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- Preventing damage triggered by weak or damaged trees



Trimming in this sense is actually a deliberate measure in reaction to a risk brought on by a tree or good-sized shrubbery. For example, a tree must absolutely be trimmed back when a limb obstructs a highway or even a walk-way. Where tree boughs still endanger buildings, these must be cut and taken away. It may likewise be necessary whenever the overall form of the tree requires sprucing up for aesthetic purposes.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

Trimming is quite similar and yet just a bit different to pruning. Tree pruning is actually a lot more of a considered, predetermined technique involving precise incisions at specific locations on the tree over certain times of the calendar year. Pruning is done in order to enhance the tree's vigor or fruitfulness. Actually, however, both trimming and pruning monikers are made use of quite often interchangeably.

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It's opportune to request a tree trimming service in these circumstances...


  • Your tree is growing way too near to electrical lines
  • There are lifeless branches falling from your tree
  • Tree limbs are overhanging close to or even touching the roof or walls of your property
  • You really want a desirable or different form for your tree
  • Your neighbor says that your tree is blocking out the sun in his garden
  • Your trees haven't been actually trimmed in living memory
  • Your tree is literally too huge to trim without having to use a ladder or perhaps climbing hardware

Get in touch with our accredited arborist so she can review any necessary trimming work for you. She may visit in case there is a large tree or perhaps group of trees involved.

Our experts will then present a FREE, competitive assessment of expenses with regard to the requested task before any work commences. Doing this keeps our customers safely in the driving seat which is how our customers want it!

The only thing we aren't able to assist our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... except if it is actually a live one, of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it


You may be persuaded to do a bit of tree cutting on your own. In case you possess a modest tree, doing this may well be practical IF you can find the right hardware, a little bit of practical knowledge, protective gear and do not require a step ladder. It is certainly hard to sum up years of learning as well as experience within a number of sentences. Nonetheless, four common trimming errors our team regularly encounters that must be averted if at all possible, are described beneath:

  1. A stub is left where the tree limb has been trimmed. Such stubs will allow rot since trees can not heal them effectively. Rather, trim close to the larger tree branch or without touching the 'collar'. Don't trim too close as the cut will be sluggish to cure and foment decay leading to weakness in the primary limb.
  2. Cuts are too oblique to the direction of the branch and also larger than needed. Your pruning wound needs to be tidy and you should attempt to get the minimum cut face attainable. In any other case, the wound you leave will likely repair a lot more slowly, involving additional energy that the tree could utilize in other areas of the tree.
  3. Trees are trimmed back way too drastically. This practice is sometimes referred to as topping and will encourage poor growth in the event that it does not destroy the tree. Plan to cut no more than a quarter from the total tree canopy in any 1 year.
  4. Tree is too sizeable to cut. Inexperienced individuals going up enormous trees can easily and does lead to a high likelihood of a personal accident and property damage underneath and around the tree. Simply don't do this - get in touch with the pros.
Trimming a tree branch close to the collar
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Gardener trimming a small tree

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself


Clipping a larger tree necessitates climbing-related equipment or even hydraulic bucket trucks. There’s a substantial possibility of tumbling off regular home ladders leading to a primary reason for backyard personal injuries and even worse. The limbs of larger trees are, well, larger as well as heavier. They are able to knock out any climbing equipment and can and do take out the very ladder that is managing to keep you up in the tree. This is generally the 2nd area of substantial danger and it is simply just not worth it.

Just say no to trimming larger trees! Contact Tree Top Pros as an alternative.


How to trim a small tree


By using practical experience as well as some pointers directly from arborists, you might do this by yourself but only for your small trees. Our team mentions several of the fundamentals along with some pruning methods within our information on tree pruning and also within our February Tree Care Diaries. Our team indicates that the tallest reach with the help of commonly-available trimming gear equates to about 30 feet. Any higher than this height is going to require unsafe ladders and our staff never advise you to use these in a tree for the sake of your own health and safety. Our experts have seen and know about too many unfortunate incidents. The first time that you contemplate trimming, contact our district arborist and our experts will demonstrate to you ways to prune ... as well as trim.

Get in touch with our team right now regarding all your tree service needs.

Tree Trimming Permit


Plenty of districts local to Kendall, Florida require that you secure a pruning permit prior to work commencing on your tree, especially in case it is located within a commercial or industrial locality or sited within a shared community housing area. Several counties go a step even further and demand a ‘before and after’ trimming check. Our company knows the policies and procedures in your neighborhood and can easily guide you as needed. As an alternative, our staff can handle the permit application on your behalf if you wish if we are appointed for your tree work.

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