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We like to assist people with their trees.

Our staff have a passion for your trees to become much more of an asset to you as well as your home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Given the opportunity, we shall also help to make your trees less of a threat to you, your home and other people, say, from adverse weather.

Our tree service support extends from tree planting and replacement, tree relocation, to a tree care regimen, tree cutting and, of course, an entire tree removal service where necessitated. For more details on each, see the small section at the end of this article which summarizes all our local tree services for your city.

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How can our staff help you?

Our experts commonly receive the following calls from clients and property-owners. Which one epitomizes your tree-related predicament?

  • I would appreciate more tree shade to decrease my air-conditioning costs (by up to a remarkable 40 % ).
  • I have a heavy-looking tree limb looming my building that could perhaps break off!
  • I possess towering trees inside my backyard which produce way too much shade on my lawn and ground plants.
  • Several of my trees really need trimming to enhance their good shape. Shall I look for tree trimming companies near me with regard to professional guidance? We’ll give her all the trimming guidance she needs.
  • I am concerned about bad weather resulting in damage to my trees and my house.
  • I possess a sizable, older tree which is definitely dying and should be taken away. Are there any tree removal companies near me which will look after this? We can do this for him, by the way.
  • I possess a tree which looks infected and below par.
  • I need help with tree laws as they apply to my location.

Information on how we work

Our team can certainly deal with each of these tree services required to resolve all the above types of call from people about their tree problems. Our help is delivered in the following style to appeal to customers more:

  1. We are going to provide our best cost estimate for the project entailed, permit you as much time as you need to mull over our rates on the other hand begin right away at a mutually favorable time.
  2. Our team are going to respect your residential property and grounds whilst working on your trees and also do our very best to safeguard your house from the weight on any type of heavy machinery, as an example.
  3. Our company takes care of our professionals with in depth training program, well-kept machinery and adherence to municipal, state, countrywide health, safety & employment laws.
  4. We firmly believe in beginning work on time with regard to confirmed appointments and will make sure to clear away debris after our work.
  5. As and when required, our professionals will most likely secure each required permits from city, Palm Beach County and Florida state administration for the necessary work in agreement with you. All our experts require is a signature at the bottom of the application by the home-owner together with your permission to proceed with the assessed service.
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Our philosophy (on the subject of trees only)

Our team love trees. Good job too as the Sunshine State features many more tree types than every other state, aside from Hawaii. When in a healthy condition and planted correctly, they generate shade from the direct sun light, they oxygenate the air we inhale, they help protect us from toxins in the ground and also they sequester greenhouse gases like CO2 from the environment. They are essential for natural wildlife such as birds and beneficial insects vital with regard to the well-being of our ecosystem. And remember that well-sited, healthy-looking trees enhance the value of your residence.

However, whenever trees come to be sickly, infected or damaged, they can easily end up being a hazard. Within a built-up habitat, they're commonly left hardly any room to fall to the ground without creating harm to dwellings and people too. Whilst our team would rather to help nurture them back to flourishing health, some trees are simply too far gone. In this situation, our staff will probably highly recommend their removal in the most affordable and safe manner.

Protection systems for our team's' safety at your property

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandatory when it comes to any tree operation. A reliable business will certainly operate within the law to be sure that their staff are offered protection while working at elevation and also on the solid ground. Generally, the fewer mishaps that take place on your property the better, as we shall explain later on this page.

In spite of official certification, comprehensive instruction as well as PPE, employees can experience mishaps. Most are minor but some are not. Your tree services company is accountable for the expense of medication and therapy in the event of accidental injury as well as with regard to the loss of wages.

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Protecting you against hidden liabilities

Be that as it may, when the tree company refuses or is somehow unable to compensate personal injury expenses for affected workers, at that point you as the property-owner are next in line to pay out these types of bills as well as loss of earnings. So you can see that your shortlisted tree firm ought to have Workers Compensation Insurance set up to minimize your this commonly unrecognized obligation.

Our recommendation is to always request any tree contractor you select if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Because without this important policy there certainly is a chance, albeit a slim one, that you may be liable in case there's an accident on your property.


Safeguarding you together with your household at the time of the job

Mishaps within our industry CAN happen, despite all of the sensible precautions taken to minimize their possibility. To steer clear of any damaging financial impact on you and your home or business buildings, ensure your tree firm also has personal and residential or commercial property damage liability insurance coverage in place in order to cover these types of incidences.


In fact, you ought to make sure you make sure that all service companies you employ on your property has this sort of insurance as well as Workers compensation insurance in place by simply requesting to view their certificates of insurance. The last thing you want is any type of 'Charlie with a chainsaw' wreaking havoc in your back yard. The breakage coming from falling tree limbs might amount to many thousands of dollars. And you might also be responsible in case he injures himself as described in this article. Your selected service provider MUST be fully insured.

Never allow any contractor which cuts corners on insurance policies, to be let loose on your trees!

Service prices for tree work

In a single word, competitive! Our arborists much prefer being busy therefore we'll provide you the best cost we can. If checking prices between competing providers, be sure to check whether your chosen service provider comes with the insurance policies in effect in order to protect themselves, your property, your finances and also your next-door neighbor's home in case of any type of inadvertent damages or, heaven forbid, accidents to workers.


Contact us now. Our experts would like to work with you!

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