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Tree trimming is actually a deliberate measure in response to a danger caused by a tree or sizable shrubbery. For example, a tree will need to be trimmed when a branch obstructs a road or pathway. Wherever tree branches remain in threat of damaging buildings, they have to be secured and taken out. Trimming might also happen if the whole shape of the tree requires improving for visual aims.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It is much the same and yet slightly different to pruning. Tree pruning is simply much more of a prepared, intended technique involving surgical cuts in certain locations on the tree as well as over certain months of the season in order to maximize the tree's physical condition or fecundity. Actually, however, these trimming and pruning expressions are employed reciprocally quite often.

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It is without a doubt a good time to call us for a tree trimming service as soon as one or more of these happen:


  • Your tree is growing way too close to electrical power lines. Did you know a wet tree can trigger arcing from power lines if less than 10 ft away?
  • Tree branches are hanging near to or even touching the walls of your property
  • You would like a more pleasing or different shape for your tree
  • Your next-door neighbor is lamenting that your tree is towering above his property
  • There are dead branches swaying from your tree
  • Your trees have never been trimmed in living memory
  • Your tree is literally excessively massive to trim without a step ladder or perhaps climbing hardware
  • Telephone our business in order to speak with a licensed arborist to review your tree cutting work. Our team could stop by if it's a substantial tree or maybe if there’s several trees involved.

We'll give you a TOTALLY FREE and reasonable estimation of costs with regard to the needed services before any job commences. Doing this keeps you firmly in the driving seat which is how our customers prefer it!

The one thing that we won't be able to assist our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... unless it's a living specimen of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might be tempted to trim a tree yourself. If you possess a small-sized tree, it might just be feasible IF you own the appropriate tools, a little bit of information, protective gear and the job does not necessitate a step ladder. A few of the frequent lapses our experts observe as well as just what to abstain from whilst working on your tree are outlined in these trimming tips:

  1. A stub is left behind where the branch has been cut off. Stubs will attract rot as trees can not repair them efficiently. Rather, trim near to the primary tree branch or without harming the 'collar'. Do not cut too close since the cut will certainly be sluggish to mend and cultivate decay leading to a weakness in the primary branch.
  2. Cuts are sometimes way too oblique to the direction of the tree branch and larger than needed. Your trimming snip must be clean and you ought to try for the smallest cut face possible. Otherwise, the cut will likely heal over much more gradually, involving more energy that the tree could certainly utilize elsewhere.
  3. Trees are sometimes cut back way too dramatically. This is usually termed topping and can spur weak growth supposing that it does not kill the tree. Try to trim no more than 25% of the total tree canopy within any one year.
  4. The tree is excessively big to trim. Unskilled people going up large trees can easily and does trigger a very high danger of a personal accident and property breakage below and about the tree. Simply do not do this - call the professionals.
Trimming a tree branch close to the collar
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Gardener trimming a small tree

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Just say no! Call Tree Top Pros as an alternative. Cutting a large tree safely involves having and using climbing-related equipment or even hydraulic bucket vehicles. There's always a huge danger of slipping off normal domestic ladders resulting in a leading reason for yard injuries and worse. The branches of larger trees are, yes, much larger as well as heavier. When sawn off, they can swing down unpredictably and knock out any climbing hardware including the very ladder which is holding you aloft. This is generally the next area of substantial risk and it is simply just not justifiable to your own safety.


How to trim a small tree

With practice as well as a few tips directly from arborists, you might do this type of work on your own for your small-scale trees. We discuss a number of the basic principles and also optimal pruning practices within our separate write-up here and also within our February Tree Care Diaries. We explain the tallest reach of commonly available trimming products i.e. hand-held pole saws which corresponds to 30 feet. Any higher than this height will definitely require ladders and our experts really don't recommend that you choose these in a tree for the sake of your own personal safety. Our staff have all noticed and heard of way too many injuries. The first time that you contemplate trimming, contact our local arborist and we'll show you the best ways to prune ... or even trim.

Tree work permits

Plenty of local districts ask that you seek a pruning permit in advance of work starting on your tree, especially in case it is situated within a business or industrial locality or even found in a shared community area. Many state counties go a step further and need a before and after trimming check. We understand the policies and codes in Hialeah and can guide you properly. On the other hand, we can easily take care of the application form on your behalf if you wish.


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