a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might just be tempted to trim a tree on your own. If you own a modest tree, it may well be practical IF you can get your hands on the right equipment, a little practical knowledge, protective wearable’s and don't necessitate a step ladder. It is certainly hard to encapsulate decades of knowledge and skill in a several sentences. That being said, some of the frequent trimming mistakes our experts encounter and the things to avoid are detailed with these tips:

  1. A stub is left behind where the branch has been removed. Stubs do allow rot because trees can not heal them adequately. Instead, cut close to the larger branch without damaging the 'collar'. This is the small structure that surrounds the join between a main branch and a side-branch. Do not cut down very close to this collar since it will certainly be sluggish to recover and foment decay leading to a weakness in the principal branch.
  2. Cuts are sometimes too oblique to the direction of the tree branch and also larger than needed. Your pruning cut should be tidy and you ought to aim for the minimum cut face achievable. If you don't, the wound will mend over more gradually, requiring additional energy that the tree could utilize in other areas of the tree.
  3. Trees are often trimmed too dramatically. This is sometimes referred to as topping and will encourage poor growth in the event that it doesn't terminate the tree. Try to crop no more than 25% out from the overall tree canopy in any 1 year.
  4. The tree is too large to trim. Unskilled people climbing into large trees can and does cause a very high danger of a personal accident and also property breakage beneath and about the tree. Just never do it - call the professionals.
Gardener trimming a small tree
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How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Just say no! Call Tree Top Pros instead. Cutting a larger tree involves climbing hardware or even a hydraulic bucket van. There's always a substantial threat of tumbling off normal home ladders resulting in a leading cause of back yard personal injuries and worse. The limbs of bigger trees are, well, larger as well as heavier. When sawn off, these have the ability to knock out any climbing hardware and can and do take out the ladder that is keeping you up. This is actually the 2nd area of significant risk and it really is just not worth it to your personal health.


How to trim a small tree

Through practical experience as well as a couple of pointers from arborists, you should be able to do this type of work on your own for your small trees. We discuss several of the essentials and pruning top practices within our separate article here and in our February Tree Care Diaries. Our experts describe the tallest length of commonly available pruning hardware that approaches 30 feet. It follows that any tree taller than 30 feet is going to require unsafe ladders and our experts really don't endorse that you choose these in a tree for your own safety. We've come across and heard of too many injuries. The first time that you think about trimming, contact our district arborist and our expert will demonstrate to you tips on how to prune ... or trim.

Trimming Permit

A lot of local municipalities require that you seek a pruning permit before work starts on your tree, especially in the event that it's situated inside a business or industrial space or even found within a shared community living location. A number of counties go further and need a before and after assessment. We know the rules and regulations in your town of Davie and can easily guide you appropriately. On the other hand, we can take care of the red tape for you if you wish.


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