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Tree trimming is generally a reactive measure taken in response to a danger or hazard brought on by a tree or good-sized bush. In this way, a tree has to be trimmed back if a limb blocks a street, highway or walk way. And wherever tree limbs are in danger of destroying real estate, they need to be secured and also be removed. Trimming can likewise be necessary should the general appearance of the tree need correcting from a visually-pleasing perspective.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

Pruning definition

Trimming is similar to pruning and yet there a slight differences as the diagram above shows. Tree pruning is usually much more of a planned, intended action calling for surgical cuts in specific locations on the tree and during particular times of the year in order to maximize the tree's physical condition or fruitfulness. In reality, however, both terms are used often reciprocally.

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Common problems faced by customers where our tree trimming services can help:

  • Your next-door neighbor is grumbling that your tree is blocking out the sun in his property
  • There are lifeless limbs swinging from your tree
  • Your trees haven't been actually trimmed in memory
  • Your tree is swaying too near to electrical power lines triggering the possibility of arcing in wet weather
  • Tree limbs are dropping near to or scraping the outside of your house or apartment
  • You would like a more attractive or different shape for your tree
  • Stormy weather is forecast and you’re worried about this could create in your yard
  • Your tree is simply too huge to trim without a ladder or even climbing equipment

Call us and we’ll be happy to review your own particular trimming challenge. We may visit the site beforehand if it’s a large tree or there are a number of trees that require attention.

Then we'll share a trimming plan with you and hand over to you a FREE, competitive assessment of expenses with regard to the needed service before any kind of work begins. This leaves you safely in the driving seat which is how our customers like it!

The single trimming job that where we have extremely limited skills is trimming your Christmas Tree ... unless it's a live one of-course... and doesn’t involve fairy lights.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might perhaps be persuaded to trim a tree by yourself. If you own a tree of modest proportions, doing this might just be practical IF you can secure the correct tools, a little practical knowledge, protective wearable accessories and the job doesn’t demand the use of a step or other type of ladder. It is a little daunting to try to encapsulate years of training and practical experience within a couple sentences, especially when we are talking about personal safety issues. However, some of the frequent trimming lapses we as a group have encountered together with just what to abstain from are laid out here within these tips:

  1. A stub is left just where the branch has been cut off. Stubs can allow rot since trees can not heal these properly. Instead, trim close to the primary tree branch or without injuring the 'collar'. The collar is the slightly raised part of the branch where it joins to the primary limb. If it’s not injured by trimming it can help to seal over the cut because it is actually a living part of the main branch. Do not cut down very close since the cut will certainly be sluggish to recover and cultivate decay leading to weakness in the primary limb.
  2. Cuts are way too inclined to the direction of the tree branch and larger than necessary. Your pruning snip needs to be clean and you must attempt to get the smallest cut face possible. In any other case, the wound is going to mend over more gradually, demanding additional energy which the tree could certainly make use of elsewhere.
  3. Trees are sometimes cut back way too drastically. This is usually termed topping and will spur weak growth if it doesn't kill the tree. Aim to trim back no more than a quarter out from the entire tree canopy within any 1 year. The same applies to palm trees where so-called ‘hurricane-cuts’ leave a small, somewhat comical tuft of palm fronds. You only need to trim the palm fronds which have turned brown.
  4. The tree's too sizeable to cut. Unqualified people climbing up enormous trees can easily and does lead to a strong possibility of an accident and also property damages below and around the tree. Just don't do this - contact the professionals.
Trimming a tree branch close to the collar
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How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Just say no! Contact Tree Top Pros as a far safer alternative. Thinning down a large tree demands climbing gear or even hydraulic bucket vans. There's certainly a huge possibility of tumbling from regular home ladders leading to a serious cause of back yard traumas and even worse. The branches of bigger trees are, well, larger and much heavier. These can easily knock out any climbing hardware when they are cut from the tree and can and do sweep away the very ladder which is carrying you aloft. This is generally the 2nd area of extreme hazard aside from the inherent risk of juggling a chainsaw whilst balanced perilously on a ladder. Your health and your life are worth more, surely.


How to trim a small tree

Utilizing a little repetitive practice and a few guidelines from arborists, you can possibly do this type of work by yourself for your compact trees. Our company mentions a few of the basics as well as pruning top practices within our post here as well as inside our February Tree Care Diaries here.

Our experts explain the tallest height of commonly-available pruning appliances, such as pruning saws with pole extension handles, approaches 30 feet when taken together with the reach of an average human adult. Any tree higher than this height will certainly require unsafe ladders and our team never recommend you mount these to go up a tree when it comes to your own personal well being and safety. We have observed and been aware of too many injuries this way. The first time that you think of trimming, call our local arborist and they'll show you how you can prune ... or even how to trim safely.

Tree Trimming Permit

Many local districts require that you obtain a pruning permit before work starts on your tree, especially in the event that it's positioned inside a commercial or industrial locality or even sited in a shared community living area. We know the codes, rules and procedures in your local community within Deltona City and can easily guide you appropriately.

Our local knowledge says that there is no express provision for tree trimming permits in Deltona City. However, because of the administration’s clear focus on the health and vitality of its tree canopy, it is safe to assume that destructive pruning practices such as topping, hat-racking, lion-tailing and poodle cutting is forbidden.


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