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The trimming of trees is normally a timely measure in response to a threat caused by a tree or substantial shrubbery. As an example, a tree must definitely be trimmed back in the event that a limb obstructs a roadway or even walkway. When tree boughs are in risk of endangering real estate, they will need to be cut and also be disposed of. Trimming might also happen whenever the overall shape of the tree needs correcting for visual aims.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It really is comparable and yet a little distinct to pruning. Tree pruning is generally a lot more of a planned, purposeful action entailing precise cuts at particular locations on the tree and at specific times of the year in order to improve the tree's vigor or fruit production. It takes practice and skill.

In reality, the trimming and pruning terms are made use of reciprocally, quite often.

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It is normally a good time to get in touch with our team with regard to tree trimming services whenever ...


  • Your tree is swaying way too near to electric lines
  • Tree limbs are bowing near to or even scraping the roof or walls of your house or apartment
  • You really want a more pleasing or different form for your tree
  • Your neighbor is grumbling that your tree is towering above his back yard
  • There are dead limbs dangling off your tree
  • Your trees have not been trimmed within the past
  • Your tree is excessively enormous to trim without needing a ladder or perhaps climbing gear

Call our company and speak with a licensed arborist to go over your trimming job. Our team could stop by in case it's a big tree or perhaps group of trees affected.


Our staff will provide a TOTALLY FREE, competitive estimate of costs concerning the required task prior to any kind of job starts. This keeps you safely in the driving seat which is how our customers want it!


The only thing we aren't able to help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... unless it's a living one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might perhaps be persuaded to trim a tree yourself. Assuming that you own a small-sized tree, this may well be achievable IF you have the right equipment, a little bit of practical knowledge, protective gear and do not require a ladder. It's tricky to summarize several years of training and practice in several sentences. Nevertheless, a number of the common mistakes we encounter along with what to abstain from are described in these tips:

Trimming mistake #1 - A stub is left just where the tree limb has been cut off. Stubs will allow decay since trees are unable to repair them effectively. Rather, cut near to the main branch or trunk without breaking the 'collar'. Do not cut very close since it will certainly be slow to recover and encourage rot leading to a weakness in the main limb.

Trimming mistake #2 - Cuts are too oblique to the direction of the tree branch and also bigger than necessary. Your trimming snip must be clean and you have to try for the minimum cut face feasible. If you don't, the cut will likely repair over a lot more gradually, requiring additional energy that the tree can use in other parts of the tree.

Trimming mistake #3 - Trees are trimmed back way too radically. This is sometimes termed topping and will spur weak growth supposing that it does not kill the tree. Try to crop no more than 25% of the entire tree canopy in any one year. This threshold is important; anything more than 25% will launch the tree into a desperate surge to make up the lost foliage (and the food they give the tree) by sending up fleshy, weak branches prone to disease.

Trimming mistake #4 - The tree is too sizeable to cut. Unskilled folks climbing up large trees can and does result in a strong likelihood of an accident along with property damages below and about the tree. Just don't ever do this - get in touch with the experts.

man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Simply say no! Contact Tree Top Pros instead. Clipping a big tree involves climbing equipment or even hydraulic bucket lifts. There's a huge danger of slipping from regular home ladders causing a major reason for accidental injuries and worse in your garden. The limbs of bigger trees are, well, much larger and heavier. They are able to compromise any climbing equipment when cut and can and do sweep away the very ladder which is managing to keep you aloft. This is the next area of danger and it is simply just not worth it.


How to trim a small tree

With practice as well as a couple of guidelines from a certified arborist, you might do this type of work yourself for your compact trees. We discuss several of the basics and pruning optimal methods within our different write-up here and also inside our February Tree Care Diaries. Our company indicates the highest reach of commonly available pruning equipment equates about 30 feet. Any tree higher than thirty feet definitely will need hazardous ladders and our experts do not encourage that you work with these to climb up a tree for the sake of your own safety. We have seen and been aware of too many mishaps. The first time you think about trimming, phone our local arborist and we will demonstrate to you how to prune ... or even trim properly.

Trimming Permit

Many local districts demand that you seek a pruning permit well before work commences on your tree, especially in the event that it's situated within a commercial or industrial locality or found in a shared community living location. Several counties go a further and need a before and after trimming assessment. We understand the rules and laws in your local community and are able to advise you appropriately. Alternatively, our experts could take care of the permit application for you if you wish.


Phone our company right now with regard to all your tree cutting service and tree service requests.

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