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Tree trimming is generally a tactical practice in reaction to a threat caused by a tree or substantial shrub. For example, a tree must definitely be trimmed if its limb obstructs a street or perhaps path. If tree boughs threaten damage to real estate, they should be secured and also removed. Trimming may likewise be necessary in case the overall form of the tree is in need of correcting for visual aims.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It is similar and yet a little different to pruning. Tree pruning is generally more of a prepared, deliberate action requiring surgical incisions in specific positions on the tree and also at particular times of the year in order to maximize the tree's vigor or fruitfulness. In truth, however, the two monikers of trimming and pruning are often employed interchangeably.

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Arborist trimming a palm tree

It is normally time to get in touch with us to get tree trimming services if any of this sort of thing occurs:

  • Your tree is growing way too near electric high-voltage lines
  • Tree branches are dangling close to or scraping the walls of your property
  • There are lifeless branches drooping from your tree
  • Your trees haven't been trimmed within living memory
  • Your tree is excessively huge to trim without needing a step ladder or climbing hardware
  • You want a more attractive or different form for your tree
  • Your next-door neighbor is complaining that your tree is towering above his back yard blocking out the sun

Call our company in order to talk to a licensed arborist to discuss your trimming project. Our team may drop by in case it's a big tree or a number of trees involved.

Our team will present a TOTALLY FREE, competitive estimation of costs with regard to the required service prior to any kind of service starting. This keeps our customers firmly in the driving seat which is how our customers want it!

The single thing our team can't help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... unless it's a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You may well be persuaded to trim a tree on your own. In case you own a small tree, this might just be achievable IF you can get your hands on the proper hardware, a little bit of expertise, safety accessories and do not involve a step ladder. It is very difficult to sum up years of knowledge as well as practice in a several glib sentences. Nonetheless, some of the typical errors our staff encounter and the things to refrain from are outlined beneath with these tips:

  1. A stub is left where the tree limb has been removed. Stubs will certainly allow rot as trees can not heal these properly. Rather, cut near to the main branch or trunk without damaging the 'collar'. So don’t trim too far from the bigger branch and don’t trim very close either. The latter wound will certainly be slow to heal and foment rot leading to a weakness in the principal branch.
  2. Cuts are very oblique to the direction of the tree branch and larger than needed. Your pruning snip should be tidy and you have to attempt to get the smallest cut face feasible. Otherwise, the cut will repair over much more gradually, requiring more energy which the tree can make use of in other areas of the tree.
  3. Trees are pruned too severely. This practice is usually termed topping and can certainly spur weak growth in the event that it doesn't finish the tree for good. Try to trim no more than a quarter out from the total tree canopy in any 1 year.
  4. The tree's too sizable to trim down. Unqualified people climbing into sizable trees can and does lead to a strong chance of injury and property damage below and about the tree. Simply do not do this - phone the pros. Call Tree Top Pros.
man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing oneself

Simply say no! Phone Tree Top Pros as a far safer alternative. Cutting a big tree entails climbing hardware or hydraulic bucket trucks and possibly a crane too. There's always a substantial danger of falling off standard home ladders causing a primary cause of back yard personal injuries and worse. The branches of bigger trees are, well, much larger as well as heavier. These are able to compromise any climbing equipment when cut and can and do wreck the ladder that's managing to keep you up by swinging down and around in an unpredictable way. This is actually the next area of danger and it's just not justifiable to your health and wellbeing.


How to trim a small tree

Utilizing a little repetition and also some guidelines from arborists, you may do this type of work on your own for your small-sized trees. Our team point out a number of the basic principles as well as some pruning methods in our different article here and inside our February Tree Care Diaries. Our experts reveal the tallest length of commonly available tree-cutting appliances (such as pruning saws with pole extensions) which approximates to 30 feet. Any tree taller than thirty feet definitely will demand ladders and our staff don't advocate you work with these to climb up a tree for your own safety. We have been aware of way too many mishaps. The first time you contemplate trimming, call our local arborist and they'll show you how you can prune ... or even trim. Being shown how to prune your trees by a trained specialist need only happen once and it will be a worthwhile investment of your time and help to ensure your trees’ continued health and vitality in years to come.

Tree Cutting Permit

Plenty of local towns and districts such as Miramar ask that people secure a pruning permit prior to work starting on your tree, especially in case the tree is placed in a business or industrial area or found within a shared community living space. A number of state counties go even further and need a ‘before and after’ inspection. We understand the rules and laws in your neighborhood and are able to advise you as necessary. On the other hand, our staff can deal with the application form on your behalf if you wish.


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