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Tree trimming is usually a timely practice in reaction to a threat caused by a tree or larger shrub. As an example, a tree needs to be trimmed when a limb blocks a roadway or even a side walk. While tree limbs are at risk of wrecking real estate, they have to be secured and also be cleared away. Trimming might likewise be required should the entire form of the tree need sprucing up for more cosmetic reasons.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

Pruning definition

It really is quite similar but slightly different to pruning. Tree pruning is really much more of a skilled, planned, deliberate activity necessitating surgical incisions at certain positions on the tree and also over particular times of the calendar year so as to enhance the tree's physical condition or fruitfulness. In reality, however, these monikers are chosen often reciprocally.

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It is normally a good time to phone us with regard to a tree trimming service whenever any of these trigger events happen:

- Your tree is growing too near to electricity lines. High voltage electricity cables can arc up to 10 ft to a wet tree causing disruption in supply to your home and also possibly thousands of other local homes.

- Overgrown tree limbs are hanging close to or touching the exterior of your house or apartment.

- Your next-door neighbor is grumbling that your tree is looming over his garden.

- There are dead branches drooping down from your tree.

- You really want a more attractive or different appearance for your tree.


- Your trees have never been actually trimmed within memory.

- Your tree is too enormous to trim without needing a step ladder or perhaps climbing equipment.

Call our team and chat with a licensed arborist to discuss your trimming job. Our team could drop by if there is a substantial tree or several trees of concern.

We'll provide a FREE, affordable trimming estimate of charges well before any kind of service commences. This keeps you safely in the driving seat which is definitely how our customers prefer it!

The only thing our team simply cannot help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree!

How to trim a tree without killing it

You may be tempted to trim a tree by yourself. In case you possess a small tree, doing this could be achievable IF you own the suitable tools, a little know-how, protective wearable’s and the work doesn’t entail the use of domestic ladder. It is certainly very difficult to sum up decades of learning and experience within a couple sentences. However, several of the typical trimming gaffes our team encounter and the things to abstain from are detailed here within these tips:

Gaffe # 1. Trees are often trimmed far too drastically.
This is sometimes called topping or hatting or lion-tailing and can certainly spur poor growth if such practices don't kill the tree. Plan to trim back no more than 25% of the entire tree canopy in any 1 year.

Gaffe # 2. A stub is left behind just where the limb has been trimmed. Such stubs can attract rot since trees can not repair these fully. Alternately, trim near to the larger tree branch or without damaging the 'collar'. Really don't trim too close since the cut will certainly be sluggish to cure and so encourage decay leading to a weakness in the principal limb.

Gaffe # 3. Cuts are very inclined to the direction of the branch and also bigger than needed. Your trimming cut should be clean and you should try for the smallest-sized cut face possible. In any other case, the cut will likely repair over much more gradually. This involves the tree expending additional energy that the tree should be using in other areas of the tree.

Gaffe # 4. The tree is too big to trim. Unqualified people climbing into massive trees can and does result in a very high chance of injury and property breakage beneath and around the tree. Just do not do it - phone the experts.

Trimming a tree branch close to the collar
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Gardener trimming a small tree

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Simply say no to trimming a large tree! Call the professionals instead. Call us.

Pruning a big tree involves climbing hardware or even hydraulic bucket vehicles. There's always a huge danger of slipping from regular home ladders causing a serious reason for back yard personal injuries and even worse. The 2nd area of high danger is that the limbs of large trees are, quite frankly, much bigger as well as much heavier. When sawn off and swinging down to the ground in an unpredictable manner, these branches can knock out any climbing hardware and can and do take out the ladder which is carrying you high up in the tree you’re working in. It really is not justifiable to your personal safety.


How to trim a small tree without killing it

By using practice as well as a few pointers directly from arborists, you can do this type of work by yourself for your small-sized trees. Our experts point out a few of the basic principles along with trimming optimal methods in our independent guide here as well as within our February Tree Care Diaries. Our experts indicate the highest reach of commonly available trimming hardware that equates to about 30 feet. Any tree higher than this height will necessitate unsafe ladders and our company does not recommend you choose these up a tree when it comes to your own health and safety. Our staff has come across and been aware of way too many tragic incidents because of the two risks described above. The moment that you consider trimming, contact our locally-available arborist and they'll demonstrate to you some tips on how to prune ... or trim.

Trimming Permit

Plenty of local districts require that you obtain a pruning permit in advance of any form of tree cutting work beginning on your tree, particularly in case it is situated in a commercial or industrial space or even found within a shared community living location. Many counties go a step even further and demand a before and after trimming inspection. Our company knows the rules and codes in Deerfield Beach and the wider Broward County and can easily guide you as needed. On the other hand, our staff can easily deal with the permit application on your behalf if you wish.


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