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Devastating tropical storms, sudden thunderstorms, electrical storms as well as flooding events here in the Sunshine State might have a huge effect on the well being of your trees. Tree removal is a drastic and yet necessary solution to your tree problems in Hialeah. It is, without a doubt, a vital and major part of our service to local customers.

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Trees are simply amazing

They clean our water, they oxygenate the air breathe, they lower traffic noise and also reduce the speed of climate change. Trees also enable biodiversity as they are shelter to various flora and fauna varieties. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, an individual mature tree can produce a day's supply of oxygen for around 4 people. Trees are very good for the Earth, our ecosystem and they uplift our mood. More than 99.9% of the time they are a completely positive presence in our lives.

So exactly what is the reason for removing trees? Why is this, the most radical kind of tree service, needed?

Trees are alive but are mortal too

If a tree becomes infected, before long it depletes its structural vigor and that hurts its capability to bear aloft tens or hundreds of tons of lumber and leaf, especially in a gusty storm. And so when our team is requested to check your trees as part of our tree removal service, we always look for the following signs of weakness:

Lean- Should your tree begins to slant towards a single direction where it was not pitching previously, that can identify a severely damaged tree. The problem might be much more grave if observed with naked and/or sagging tree branches bereft of leaves.

Roots - The well-being of the tree's roots is similarly critical with respect to the physical condition of the tree. If they indicate damage or decay, then your tree is quite likely at risk. Fungus coming from either the tree roots or even close to the base of the tree trunk signifies dead wood. If there's a great deal of fungus growing, there will likely be no restoring the tree and it will drop sooner rather than later.

A loosening of earth close to the roots implies a partly unstable tree. One strong gust could see the tree collapsing, with a little luck not on your property.

Tree Trunk - ground wood particles close to the base of the trunk implies that tree-boring pests are eating the inside of the tree and perhaps laying more eggs. In this instance the damage will go on unseen. The tree will become more and more weak from disease, loss of tree sap as well as lack of structural integrity. After that it will fall down.

Some other signs of disease might be discovered whenever the trunk has bark missing or very loose bark. Our experts check for holes and fractures in the trunk too, especially if recent.

If warranted, we may take a look inside with an increment borer to see if the tree has a hollow core and other indicators of stress or disease.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree being removed with a crane

Removing trees - the 6 stages to our work


  1.  After receiving your query, our firm will be glad to give you with a summary of the most appropriate and safest way for your problem tree. We are going to, in addition, give you a price estimation, FREE of charge. We may opt for a visit to your house in order to thoroughly recognize the scale of the removal task.
  2. Soon after you approve our proposal, a jointly agreeable date and time will be arranged between us so that our team can start the required work.
  3. Currently there are local and Florida state laws governing tree jobs – please view below for more detail. In many cases removal of a tree will likely entail a permit application that we will be happy to pick up on your behalf, if you want our company to do the same.
  4. Our team pride ourselves with starting work on schedule. Our skilled tree professionals are going to then carry out the service as safely and efficiently as we can.
  5. Our company can subsequently clear away your diseased or lifeless tree from your property and dispose of waste tree parts by simply re-cycling or reprocessing as necessary. Alternatively, you may retain the woodchips to keep your other garden plants moist in dry weather and so reduce water sprinkling charges in the years to come.
  6. Removing trees can be costly. Therefore, our experts will check out other trees at your plot and recommend a low cost care program to save you cash as well as time in the future. It goes without saying, "a stitch in time saves nine!" For instance, reasonable tree trimming will ensure your trees are safer in a wind storm by lowering their wind resistance and also lessening the prospect of being blown over onto something breakable and valuable.


Emergency Tree Removal

These 6 steps outlined above are offered in order to increase your satisfaction using our work on your trees. Nevertheless, we will be able to fast-track the process and respond quicker when there is an emergency situation. Give us a call us and our experts will quickly outline the timing along with our approximate charges to carry out emergency tree services.

Florida rules regarding removing trees

Throughout the sunshine state of Florida, clearing away trees demands that you first have a formal permission most of the time. There certainly are various exemptions, however. There are also a few variances in the codes between districts and towns. Within Miami-Dade county, as an example, the tree owner will need to apply for a permit form in order to remove or even transplant trees which have a trunk width of in excess of 3 inches at chest level. We can attend to securing a permit for you wherever chosen to carry out your services.

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

We try our best to keep our rates and also your fees as small as possible. The charges hinge on a number of factors such as convenience of entry, tree types, tree height as well as overall size, the type of the situation with your tree and whether or not additional machinery like a crane or bucket lifting vehicle is required. Our company does feel that cutting corners on safety, training, insurance and licensing is the most beneficial way to operate our organization. Rather, we firmly believe being totally insured and our workers properly coached is the most effective means to prevent expensive mishap to your property as well as to stop any possible responsibility against you, if ever there's an injury to any of our employees.

So you will see our remedy to be well-considered, costed fairly and the project carried out successfully and safely. Our firm can give you some savings by giving you the possibility to gather debris right after the tree has been removed. Our team much prefers to leave your backyard tidy and debris-free however it's up to you.


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