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Violent storms with strong winds, flooding events, lightning strikes and over-zealous tree trimming practices might each have a serious impact on the well being of your trees.

Tree removal is certainly a severe yet essential answer to your terminal tree problems in the wonderful coastal city of Palm Bay in Florida. Removing trees for customers is without a doubt an important part of our business and we pride ourselves on doing it well.

Arborist removing a palm tree

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Trees are simply incredible

They cleanse our water, they oxygenate the atmosphere we need for life itself, they reduce loud noise and decrease the level of climate change. Trees likewise underpin biodiversity given that they are normally host to various plant and fauna species. The Arbor Day Foundation states that one single sizable tree will provide a day's supply of oxygen for up to 4 people. Trees are without a doubt good with regards to the planet, our natural environment and they uplift our spirits as well. For more than 95% of the time they are a solely positive presence in our daily lives.

So precisely what's the function of removing trees? Just why is this, the most extreme type of tree service, ever needed?

Trees are living entities but they inevitably weaken and die

If ever a tree becomes diseased, before long its physical sturdiness falters which sabotages its capability to carry high above multiple tons of wood and leaf, especially in a blowy storm. And so anytime our company is invited to examine trees, our experts make sure to check for the following weaknesses:

  • Incline – When your tree starts to pitch towards one side where it was not veering previously, this could identify a badly compromised tree. The problem can be even more serious if accompanied by bare and/or sagging tree branches free from leaves.
  • Tree Roots - The health of the root system is every bit as significant when it comes to the well being of the tree. If they display damage or decay, then your tree is more than likely in danger. Fungus infection on either the roots or even close to the base of the tree trunk implies dead timber. Generally speaking, if there is a good deal of fungal-like growths protruding from the tree flare area, there will likely be no saving the tree and it is going to collapse sooner rather than in the far future.

    A loosening of soil around the roots suggests a partially unstable tree. One powerful gust could very well see the tree falling down, with luck not over your property.

  • Trunk - Fine wood fragments forming small piles at the bottom of the trunk means tree-boring bugs are burrowing and reproducing inside your tree. In this situation the damage will probably happen out of sight. The tree is going to become slowly but surely weak from:
    • secondary diseases made easier by breaches in the bark and
    • loss of structural cohesion.
  • Other common issues - Additional indicators of disease may be recognized if ever the trunk has bark missing or very loose bark. Our experts examine holes and splits within the trunk as well, especially if recent. The extent of any hollows in the tree can also be gauged, even if invisible, by the skilled use of sounding hammers and increment borers.
Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree damage caused by anobium thomsoni
Tree trunk section being removed with crane

Our Tree Removal Service - the 6 measures to taking care of your diseased, dying or dead tree


  1. Having received your query, Tree Top Pros will be glad to give you an overview of the most effective removal plan for your tree. In addition, our experts are going to present you with a FREE quote for our expenses. A trip to your residence or land may usually be suggested so as to fully grasp the scope of the task, particularly when removing trees.
  2. Soon after you agree to our recommended plan and quotation, a jointly acceptable time will be fixed so that our team is able to carry out the required service.
  3. There are Palm Bay City and Brevard County codes and ordinances let alone Florida state laws that govern the removal of a tree - see the section below for more information. In many (but by no means every case) to remove trees in Palm Bay will necessitate an arbor permit. We can advise you on what is necessary for your tree and direct you to the best department.
  4. We do our best to avoid turning up late. Our properly trained tree pros can then undertake the removal work in the safest way possible, without being rushed.
  5. Our company can then clear away your diseased or lifeless tree from your yard and dispose of waste tree parts by re cycling or reprocessing as necessary. If requested, you may be able to keep some of the non-diseased woodchips to mulch your various other garden plants and so reduce watering costs in the future.
  6. The cost of removing trees can be a challenge for some family budgets. So in order to save you cash and time in the long run, our team will check out various other trees within your land so as to suggest an economical tree care plan. "A stitch in time saves nine!", after all. As an example, a timely round of tree trimming will make your trees safer in a storm by decreasing their wind resistance and so reducing their prospect of being blown over on to something expensive.

Emergency Tree Removal

These 6 removal service stages are designed to enhance your total satisfaction with our local tree removal service. And yet some of the steps can be fast-tracked in an emergency situation. For example, where fallen trees pose a danger to health and safety of the public, Palm Bay City administration have dispensation to give verbal removal permits (rather than their more usual and time-consuming written application process). Phone us and our experts will promptly outline the best way to proceed with your emergency tree service.

Palm Bay City regulation regarding removing trees

Clearing away trees by large property owners, commercial property owners, land developers and land clearers within city limits means that you must first have obtained an official removal permit. However, there is good news for existing Single and Dual family lots of less than one acre in size because they escape many of the provisions of the Palm Bay tree code. This means they can remove trees on their property without obtaining a permit beforehand. And there are 10 invasive tree species that can be removed without a permit after notifying the Planning Director. Other exceptions exist too and we can direct you to the appropriate department to find out more.

All mangrove tree species are protected in Palm Bay city as are trees with a diameter at breast height (DBH) of six inches or more. And all palm trees with at least 4.5 feet of trunk between grade and the first frond are protected.

We urge caution here as some untrustworthy operators in our industry may offer to obtain a removal permit on your behalf and then not actually make good on their promise. You are answerable to the municipality if an arbor permit is not obtained when one is necessary and fines can be levied for violations.

Tree Removal Cost

We make every effort to keep our expenses and also your charges as reasonable as far as we are able. The charges can change from removal job to removal job according to:

- ease of entry to the site of the removal
- tree species
- tree height and also size
- the nature of the issue with your tree and
- if additional operational equipment like a crane or a tracked hydraulic lift is necessary.

Our company firmly believes in being completely insured and our technicians thoroughly trained. The training is the best way to nigh on eliminate expensive damage to your home during the work and the insurance eliminates any potential financial responsibility against you, in case there's an accidental injury to any of our staff.

So you will discover our solution to be well-considered, priced reasonably and the work conducted successfully and in safety. Our company can offer you some financial savings simply by giving you the possibility to gather waste right after the tree has been extracted, possibly to use as fuel. Our staff much prefers to leave your yard in good shape and debris-free but this depends on you.


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