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The team at Tree Top Pros like to help customers with their tree problems.

They really want the trees you want to keep to become much more of an asset to you and your immediate environment.

And our arborist wants to help to make your trees much less of a danger to you, your property as well as your neighbors.

Our sustainable tree service ranges from tree planting and tree transplantation, to a tree maintenance regimen, general tree care service, tree pruning and, of course, a complete tree removal service where warranted and permitted.

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Exactly how may our staff service your trees?

Our experts frequently note the following calls by potential customers and property-owners. Which one epitomizes your particular needs?

  1. I would just like a lot more tree shade in order to slash my air-conditioning expenses (by as high as 40 per cent ).
  2. I can see a heavy-looking limb looming my building which could very well fall off imminently!
  3. I am lucky to have several big trees in my backyard. However, they create excessive shade cast over my lawn and other ground vegetation.
  4. I have a substantial, ancient tree which is actually dying and ought to be removed. Are there any tree removal companies near me that may look after it? (No need, ma’am, we have you covered!)
  5. Some of my trees are in need of pruning in order to enhance their good shape. Should I seek tree trimming companies near me in order to get skilled services? (Again, look no further than Tree Top Pros.)
  6. I am worried about windy weather giving rise to damage to my trees and my house.
  7. I possess a tree which looks diseased and below par. Can it be brought back to good health?
  8. I need to get assistance with local tree regulations as they relate to my thoroughfare.

The way we work

Our firm will help with every one of these tree services. One or two aspects of our customer-oriented working style are outlined below:

  • We will prepare our absolute best cost estimate with respect to the job involved, permit you time to look at our rates or start without delay at a mutually practical time.
  • Our people will definitely respect your house and backyard while operating on your trees and do our very best to protect your house from the weight of any type of heavy vehicles, as an example.
  • Our company protects our staff with thorough training, properly maintained gear and adherence to community, county and state health and safety laws. Happier, safer staff means a better, safer result for our customers.
  • We firmly believe in being on time with respect to agreed appointments and will never fail to clear away tree waste material after our work.
  • We are going to obtain any obligatory permission from city and district administrations with respect to the needed services. All we need to have is a signature at the end of the application form by the home-owner along with your permission to proceed with the assessed service.

Our belief in the value of trees

Our experts love working with trees which is fortunate because Florida has a lot more tree types compared to any other state, aside from Hawaii. When in good condition and planted properly, they lend shade from the sun's heat, they oxygenate the air we inhale, they cut down on toxins in the soil and they reduce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They encourage the proliferation of local animals like birds and (mostly) beneficial insects necessary with respect to the health of our natural surroundings.

And remember that well sited, healthy-looking trees elevate the valuation of your house or apartment by quite a margin.

However when trees start being unhealthy, diseased or injured, there’s a good chance they can transform into a risk. Within a metropolitan environment, trees are often given limited space to fall to the ground. This can give rise to damage to dwellings and sometimes individuals too. Whilst we prefer to help nurse them back to rude health, some trees are too far gone. Usually, in such instance, our team will probably suggest their removal in the most safe and affordable manner.

Protection for staff members' safety at your property

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is imperative with regards to any tree services operation. A quality business will follow the law in order to make sure their employees are offered protection while operating at elevation as well as on the ground.

Despite the presence of proper certification, detailed training as well as PPE, individuals can experience accidents. A lot of are minor but a few are definitely not. Your tree services company is responsible for the costs for medical treatment in the event of injuries as well as with respect to their loss of earnings.

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Shielding you from liability

On the other hand, should the tree company not compensate personal injury fees on behalf of injured staff members, at that point you as the property-owner are next in line to pay out these costs as well as loss of salary. Therefore, your shortlisted tree business has to have Workers Compensation Insurance in place so as to minimize your latent liability.

Our advice is to make sure you check any type of tree services firm you work with if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. On the grounds that without this critical policy coverage there is a potential chance, albeit a remote one, that you might be responsible in the event that there is a personal injury at your grounds.


Protecting you as well as your property during the course of the services

Incidents in our sector DO happen, in spite of all of the cautious actions taken to minimize the risk. To avoid any adverse financial impact on you and your property or company premises, all tree companies should have personal and also property damage insurance policies in effect in order to cover these kinds of occurrences.

In point of fact, you have to make sure that any type of tree service contractor you choose to work with possesses this kind of policy and also Workers Compensation insurance in effect by requesting to view their certifications of coverage. The last thing anyone need is any 'Johnny with a chainsaw' creating havoc in your yard. The damage arising from a tree plummeting to the ground in the wrong direction could total several thousands of dollars. And you might also be liable in the event that the individual wounds himself as detailed in this article. Your chosen vendor MUST be properly insured

Never permit anyone that cuts corners on insurances, to work on your trees!

Tree Service prices

In one word, affordable! Our experts enjoy being busy so we'll present you with the very best price we can. Any time you're reviewing rates from other tree companies, make sure to look into whether or not your preferred tree business has all the separate insurance coverage mentioned above in effect to protect themselves, your home or business, your wallet and also your neighbor's property just in case of any kind of unintentional incidents or, heaven forbid, personal injuries to staff members.

Contact our team now. We want to help!

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