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There has been a major study into the urban tree canopy in a major neighboring city in Florida that was published earlier this year (2018). One of the many intriguing findings was that 11% of all the city’s trees were either dead or dying.

The nearby City of Brandon has a similar urban forest showing similar canopy density and tree species mix. If you are one of the Brandon City residents or business owners that has a diseased or dying tree then we want to help you. Our arborist wants your trees to be much more of a boon to you as well as your living area. In this case we can help nurse, nurture, medicate, trim, feed or water them back to verdant health.

But if you have a tree that’s beyond recovering and shows signs of death and decay, then here too our company can help to make your trees much less of a hazard to you, your house and also your neighbors.

Our sustainable tree services stretch from tree planting and tree translocation, to a tree care program, tree trimming and, yes, entire a full tree removal service where really needed. Oh and we grind out the stump too. A full list of our services for local Brandon residents is mentioned at the end of this explanatory page.

Beautiful palm trees in a street in Florida.

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Which tree problems do our customers face in Brandon?

Our experts note and deal with the following frequently heard requests by customers and property-owners in the area when they call in by phone. Which one of these describes your particular requirements?

  1. I would just like a lot more tree shade in order to cut down my air-conditioning expenses (by up to 50 percent say The American Power Association).
  2. I can see a heavy-looking tree limb threatening my residential property which might actually break off!
  3. I possess big trees in my yard that give rise to an excessive amount of shade on my other growing vegetation and grass below.
  4. I have a sizable, mature tree that is definitely perishing and should be taken out. Are there any tree removal companies close by that can handle it?
  5. Some of my trees need cutting in order to spruce up their form and shape. Should I try to find tree trimming companies in Brandon for skilled services?
  6. I am worried about severe weather resulting in damage to my trees as well as my house.
  7. I have a tree which seems discolored and unhealthy.

    In fact, there is a new tree pest in the vicinity to worry about and it could kill thousands of trees in the city. The insect is called the Red Bay Ambrosia Beetle. It’s a tiny foreign invader species but can cause major problems for Red Bay Laurel trees and their close relatives, avocado trees and swamp bay trees. The bug is a vector for laurel wilt disease that spreads fast and doesn’t have a cure. For prized specimen trees, treatment is expensive and has to be repeated because there is no cure once it takes hold.

  8. I want help with tree regulations as they apply to my thoroughfare.

The way we work

Tree Top Pros has the ability to help with all these tree services necessary to solve the 8 tree dilemmas mentioned above and more besides. You can expect the following working style when appointing us to take care of your tree issue:

  • Our company is going to prepare our absolute best estimate with respect to the project entailed, permit you time to mull over our prices or get started immediately at a mutually convenient time.
  • Our people will certainly respect your residential property and yard while tackling your trees and also do our very best to preserve your property from the affect on any heavy machinery, as an example.
  • We protect our staff with extensive instruction, well-kept gear and also adherence to local, state & nationwide safety laws. Staff who know what they’re doing and are happy doing it will do a better job for you, more safely.
  • Our company believes in being on time with regard to confirmed appointments and will never fail to remove debris following our work.
  • Local tree codes concerning tree removal require care in their interpretation. From our experience working in Brandon, we can quickly direct you to the appropriate department to ensure you stay on the safe side of the law. Certain unscrupulous operators may offer to obtain a permit on your behalf but this should raise a red flag. If such companies do not subsequently obtain the correct permit then puts you in a difficult position with the local authorities.
Tree trunk section in the shape of a heart

Our belief in trees shapes our business

Our experts are crazy about trees. Florida grows many more tree types compared to any other state, aside from Hawaii. When in good condition and planted carefully, they give shade from the sun's raw heat, they oxygenate the air we breathe, they lower toxins in the soil, they capture greenhouse gases such as co2 from the atmosphere and attenuate run off from storm waters. They nourish creatures like birds and insects essential for the good health of our surroundings.

And remember that well sited, healthy-looking trees boost the worth of your house or apartment. On their own, tree-lined streets have been proven to increase house prices by as much as 15% as mentioned in the report entitled: “City of Tampa Tree Canopy and Urban Forest Analysis 2016”

On the other hand whenever trees start becoming poorly, infected or damaged, they can certainly transform into a danger. More than one in ten local trees has been assessed as either dead or dying. And planted in a city environment, they're normally given hardly any area to fall on the ground without causing harm to properties and people. Whilst we much prefer to help nurse them back to rude health, some trees are really too far gone and our team will probably suggest their extraction in the most affordable and safe manner.

There is much that individuals can do to improve the health of their trees safely. Our approach includes the sharing of our knowledge as much as possible so others can benefit and our urban forests can also benefit. Our monthly tree care diary is an example of this knowledge-sharing and can be accessed at the bottom of most pages on this website including this one.

Safeguarding for employees' safety at your home or business

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is obligatory with regard to any tree care operation. A reputable business will adhere to the regulations in order to be sure that their workforce is safeguarded when operating either on the ground or at elevation.

Despite certification, extensive training and mandatory wearing of PPE, employees can still experience mishaps. A lot of are minor but some are definitely not. BY law, all tree companies are accountable for the expense of proper treatment in case of injury and with respect to their loss of earnings.

Problems arise, however, when uninsured and disreputable tree contractors are unwilling to take care of employees.

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Safeguarding you from liability

Should your selected tree company somehow not be able to compensate accidental injury expenses on behalf of injured staff members, then you as the property-owner are next in line to compensate such costs and also loss of salary. So you can see that your preferred service provider must have Workers Compensation Insurance in place to eliminate what can be a hidden obligation.

Our suggestion is to definitely ask any tree cutting enterprise you select if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Because without this very important policy coverage there certainly is a probability, albeit a remote one, that you might be liable in case there's a mishap at your grounds.


Providing protection to you and also your household at the time of the your job

Accidents within our sector CAN happen, in spite of each of the sensible actions taken to lessen risk of the very same. To prevent any adverse financial impact on you and your home or company properties, personal and also residential or commercial property damage insurance must be in effect with your tree business to take care of these kinds of occurrences.

As a matter of fact, you ought to check that every tree contractor that you employ has in hand this type of policy and also workers Compensation Insurance in effect by means of demanding to view their certificates of insurance. The very last thing you need is any 'Johnny with a chainsaw' wreaking havoc in your yard. The damage arising from falling limbs alone may total thousands of dollars. And you might also be accountable whenever the individual injures himself as outlined in this article. Your chosen firm MUST be insured.

Don't permit anyone who cuts corners on insurances, cut down your trees!

Service prices

In a single word, fair! Our staff like being busy and so we'll provide you the absolute best fee we can. Any time you are comparing prices, don't forget to check up on whether your favored firm comes with all the insurance coverages in place so as to protect themselves, your home, your wallet as well as your next-door neighbor's building in the event of any accidental mishaps or, heaven forbid, injuries to the workforce.


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