Tree Care Diary – April

Young lady inspecting a tree branch

Tree Care Diary – April

Tree inspection
– In late March and early April depending on your latitude and elevation, you will notice your trees come out of dormancy and begin to bud and flower.

Now is a good time to check your trees for three aspects of their health and vitality:

  1. Obvious damage – Check for damage caused by frost and severe winter weather. It’s best to start at the extremities where you might notice some branches with no buds or no young leaves. These have been damaged and need to be removed.
  2. Non-obvious damage – Then check for hidden damage such as trees leafing out later than similar, neighboring trees. This will need further investigation by a certified arborist to establish the reason behind the cause of non-obvious damage.
  3. Pest damage – Also check for pests e.g. aphids, boring insects. For example, in spring, the emerald ash borer reveals itself having burrowed in your ash tree over the winter months. They are bright metallic green and about one inch in length.
    Emerald Ash Borer pest
    They are attacking ash trees in nearly half of all states in the US at the moment. Winding trails under the bark or D shaped holes are both indicators that this borer insect was or is present in your tree. Notify an ISA-certified arborist straight away. Call Tree Top Pros.

Irrigation system
service – In dryer, more southerly states, now is the time to check your tree irrigation system. Ensure all lines are functioning and that the water emitters are free from debris and any blockages that could have occurred over the winter months. Make sure that your timer is set for higher temperatures. When doing so, remember that it is preferable to water for longer rather than more often. Take care not to over-water because this can (and does) kill a tree as much as under-watering.

Tree planting
– April is a great month to plant citrus and other tree types. The ground is warming up which promotes root growth and it’s not too dry before the hotter summer months. In fact, 27th April is National Arbor Day across USA which aims to encourage tree planting and tree care in general. Heed the planting advice given especially with regard to the depth and width of the hole for your new tree. Nurseries will have lots of young trees to choose from this month.
Father and son planting a tree

Fruit tree pruning
– avoid pruning of fruit trees in April as this will harm flowering activity of your fruit tree which, in turn, will reduce the tree’s fruit production later in the summer. Similarly, do not prune Elm trees or Oaks after 1st April.

Other April activity:

Remove tree wrappings on young crabs and maples

Fertilize valuable trees and shrubs April through mid July

Treat to prevent other tree diseases such as apple scab and anthracnose and also needle blight of pine trees

Spray dormant oil, if needed

Enjoy the pale green leaves as they burst with growth from buds and get ready for the start of the blossom season! Go for a walk in your local park.

Consider calling a tree care professional such as Tree Top Pros to:

  • Carry out correct pruning
  • Deal with dead or dying trees
  • Treat pest infestations or other types of disease observed from your inspection
  • Discuss the type and setting for any new tree planting
  • Carry out a fertilization plan for the spring

Kindly Note:
The accuracy of this calendar and timings shared within it cannot be guaranteed. States in the USA are at different latitudes, longitudes and have varying elevations. This makes the general advice we give hard to fit all states the same. Compounding these differences are the type of tree species that vary between states. Furthermore, each state has its own weather patterns and levels of rainfall. All this calendar can do is broadly summarize best practice care for your trees. We therefore suggest that you consult your local arborist for more specific insights and advice relevant for your particular location.

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