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Tree trimming is usually a timely measure in reaction to a risk caused by a tree or large shrub. An example of this would be a tree that will need to be trimmed back in the event that a limb blocks a highway or perhaps pathway. Where tree boughs are in risk of endangering residential or commercial property, they need to be cut down and also be gotten rid of. Trimming may likewise be necessary when the whole form of the tree needs correcting to be more visually pleasing.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It is quite similar but a little different to pruning. Tree pruning is really much more of a scheduled, intended and skilled activity involving precise incisions at certain places on the tree and also during specific months of the season so as to increase the tree's health or fruitfulness.

In reality though, the two terms are used quite often interchangeably.

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Arborist trimming a palm tree

It is normally best to get in touch with our business for our tree trimming service when anything like this happens:

- Your tree is swaying too near to electric high-voltage lines

- Tree limbs are dropping near to or touching the exterior of your property

- You wish to have a more attractive or different form for your tree

- Your next-door neighbor is lamenting that your tree is looming over his property

- There are lifeless branches swinging from your tree

- Your trees have never been trimmed within memory

- Your tree is literally excessively large to trim without having a step ladder or perhaps climbing hardware

Telephone our business and speak with an accredited arborist so as to discuss your trimming job. We might visit in case it's a big tree or a number of trees concerned.

We'll then give a FREE, competitive idea of charges for the required services before any kind of job commences. Doing this keeps our customers safely in the driving seat which is definitely how our customers want it!

The thing our team simply cannot help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... unless it is actually a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might just be persuaded to trim a tree yourself. If you own a small-sized tree, this could be practical IF you own the correct hardware, a little bit of know-how, protective wearable kit and don't use a step ladder or other household ladder. It is hard to summarize many years of training as well as experience within a number of sentences. That being said, some of the frequent trimming blunders our team see and what to refrain from are detailed below within these tips:

  1. A stub is left just where the branch has been removed. Stubs will allow rot because trees cannot repair these efficiently. Instead, trim near to the main branch but without harming the 'collar'. Don't cut down too close because it will be sluggish to recover and cultivate rot causing a weakness in the primary branch.
  2. Cuts are too oblique to the direction of the branch and also larger than needed. Your pruning snip must be clean and you must try for the minimum cut face attainable. Otherwise, the wound will repair over much more sluggishly, requiring additional energy which the tree can make better use of elsewhere.
  3. Trees are sometimes being cut back way too much. This is normally called topping and can stimulate poor growth if it does not destroy the tree. Plan to cut no more than 25% out from the entire tree canopy within any 1 year.
  4. The tree's too sizable to trim down. Untrained folks going up massive trees can and does result in a high risk of personal injury along with property breakage below and about the tree. Just do not do this - get in touch with the experts.
man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing oneself

Just say no! Call Up Tree Top Pros as a safe alternative. Pruning a big tree necessitates climbing equipment or hydraulic bucket vans. There's a huge danger of falling off regular home ladders leading to a significant reason for backyard traumas and worse. The branches of larger trees are much larger as well as heavier. These can easily knock out any climbing equipment and can and do take out the very ladder which is managing to keep you aloft. This happens when the tree branch is cut and then swings in an unpredictable direction down to the ground. This is the 2nd area of substantial hazard and it really is simply just not worth it.


How to trim a small tree

With a little repetition as well as a couple of guidelines directly from arborists, you can do this by yourself for your small-sized trees. We detail a number of the fundamentals and optimal pruning practices within our feature here and in our February Tree Care Diaries. We clarify the max length of commonly available trimming equipment that equates to about 30 feet. Any tree higher than thirty feet will certainly need hazardous ladders and our company don't endorse that you work with these up a tree for your own well being and safety. Our experts have observed and been aware of way too many mishaps. The first time you think of trimming, phone our local arborist and we'll show you how to prune ... or even trim.

Tree Cutting Permit

Many local districts require that you acquire a pruning permit prior to work commences on your tree, particularly in case it is placed in a commercial or industrial locality or sited within a shared community area. Plantation in Broward County takes this approach as well by specifying designated areas within the county that absolutely need a permit. They also insist on proper licensing too. Many state counties go a further and demand a before and after trimming inspection. We know the rules and laws in your locality and are able to advise you as needed. On the other hand, our team is able to handle the permit application for you if you wish.


Telephone us right now for your tree service requests.

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