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Devastating hurricanes, "storms without any name", random freezes and lightning strikes in the City of Sanford may all have a major impact on the health of your trees. Tree removal is a radical yet crucial solution to your problems in Seminole County. Removing trees is also a fundamental part of our local service so your work is in experienced hands.

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Trees are just astonishing

They purify our water, they oxygenate the breathable atmosphere, they lessen loud noise and slow the rate of climate change. Trees likewise support biodiversity given that they are normally host to several flora and animal varieties. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, only one sizable tree is able to provide a day's supply of oxygen for around four individuals. They're very good when it comes to the planet, our natural environment and they uplift our spirits too. More than 98% of the time they are a solely benign presence in our city.

So exactly what's the idea of tree extraction? So why is this, the most severe kind of tree service, needed?

Trees are not invincible

In the event that a tree becomes diseased, then it depletes its own structural strength. This, in turn, hurts its ability to hold up tons of timber and leaf, especially in a gusty storm. Therefore, whenever our experts are requested to assess your trees as part of our arbor removal service, our staff makes sure to try to find the following weak spots:

  • Lean - If your tree begins to pitch towards one single direction where it wasn't leaning previously, this could signify a badly compromised tree. Damage maybe more acute when seen with bare and/or drooping tree branches without having leaves.
  • Roots - The health and well-being of the root system is every bit as important when it comes to the well-being of the tree. If they display breakage or decay, then your tree is most likely vulnerable. Fungi sprouting from either the tree roots or even around the bottom of the tree trunk implies dead wood. If there is an a lot of fungal proliferation (multiple mushroom-like protrusions), certainly there will probably be no sparing the tree and it is only a matter of time before it will tumble down to the ground.

    An uplift of earth about the roots reveals a partially unstable tree. One powerful gust could see the tree falling down; with a little luck not over your house.

  • Trunk - Fine wood fragments around the bottom of the trunk implies that tree-boring bugs are inside and probably laying eggs too turning your tree into both a nursery and a food store for pests. In this situation the deterioration will most likely take place rapidly and hidden. The tree will, slowly but surely, weaken from secondary infestations, disease, loss of tree sap and also loss of structural stability. Subsequently it definitely will collapse.

    Various other hints of disease may be detected if ever the trunk has tree bark missing or very loose bark. Our experts will closely examine any holes and fractures in the trunk as well, especially if fresh.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree trunk section being removed with crane

Tree Removal Service - the 6 steps to resolving unviable trees


  1. After receiving your query, our arborists will be glad to present you with details of optimal removal options for your problem tree. Our company is also going to give you a cost estimate, at no additional cost. A trip to your house or property may usually be advisable in order to fully appreciate the scope of works, specifically when removing a large tree or several trees.
  2. Just after you okay our plan, a mutually convenient appointment will be set up so our team will be able to tackle the services.
  3. There are Sanford City and also county laws that control how we remove trees depending on where the tree is located. If the tree to be removed is located on your own property, then the City rules will apply - see below. Except for 18 specific tree species (examples include the Jacaranda, Australian Pine, Rosewood and Sand Pine), tree extraction will mean that you have to obtain an approved Arbor Permit beforehand.
  4. We pride ourselves by starting work punctually. Our trained tree pros can then start the removal work as safely as possible, unhurried by time pressures.
  5. Our company will then clear away your diseased or dead tree from your property and take care of waste materials by means of re-cycling or reprocessing as required. As an alternative, you could keep any un-diseased woodchips for composting or mulching your other backyard plants and so minimize water charges in the future.
  6. To help you save on tree maintenance costs in the future, our experts can inspect various other trees on your land so as to propose an economical maintenance plan; after all, "a stitch in time saves nine!" As an example, reasonable tree trimming will certainly help make your trees much safer in a wind storm by simply decreasing their wind resistance and decreasing the possibility of the trees being blown over.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above measures are offered to increase your total satisfaction by using our services. Having said that, we will certainly fast-track the remedial course of action and respond quicker when there's an emergency situation. For example, Sanford City sensibly allows for faster, verbal authorizations for trees to be removed if they pose a public safety hazard in an emergency situation. Call us and we’ll run through the timing along with a note of our broad costs in order to complete your emergency tree work promptly and safely.

Local law on removing trees

Throughout the sunshine state of Florida, taking away trees requires you initially to obtain an Arbor Permit in many cases. As mentioned above there are 18 very specific exceptions in the City of Sanford. The City also has the right to demand that for every tree that is removed, at least three trees should be planted where the removed tree is larger than the replacement trees. The City officials will also recommend various species suitable to be your replacement trees. Rest assured, there are several great species to choose from grouped for various uses e.g. ornamental palms, canopy trees etc. We are familiar with all the various stipulations that we can happily advise you on your permit application if selected to complete your removal services.

Tree Removal Cost

We do not publish a price list as our charge to customers will depend on the following factors:
- Convenience of entry
- tree species to be removed
- tree species to be planted as replacements (where required)
- elevation and also size of the tree to be removed
- the extent of the problem with your tree and
- if extra gear such as a crane or bucket trucks or tracked lifts are necessary.

Suffice to say, that we strive to hold our expenses and consequently your bill as low as possible.

We are not one of those tree service companies that think that cutting corners on safety, coaching, insurance and certification is the most effective or sustainable approach to run our business. Instead, we firmly believe being totally insured and our crew properly instructed is the most effective solution to prevent costly mishaps to your property and to protect any possible responsibility on you, in case there's an accidental injury to one of our staff.

Therefore, we hope you will find our approach to removing your trees to be well-considered, costed fairly and the project undertaken successfully and with reduced risk. Our firm is able to give you some savings by allowing you the possibility to pick up debris just after the tree has been extracted, maybe to use as firewood. Our team is always instructed to leave your lot clean and debris-free however this is up to you.


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