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Tree pests, disastrous hurricanes, numerous violent and nameless storms, lightning hits as well as water damage events here in Palm Beach County can all have a cumulative, adverse influence on the health and vitality of your trees. Tree removal is certainly a severe but also crucial answer to your tree issues on occasion. Removing trees is without a doubt an important part of our tree service to both residential and commercial customers in the City of Palm Beach Gardens.

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Trees are simply astonishing

They purify our ground water, reduce pollution in cities, they oxygenate the air we need for respiration, they reduce traffic noise and also decrease the rate of climate change. Trees likewise encourage biodiversity since they are normally host to several flora and fauna types. One large tree is able to yield a day's supply of oxygen for as many as four people, as stated by the Arbor Day Foundation. Trees are certainly good with regards to the world at large, our own environment here in Florida and they lift our state of mind. Over 98% of the time they are a purely benign presence in our lives.

So just what's the purpose of removing trees? Just why is the most major form of tree service needed sometimes?

Trees are not immortal

Should a tree be impaired in some way from the various threats mentioned above, then it’s natural vigor drops which eventually hurts its capability to carry above many tons of timber and leaf, particularly in a gusty violent storm. And so whenever we manage to inspect your trees as part of our removal service, our experts always look out for the following weak points:

  • Tree Trunk - ground wood grains at the bottom of the tree's trunk suggests tree-boring pests are burrowing inside or laying eggs. In this case the damage will go on largely out of sight. The tree will certainly end up becoming gradually weaker from disease, loss of tree sap together with lack of structural stability. Its days are numbered unless the infestation can be caught early and can be properly treated and prevented from recurring.

    Additional hints of problems may be recognized whenever the trunk has bark missing or perhaps very loose bark. Armed with nothing more than a sounding hammer and maybe an increment borer, we will check for cavities, splits and hollows in the trunk too, particularly if recent.

  • Stance - Should your tree start to lean to a single side where it had not been bending previously, that may well identify a compromised tree. Damage can be even more acute if ever accompanied by naked and/or drooping branches with no leaves.
  • Root System - The health of the root system is every bit as significant with regard to the well-being of the tree. If they indicate breakage or rot, then your tree is most likely vulnerable. Fungus infection coming from either the roots or maybe near the bottom of the tree trunk implies the inexorable creeping spread of dead timber. If there is generally a lot of fungus proliferation (many mushroom-like protrusions), there will probably be no restoring the tree and it will drop quicker rather than in the far future.

    An uplift of soil around the roots reveals a partially unstable tree. One powerful gust could see the tree falling over, preferably not onto your property or anything fragile and expensive.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree damage caused by anobium thomsoni
Two arborists assessing tree work

Tree Removal Service - 6 key steps to remove trees


  1. After receiving your request, our firm will certainly be happy to provide you with an outline of the most effective way to remove your tree. In addition, we are going to present you with a FREE expense estimation. A quick visit to your place or building may normally be most ideal in order to thoroughly comprehend the scope of works, especially whenever removing several trees.
  2. Shortly after you agree to the estimate, a mutually convenient time will be arranged so that we will be able to undertake the required work.
  3. Currently there are city, county and also state rules that govern when and how one can remove trees - view section below for more details. There is particular sensitivity around removing any native tree species and these may have to be replaced like for like depending on its location. For the most part, tree extraction is going to require a removal permit that we will pick up on your behalf, if you prefer our company to do that for you.
  4. We pride ourselves with showing up for the arranged work in a timely manner. Our qualified tree technicians will then carry out the removal job as carefully and effectively as possible.
  5. Our company will then remove your diseased or dead tree from your backyard and dispose of waste tree parts by means of re cycling or reprocessing as required. In some situations, we could give you the option of keeping back the woodchips. You can use these to mulch your other plants and shrubs thereby reduce water sprinkling costs in the upcoming months or years.
  6. Removing trees can be costly for some family budgets. Hence our team can inspect other trees within your land if you have them and recommend an appropriate, affordable tree care program to save you money plus time in the long run. For instance, prudent tree trimming will definitely help make your trees much safer in a storm by simply reducing their wind resistance and lowering the odds for being blown down.

Emergency Tree Removal

These actions are offered in order to maximize your satisfaction with our work. Even so, our company will fast-track steps in the above process and respond faster in case there is an emergency situation. Give us a call us and we'll outline the timing together with our broad costs in order to complete critical tree job. For some hazardous jobs, a verbal permit is all that’s necessary significantly shortening prep time.

Palm Beach County (PBC) regulation for removing trees

In PBC, clearing away trees entails that you beforehand procure a permit in most cases. There certainly are a number of exemptions. Knowledge of the jurisdictional limits of state, county and city codes is a must even though you may have heard of an exemption or two in one of them. We often have to clarify the topic of permits in view of the various classes of locations, provisions for certain tree species etc. It goes without saying we have the numbers for all the concerned planning departments at arm’s reach. Our experts are able to take care of securing a permit for you wherever selected to perform your tree services.

Tree Removal Cost


We make every effort to maintain our costs and also your charges as low as possible. The prices for removing a tree vary because they depend on:

  1. ease of entry to where the tree is located
  2. tree type/s to be removed
  3. whether the tree is a native species and has to be replaced like for like or at another ratio
  4. tree height and overall size
  5. the nature of the problem with your tree and
  6. whether extra machinery such as a bucket hydraulic lift and/or crane is needed.

We are not one of those tree companies that think that cutting corners regarding safety, coaching, insurance and licensing is the most effective approach to run an enterprise. Rather, we firm believe being fully insured and our staff successfully instructed is simply the most reliable means to avoid costly mishaps to your property as well as to protect any latent responsibility on you, if there's an accidental injury to one of our staff members, heaven forbid.

Instead you are going to understand our service to be well-considered, costed reasonably and the removal undertaken competently and with minimum risk. Where local tree regulations permit, we will be able to give you some cost savings by offering you the choice to gather waste right after the tree has been felled, perhaps to store as fuel. Our firm is trained to leave your lot in good shape and debris-free but it depends on you.


Call us right now! Our team would like to solve your tree problem even if it means removal.

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