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Tree Trimming in this sense is normally a reactive step taken in response to a threat caused by a tree or larger bush. By way of example, a tree must be trimmed back should its limb/s impede a street or walkway. Wherever tree boughs remain in threat of endangering property, they must be cut and also taken out. It might also happen whenever the whole appearance of the tree needs enhancing for aesthetic ideas in mind.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It really is similar but slightly different to pruning. Tree pruning is usually a lot more of a prepared, considered activity requiring precise incisions in certain places on the tree and also over certain times of the season so as to enhance the tree's physical condition or fecundity. In truth, however, pruning and trimming are employed interchangeably fairly frequently.

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Arborist trimming a palm tree

It is normally best to call our business for our tree trimming service any time these occur:

- Your tree is reaching way too close to electrical lines. Beware of arcing, especially when wet!

- Tree limbs are dropping close to or touching the exterior of your house or apartment

- You could do with a more attractive or different shape for your tree

- Your neighbor is lamenting that your tree is blocking out the sun in his garden

- There are dead branches falling from your tree

- Your trees haven't been trimmed for a long time

- Your tree is too large to trim in the absence of a ladder or even climbing hardware

Ring our business in order to speak to an accredited arborist so as to go over your trimming project.

Our team might drop by in case it's a substantial tree or perhaps several of your trees are affected in some way.

Our experts will give you a TOTALLY FREE, competitive assessment of costs with regard to the requested work before any kind of service commences. This keeps our customers firmly in the driving seat which is definitely how our customers prefer it!

The thing our team simply cannot assist our customers with is trimming Christmas Trees!

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might perhaps be persuaded to trim a tree on your own. Assuming that you possess a modest tree, doing this may well be achievable IF you have the appropriate tools, a little bit of knowledge, safety accessories and do not entail a ladder. It's hard to encapsulate many years of learning as well as practice within a number of glib sentences. Nevertheless, a few of the frequent trimming errors we observe along with just what to avoid are detailed below in these tips:

  • Trimming error #1: A stub is allowed to remain just where the limb has been cut off. Such stubs will certainly allow decay because trees can’t repair them adequately. Instead, cut close to the main branch or trunk without touching the 'collar'. Do not trim very close because it will be sluggish to mend and foster decay leading to weakness in the primary limb.
  • Trimming error #2: Cuts are sometimes very oblique to the direction of the branch and bigger than needed. Your pruning snip will need to be clean and you ought to try for the minimum cut face achievable. In any other case, the wound will repair over more slowly, requiring more energy which the tree could utilize elsewhere.
  • Trimming error #3: Trees are trimmed back way too much. This practice is sometimes referred to as topping and will promote weak growth supposing that it doesn't destroy the tree. Plan to crop no more than a quarter of the overall tree canopy within any 1 year. Topping or hatting will only serve to force the tree to over-compensate in its search for a food source by pushing out fleshy, fast-growing but weak branches. This commonly invites disease and before you know you could be facing full tree removal.
  • Trimming error #4: The tree's way too big to trim. Unskilled folks climbing enormous trees can easily and does lead to a strong chance of a personal accident and also property breakage below and about the tree. Just don't do it - contact the professionals.
man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing oneself

Simply say no! Phone Tree Top Pros as a the sensible, safe alternative. Clipping a larger tree entails climbing equipment or hydraulic bucket rigs. There's certainly a huge chance of slipping off regular domestic ladders causing a major reason for backyard personal injuries and even worse. The limbs of bigger trees are much bigger as well as heavier. They can knock out any climbing hardware as they fall and can and do wreck the ladder that's keeping you up. This is the next area of substantial danger and the high risk does not justify the few dollars saved.


How to trim a small tree

With a little repetition and some pointers directly from a trained arborist, you might do this type of work yourself for your small-sized trees. Our experts detail a number of the essentials including pruning best practices within our written guide here and inside our February Tree Care Diaries. We indicate the max height of commonly available trimming hardware that approaches 30 feet. Any tree higher than thirty feet is going to demand hazardous ladders. Our experts really don't encourage you employ these to climb up a tree for the sake of your own personal health and safety. Our company staff have noticed and heard of too many incidents. The first time you consider trimming, get in touch with our local arborist and we'll show you effective ways how to prune ... or even trim.

Tree Trimming Permit

A lot of local municipalities require that people hold a pruning permit well before work begins on your tree, especially if it's situated inside a business or industrial locality or sited within a shared community location. A number of counties go a step even further and demand a before and after inspection. Our company knows the policies and laws in Pompano Beach and in Broward County and can guide you appropriately. Alternatively, our experts can take care of the red tape on your behalf if you wish.


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