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Dreadful tropical storms, surprise freezing spells, pests and flooding incidents within the city of Port Orange could each have a huge influence on the well being of your trees. Where trees cannot be saved or treated, it’s necessary to remove trees even though it’s regarded occasionally as a severe solution in Volusia County, Florida. Nevertheless, removal and replacement of trees is an important part of our local tree service business and an area in which our expertise has grown significantly over the years.

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Trees are more than just giant plants

They purify our water, they oxygenate the atmosphere breathe, they lessen loud noise and also they slow down the speed of climate change. Trees likewise enable biodiversity since they are normally host to various plant and fauna varieties. The Arbor Day Foundation says that just one big tree is able to generate a day's supply of oxygen for up to 4 adult individuals. They are without a doubt desirable concerning the planet, our ecosystem and they lift our frame of mind too. More than 99% of the time they are a solely benign presence in our lives.

So precisely what is the function of tree removal? Why is this, the most extreme type of tree service, ever needed?

Trees are alive but can die too

If ever a tree becomes unhealthy, it loses its structural vigor which in turn compromises its ability to carry above many tons of lumber and leaf, especially in a gusty storm. And so any time our arborist is requested to examine your trees as part of our removal operations in your location, she typically checks for the following weak spots:

Lean - Should your tree start to slant to one side where it had not been slanting previously; it might indicate a damaged tree. Damage can be more severe if seen with bare branches and/or sagging limbs without leaves.

Trunk - small wood grains lying at ground around the bottom of the trunk suggests that tree-boring pests are burrowing inside or laying eggs. In this instance the destruction will most likely take place unseen. The tree will most likely end up being progressively weak from disease and lack of structural cohesion. Then it will probably collapse.

Various other symptoms of problems might be discovered if the trunk has bark missing or perhaps fairly flaky bark. Our experts examine openings and cracks within the trunk too, particularly if recent.

Species-specific problems – Our thorough knowledge of known problems with specific tree species. For example, Bay Trees and Avocado Trees are under threat from a recent pest infestation in Florida and Georgia. The problem is a recent proliferation of a non-native pest, the Red Bay Ambrosia Beetle and the blue stain virus it carries and introduces to the tree. Symptoms become visible when all the leaves on the Bay Tree quickly turn brown and remain attached to the tree. Very careful removal and disposal is required to avoid spreading the disease. Treatment for high value trees MAY be economic if the pest infestation is caught early enough. All work should be conducted by a certified arborist with up-to-date pest control certification.

Roots - The health and well-being of the root system is every bit as significant with respect to the physical condition of the tree. If they indicate breakage or decay, then your tree is probably in danger. Normally, tree roots have a healthy symbiotic relationship with various fungi below ground. But actual fungus visibly growing on either the tree roots above ground or perhaps near the bottom of the tree trunk identifies that the wood inside is rotting and has died. In case there's a load of fungal proliferation (mushroom-like protrusions), certainly the tree will be beyond rescuing and it will tumble down earlier as opposed to in the far future.

An uplift of soil next to the roots implies a partly unstable tree. One single strong gust could see the tree falling down, with a little luck not on top of your home.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree being removed with a crane

Tree Removal Service - 6 measures to taking care of your diseased or dying tree

By now, we will have inspected your tree and decided with you whether or not it can be economically saved. Some solutions may work such as tree trimming, cabling, pruning, feeding, re-mulching (properly), irrigation, re-location or pest control. But if they’re unlikely to work and your tree remains a threat to life, limb and property, what can you anticipate happening next?

  1. A COMPETITIVE PRICE FOR TREE WORK - Following your call, our company will certainly be glad to provide you with:
    1. An overview related to the optimal course of action for your problem tree; and
    2. An outline proposal for the most efficient and safest way to remove your problem tree; and
    3. A cost quote, FREE of charge; and
    4. A visit to your house or building may be advisable so as to completely comprehend the scale of required works, especially whenever removing trees.
  2. ARRANGE A SUITABLE TIME FOR THE WORK - As soon as you okay our plan and quote, a jointly acceptable time will be fixed between us so we are able to carry out the required job.
  3. HELP WITH REMOVAL PERMIT - There are city-wide tree codes for Port Orange residents to negotiate which are comprehensive to say the least. There are also code of ordinances for Volusia County related to removing trees - see below. For the most part, when you remove trees it will likely entail obtaining a permit. We can help you by directing you to the relevant departments you need to approach. We can also share an outline of the application process and approval timescales.
  4. A PROMPT START - We pride ourselves on turning up and starting work as arranged. With less pressure on time, our trained tree experts can then carry out the removal work more safely and efficiently. Customers appreciate punctuality as do we.
  1. ALL TREE WASTE REMOVED - Our team can subsequently clear away your diseased or lifeless tree from your back yard and dispose of waste tree parts by means of re cycling or reprocessing as required. Otherwise, you may keep back any disease-free wood-chips in order to keep moist your other types of backyard shrubs and so reduce sprinkling bills in the medium to long term.
  2. INCREASE THE $ VALUE OF YOUR PROPERTY - Before clearing away every bit of tree debris from the removal work, with your permission, we’ll take a look at the remainder of your trees to see if we can help improve their overall health and appearance. A tree care plan from Tree Top Pros will help liberate their true environmental and dollar value. The USDA Forest Service says that mature trees can add up to $10,000 to the value of your home. This obviously depends on their condition among other factors. It could be financially very worthwhile to you if you allow us to nurture your trees’ growth and condition.

    Our tree care service can also, through modest canopy thinning or tree trimming, lower your trees’ wind resistance and so make them safer and less prone to damage in a severe storm.

Emergency Tree Removal

Our above approach will help increase your satisfaction with our services. Yet we can take action faster in most cases, in case there’s an emergency. Phone us and our experts will outline the best way to proceed along with our approximate charges in order to undertake tree projects of an imperative nature.

Port Orange legislation on removing trees

In the sunshine state of Florida, taking out trees necessitates that you first and foremost obtain a permit for removing trees …mostly. There are a number of exemptions. For example, even though Volusia County and the City of Port Orange take environmental protection very seriously, they largely exempt single and dual family residential units from having to obtain a removal permit.  At the time of writing, it also lists some 11 non-native species of tree for which you will need no permit. Examples include Eucalyptus, Chinese Tallow tree and the Brazilian pepper tree. This exemption is subject to 6 provisos so care is still needed in applying this exemption to your particular tree and location.

We are not lawyers but we can share what we know, point you to the legislation adopted by city authorities and indicate which city department to call. If a tree services company say they will apply for a permit on your behalf make sure you give your authority on the proper form and ask to see the removal permit BEFORE work starts.

Tree Removal Cost

Our company makes every effort to keep our costs and therefore your invoice as affordable as we are able. The costs can change depending on convenience of easy access, tree species, tree elevation as well as scale, the extent of the problem with your tree and if additional gear such as a crane or hydraulic bucket van is required. We firmly believe being completely insured and our crew successfully trained is the most reliable approach to avoid expensive mishaps to your home and also to stop any conceivable liability against you, if ever there's an accidental injury to one of our team members.
In summary, we trust you will find our services to be well-considered, costed sensibly and the work done effectively and with minimum risk. We will be able to provide you some financial savings by allowing you the alternative to gather waste after the tree has been felled, possibly to use as fire logs. We are required to leave your lot in good shape and debris-free by default.

Contact our experts without delay! We'd love to talk to you and learn about your particular tree challenge.

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