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Tree trimming is a deliberate act in reaction to a danger caused by a tree or good sized shrub. For example, a tree should be trimmed in the event that a limb blocks a highway or pathway. While individual tree boughs are at risk of endangering buildings and/or people, these must definitely be secured and also be taken out. Trimming could likewise be necessary if ever the general shape of the tree requires correcting for aesthetic reasons.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It is quite similar but a little different to pruning. Tree pruning is more of an organized, intentional action requiring precise incisions in particular places on the tree and also at specific times of the calendar year so as to improve the tree's vigor or fruitfulness. In reality, the 2 terms are used interchangeably.

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Arborist trimming a palm tree

It is opportune to phone us for our tree trimming service when these crop up ...


  • Your tree is growing too close to electric lines
  • Tree branches are overhanging near to or even scraping the exterior of your home
  • You really want a more desirable or different appearance for your tree
  • Your next-door neighbor is grumbling that your tree is blocking out the sun in his backyard
  • There are lifeless limbs swaying from your tree
  • Your trees have never been actually trimmed within living memory
  • Your tree is excessively enormous to trim without a ladder or climbing gear

Phone us in order to speak to a licensed arborist so as to take a look at your trimming job. Our team may well visit if there's a sizable tree or perhaps group of trees affected.

Our experts will present you with a TOTALLY FREE, competitive estimate of expenses concerning the required task well before any kind of service starts. Doing this leaves you firmly in the driving seat which is how our customers prefer it!

The single thing we can't assist our customers with is trimming their Christmas Tree!

How to trim a tree without killing it


You may well be tempted to do a bit of tree cutting yourself. In case you possess a small tree, this may well be possible IF you have the necessary tools, a little bit of practical knowledge, safety accessories and do not involve a step ladder. It is certainly tricky to encapsulate decades of training as well as skill in a few paragraphs. That being said, some of the common lapses our team notice as well as the things to refrain from are outlined within these tips:

  1. A stub is allowed to remain where the limb has been trimmed. Stubs do allow rot since trees can not heal these stubs properly. Instead, trim near to the larger branch or without damaging the 'collar'. Really don't cut down too close because it is going to be slow to mend and foster decay leading to a weakness in the main branch.
  2. Cuts are too oblique to the direction of the branch and larger than needed. Your pruning cut should be tidy and you should attempt to get the minimum cut face possible. Otherwise, the wound will repair over a lot more sluggishly, requiring more energy which the tree could utilize elsewhere.
  3. Trees are often being cut far too drastically. This is usually referred to as topping and can certainly stimulate poor growth if it doesn't kill the tree. Plan to trim back no more than 25% of the total tree canopy within any one year.
  4. The tree is way too large to cut. Inexperienced individuals climbing into sizable trees can easily and does cause a very high possibility of an accident along with property damages below and around the tree. Just never do it - call the pros.
man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Just say no! Call Tree Top Pros as a safe alternative. Thinning a large tree entails climbing hardware or even hydraulic bucket vehicles. There a substantial possibility of falling off regular home ladders leading to one of the primary reasons for back yard accidents and worse. The branches of large trees are, well, much bigger as well as much heavier. They have the ability to compromise any climbing gear and, when sawn, can and do sweep away the ladder which is keeping you aloft. This is generally the second area of high hazard and it really is simply just not justifiable it.


How to trim a small tree

Through practical experience as well as a couple of tips directly from arborists, you can do this type of work by yourself for your compact trees only. Our experts detail some of the basics along with trimming top practices in our independent feature here as well as in our February Tree Care Diaries. Our company reveals the max height of commonly available trimming implements i.e. pole saws and the like, which corresponds to about 30 feet. Any taller than this will certainly need unsafe ladders and our staff never advocate that you work with these in a tree for the sake of your own personal well being and safety. Our team has observed and heard of way too many unfortunate incidents. The first time you think of trimming, contact our district arborist and they'll show you the best way to prune ... or trim.

Permit to trim trees

Numerous cities such as Pembroke Pines demand that people seek a pruning permit well before work commences on your tree, particularly in the event that it is located in a commercial or industrial locality or even found within a shared community living area. Several state counties go a step further and require a before and after check. Our company knows the policies and regulations in your local area and are able to advise you as necessary. Alternatively, we could take care of the red tape on your behalf if you wish.


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