garden secateurs, pruning shears and pruning saw

Tree Care Diary – June Part 1

Summer Pruning Prelude Just wanted to share some important thoughts prior to next month’s edition of our Tree Care Diary (July edition). There is some useful preparation that can be done before we rush headlong into the summer pruning task in July and August. Our arborist says that pruning is the intentional harming of the […]

Young lady inspecting a tree branch

Tree Care Diary – April

Tree Care Diary – April Tree inspection – In late March and early April depending on your latitude and elevation, you will notice your trees come out of dormancy and begin to bud and flower. Now is a good time to check your trees for three aspects of their health and vitality: Obvious damage – […]

Mulch around a tree

Tree Care Diary – March

March is for Mulching  Mulch your trees this month. Try to replicate the forest floor leaf litter type of environment immediately above the tree’s roots. There are a multitude of benefits to mulching: Top 5 mulching benefits 1. If done properly, mulching can increase water retention from winter rains by giving soil a spongier texture […]

Man pruning tree

Tree Care Diary – February Part 2

February is for Pruning Part 2 – Six Pruning principles You will discover that pruning advice will differ from tree to tree and from arborist to arborist but some general principles remain the same. Some of them are outlined below: Before you begin, look at the overall structure of your tree. Identify the main leader up […]

Lady pruning her tree

Tree Care Diary – February Part 1

February is for Pruning Part 1   February is a great month to prune your trees, especially most fruit trees. For sure, the weather is cold in most states this month but it is the time when most trees are dormant. And without leaves on deciduous trees, it’s the best time to view their shape […]