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Dreadful hurricanes, unexpected freeze events, hits by lightning, nameless thunderstorms, water damage incidents and over-exuberant pruning practices around Deltona City can all have a significant impact on the vitality of your trees. Tree removal is a major yet indispensable solution to some of the resulting tree problems in Volusia County. Removing trees for local business or residential customers is a frequently-used part of our service and we pride ourselves in doing it with care and professionalism.

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Trees are simply magnificent

They clean our ground water, they oxygenate the atmosphere essential for all life, trees suppress loud traffic noise and they also slow the speed of climate change. Trees also support biodiversity because they provide a valuable habitat to several species of flora and fauna. The highly respected Arbor Day Foundation tells us that just one single, large tree is able to provide a day's supply of oxygen for up to 4 individuals. They are without a doubt good for Mother Earth, our environment in Florida and they’re good for the mind too as they lift our spirits. More than 99% of the time they are a purely positive presence in our world.

So if they are so benign, precisely why do we ever need to remove trees? Why is most major form of tree service necessary?

Trees are not immortal

If ever a tree becomes unhealthy, before long it loses its structural sturdiness that adversely affects its ability to hold aloft many tons of timber and leaf, particularly in a gusty storm. And so every time our experts are asked to take a look at your trees as part of our tree extraction service, we typically check for the following indicators of the underlying problem with your tree/s:

  • Lean - Should your tree start to slant towards one single side where it was not pitching towards previously, that may well reveal a badly compromised tree. The problem might be much more serious when seen with naked and/or drooping branches without leaves.
  • Tree Trunk - ground wood particles spread about the bottom of the tree's trunk means that tree-boring insects are at play inside your tree and laying eggs too. In this case the destruction will take place unobserved, apart from some surface egg clusters if you know what to look for. Without treatment or removal, the tree will certainly end up being slowly but surely weakened from secondary and tertiary diseases together with loss of structural stability. Then it will fall down.
  • Tree Bark - other signs of disease can be detected if ever the trunk has bark missing or very loose bark. We check for cavities, splits and hollows within the trunk also, especially if recent or growing in size.
  • Root System - The health of the root system is similarly important with respect to the physical condition of the tree. If the roots indicate breakage or decay, then your tree is probably in peril. Fungi coming from either the tree roots or maybe close to the base of the tree trunk implies dead timber. In the event that there is a massive proliferation of fungus growing from the tree, then it’s either already dead or going to die very soon. Treatment will be useless and it is going to fall down earlier rather than later.

    An uplift of soil around the roots suggests a partly uprooted tree. One strong gust might find the tree falling over, hopefully not over your house.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree workers remove cut tree branches by feeding through wood-chipping equipment

Tree Removal Service - the 6 measured steps to clearing away your nonviable tree


  1. Following your call to Tree Top Pros, we will certainly be glad to present you with an outline related to the most appropriate course of removal or other course of action for your tree. We are going to also present you with a cost estimation. Both will be free of charge. A visit to your home or building may be best so as to fully recognize the scope of works, specifically whenever removing several trees or a single large specimen.
  2. Soon after you approve our recommendation, a mutually convenient date and time will be fixed so that we will be able to start the necessary work for you.
  3. Currently there is legislation by Volusia County and Deltona City that control tree removal in the area. In many cases removing your tree will likely require a tree removal permit. There are some exceptions for single and double unit family lots. And you can rip with impunity no less than 10 specific non-native tree species within Deltona city limits. We’ll guide you as best we can. Please read the separate section below for more details.
  4. We pride ourselves with showing up punctually for agreed tree work appointments. Our qualified tree pros are then going to undertake the service as carefully as possible without the need to rush unduly. Hurried work sometimes leads to problems.
  5. Our team will then get rid of your diseased or dead tree from your yard and deal with waste materials by recycling or reprocessing as needed. Alternatively, you will be able to keep back the woodchips for composting or for mulching your shrubs or other trees and so minimize watering costs in the future.
  6. Before leaving your property, our tree experts can inspect various other trees within your plot in order to offer an economical tree care plan to save you money and time in the long-run on the basis that a stitch in time saves nine! For example, a little sensible tree trimming will certainly render your trees less prone to collapse in a windstorm by simply decreasing their wind resistance. We’ll take care never to ‘top’ any such trees which means the maximum canopy we’ll remove will be 25% of the total.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above actions will hopefully cement your total satisfaction of our work for you. Having said that, we are able to fast-track the stepped method and respond more quickly if there's an unexpected emergency. Thankfully, Deltona City officials are authorized to provide a waiver or all city cods regarding tree removal in an emergency situation. Contact us and our experts will promptly share the timing along with our broad costs to carry out emergency tree services.

Volusia County and Deltona City rules regarding removing trees

County rules on trees give ‘local government’ authority to approve permits for removal of trees. In our case, this means Deltona City Hall is the body to which we must look for permission to remove trees.

Deltona City’s Code of Ordinances was redrafted in Jan 2018 Deltona City - Code of Ordinances Jan 2018. The part related to the preservation and protection of the city’s tree canopy runs to more than 5000 words. This is some measure of the level of importance that the city places on the value of trees, reinforced especially when they list no more than 9 distinct tree benefits for the community.

We are not lawyers and it would be wrong of us to paraphrase Deltona's Code of Ordinances in this important area. Suffice to say that it is aimed more at towards commercial properties, larger properties, business parks and shared community housing. For these entities, it will be illegal to remove or damage trees without first being granted a tree permit.

Permit Exemptions:

  1. Residential, owner-occupied, property owners of single and dual family lots are exempt from having to obtain a removal permit for a tree.
  2. There are 10 foreign tree species for which no permits are required for their extraction.
  3. Most instances of the clearance of land for agricultural use is also exempted BUT not if the intention is to develop the land for non-agricultural use within 3 years of the land being cleared.

Tree Removal Cost

Our company strives to hold our expenses and therefore your charges as small as possible. A price list is not yet possible as the costs vary depending on simplicity of entry to the working area, tree species, tree height as well as scale, the scale of the situation with your tree and whether or not additional operational equipment such as a mobile crane is necessary.

We firm firmly believe that being fully insured and our technicians properly instructed is the most effective way to prevent costly harm to your home and to stop any potential responsibility on you, in the event that there's an accident to one of our operatives. So we trust you will find our tree services to be well-considered, costed sensibly and the project undertaken successfully and with minimum risk.

Tree Top Pros will be able to provide you some cost reduction by allowing you to keep debris following the felling of tree has been safely felled, possibly to store as fuel. We much prefer to leave your garden tidy and debris-free but this depends on you.


Call us without delay! Our staff would love to hear of your tree challenge and explain how we can help.

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