Tree Crowns in Wintertime

Tree Care Diary – December

  Can’t I just stay inside where it’s nice and warm? Well yes of-course. In fact, trees have survived millions of winters and are generally well-adapted to cooler winter conditions. Much is happening underneath the tree bark right now to ensure your trees preserve their energy for the growth spurt next spring and protect themselves […]

Fallen leaves in November

Tree Care Diary – November

  3 Tree Care Do’s and 3 Don’ts in November     1. DO think differently about tidying up those leaves this November Look, we get it. Everyone with a lawn must cultivate it and nurture it to within an inch of its life to make it beautiful and even and green. Heck, some local […]

Bare Root Tree Planting Schematic

How to plant a bare root tree

In our October Tree Care Diary post, we gave our 12 point tree planting guide. It focused upon planting trees whose roots were covered in burlap. These are sometimes called B&B trees or balled-and-burlapped trees. In other words, they come with their roots in a ball of potting soil which is then wrapped in burlap […]

Man preparing to plant a new shade tree pushing a wheelbarrow

Tree Care Diary – October

How to Plant a Shade Tree Quick reprise of Part 1 and Part 2 shade tree articles in August & September August – Planning for a new shade tree now – We talked about the significant benefit of shade trees as they grow into a green asset and as they shade your property in the […]

Summer back yard with large shade trees

Tree Care Diary – September

Choosing a Shade Tree for your Yard   Who is this Diary advice for? It’s for property owners in USA who want to care for their trees on their land. Mature trees can add around 10% to the value of your property say the USDA Forest Service BUT only if they are kept in good […]