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Tree trimming is usually a tactical and reactive practice in answer to a danger caused by a tree or good-sized shrubbery. As an example, a tree needs to be cut back in the event that it obstructs a highway or walkway. While tree branches remain in risk of destroying property, these must definitely be cut down and taken away. It could likewise happen if the whole shape of the tree is in need of enhancing for aesthetic aims.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It is similar and yet just a bit distinct to pruning. Tree pruning is really much more of a considered, deliberate activity entailing precise incisions at particular positions on the tree and during certain months of the calendar year in order to boost the tree's health or fecundity. In reality, however, the two words of trimming and pruning are employed reciprocally.

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It is normally time to contact our team with regard to tree trimming services every time ...

  • There are dead branches falling off your tree
  • Your trees haven't been trimmed within living memory
  • Your tree is literally excessively large to trim without a step ladder or perhaps climbing hardware
  • Your tree is reaching way too near to electricity lines
  • Tree limbs are hanging near to or scraping the outside of your home
  • You want a pleasing or unique shape for your tree
  • Your next-door neighbor is lamenting that your tree is towering above his back yard

Get in touch with our company in order to talk with a qualified arborist so that we may take a look at your trimming work. Our experts might stop by in case it's a sizable tree or there are several of trees of concern to you.

Our staff will offer a FREE, competitive assessment of charges for the task well before any service starts. Doing this keeps our customers firmly in the driving seat which is definitely how our customers want it!

The single thing that we simply cannot assist our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... unless it is actually a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might perhaps be persuaded to trim a tree by yourself. Assuming that you possess a modest tree, it might be practical IF you can secure the appropriate hardware, a little bit of knowledge, protective wearable’s and don't require a step ladder. It is hard to sum up many years of knowledge and skill within a handful of sentences. Nevertheless, a number of the frequent lapses that our staff encounter and also what to refrain from are laid out below within these tips:


  1. A stub is left just where the branch has been cut off. Stubs will attract decay because trees can not heal these stubs efficiently. Rather, trim near to the main branch or without damaging the 'collar'. Really don't trim too close because it is going to be slow to cure and cultivate decay leading to a weakness in the main limb.
  2. The tree is excessively big to cut. Untrained folks climbing up massive trees can easily and does lead to a strong possibility of an accident and property breakage below and about the tree. Just never do it - contact the experts.
  3. Cuts are sometimes inclined too far towards the direction of the tree branch and also larger than needed. Your trimming cut needs to be clean and you must aim for the minimum cut face possible. In any other case, the wound will likely heal over a lot more sluggishly, demanding additional energy which the tree could certainly make use of elsewhere.
  4. Trees are sometimes being trimmed back too dramatically. This is usually called topping and can promote weak growth supposing that it doesn't destroy the tree. Plan to crop no more than 25% from the overall tree canopy in any one year.
Arborist high up in Florida pine tree
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man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing oneself


Simply say no to trimming a large tree! Call Tree Top Pros as an alternative. Pruning a larger tree involves climbing gear or even hydraulic bucket vans. There's certainly a huge likelihood of falling off standard home ladders causing a leading cause of backyard accidental injuries and worse. The limbs of large trees are, well, larger as well as much heavier. They are able to knock out any climbing hardware when they’re cut off. They can and do sweep away the ladder that is keeping you aloft in the tree. This is the second area of significant danger and it really is just not justifiable to your personal safety.


How to trim a small tree


With practice along with a couple of guidelines from arborists, you can do this on your own for your small-scale trees. Our company discusses a number of the basics and pruning best practices in our independent post here as well as within our February Tree Care Diaries. We reckon that the tallest reach of commonly available trimming tools corresponds to about 30 feet. Any taller than this will certainly require ladders and our experts really don't recommend you choose these in a tree when it comes to your own safety. Our experts has observed and heard of way too many injuries. The moment that you think about trimming, get in touch with our district arborist and our experts will demonstrate to you the best ways to prune ... or even trim.

Tree Trimming Permit


Many local districts demand that you acquire a pruning permit in advance of work begins on your tree, particularly in case it is situated in a business or industrial zone or sited within a shared community area. Several counties go a step further and demand a before and after trimming assessment. Our company knows the policies and laws in your neighborhood of Homestead in Florida and can advise you properly. On the other hand, our experts can take care of the red tape for you if you wish.


Call our company right now with regard to all your tree service needs.

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