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Our staff want your trees to become much more of a real benefit to you and your home.

Our experts really want to help to make your trees a lot less of a threat to you, your property and also others, particularly ahead of inclement weather.

Our tree support ranges from tree planting and tree relocation, to a tree care regimen, tree pruning and, of course, an efficient tree removal service where necessary.

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Specifically how may our experts help you?

Our arborists regularly spot the following appeals by residents and property-owners in the Miami Beach area. Which one of these characterizes your needs?

  • I would appreciate a lot more tree shade in order to slash my air-conditioning bills (by around 40 percent ).
  • I can see a heavy-looking limb projecting over my home which may well drop off!
  • I have high trees in my yard which cause an excessive amount of shade cast over my other ground plants.
  • I have a sizable, mature tree that is probably dying and will need to be extracted. Are there any tree removal companies near me which will be up to handle it?
  • Several of my trees could do with trimming back in order to enhance their shape. Shall I seek tree trimming companies near me with regard to specialist advice?
  • I am worried about windy storms giving rise to damage to my trees along with my home.
  • I have a tree which appears diseased and below par.
  • I need to get help with tree regs as they relate to Miami Beach.

Information on how we get the job done

Our experts can assist with every one of these tree services listed above. And we’ll do it in the following, customer-friendly style:

  • Our firm will provide our absolute best estimate with respect to the job required, allow you time to review our prices or even get started straight away at a mutually agreeable time.
  • Our experts will definitely respect your residential property and back yard when working with your trees.
  • We’ll also do our best to protect your property from the weight of any type of heavy equipment, for instance.
  • We take care of our professionals with in depth training, well-maintained equipment and also adherence to municipal, state and countrywide safety codes.
  • Tree Top Pros firmly believes in starting on time for confirmed appointments and will always clear away waste after our work.
  • Our people will most likely acquire the needed authorizations from community and state administration with regard to the needed job. All we need to have is a signature at the end of the application form by the home-owner together with your approval to proceed with the considered services.
Tree that has fallen onto roof of a house

Our philosophy (as far as trees are concerned)

Our experts love working with trees and Florida nurtures a lot more tree types in comparison to any other U.S. state, other than Hawaii. When in good condition and also planted carefully, they provide shade from the sun's rays, they oxygenate the air we inhale, they scale down pollutants in the soil and they absorb greenhouse gases like CO 2 from the air. They are essential for fauna including birds and insects crucial for the health of our surroundings. And remember that well sited, healthy-looking trees boost the valuation of your home or apartment.

But when trees come to be below par, diseased or damaged, they could develop into a hazard. In municipal surroundings, they're frequently given little room to drop to the ground without causing damage to property and individuals. Whilst our professionals much prefer to help nurse them back to health, some trees are really too far gone. In this situation, our experts will highly recommend their extraction in the most economical manner.

Safeguarding workers' welfare at your home or business

Personal Protective equipment (PPE) is imperative with regards to pretty much any tree care operation. A respectable service provider will stick to the law in order to ensure their workforce is given protection while working at elevation as well as on the ground.

Even with official certification, comprehensive coaching and PPE, workers can have accidents. Most are minor and yet some are not. Your local tree company is accountable for the costs of medication and therapy in case of injuries and also for the loss of wages.

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Protecting you against any liability

That being said, when the tree company cannot or will not pay injury charges for their employees, then you as the property-owner are next in line to pay for such costs as well as loss of earnings. So your preferred tree business needs to have Workers Compensation Insurance in place to reduce your potential responsibility, lurking in statute.

Our advice is to make sure to question all tree removal firms you appoint if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Given that without this vital protection there certainly is a prospect, albeit a slim one, that you could be responsible if there is an accident on your grounds.


Protecting you and your household at the time of the job

Accidents within our business DO occur, even with all prudent precautions taken to reduce the risk. In order to avoid any damaging financial impact on you and your home or business properties, our firm have personal as well as property damage liability insurance in effect to cover these sorts of incidences.

As a matter of fact, you must make sure to check that any tree service firm you choose to hire has obtained this type of policy coverage as well as workers Compensation insurance in place simply by asking to view their official documents of coverage. The last thing you want is any type of 'Johnny with a power saw' creating havoc in your backyard. The devastation from falling limbs can easily total thousands of dollars. And you might also be obligated whenever he wounds himself as detailed earlier. Your selected contractor simply MUST be adequately insured.

Don't tolerate any firm who cuts corners on insurance coverage, to work on your trees!

Our prices

In just one word, very reasonable! Oh wait, that’s two words. We love being busy, therefore, we'll provide you the absolute best deal we can. Whenever you are checking costs, be sure to confirm whether or not your chosen tree firm comes with the insurance policies in place in order to safeguard themselves, your property, your wallet and your neighbor's property just in case of any type of unintentional incidents or, heaven forbid, personal injuries to workers.


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