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Destructive, named tropical storms, thunderstorms without any moniker, flood emergencies and the TPPD disease (Texas Phoenix Palm Decline) within Lee County can certainly have a huge influence on the condition of your trees in Fort Myers. Tree removal is certainly a serious yet crucial solution to some of your tree-related issues. Providing a service to remove trees for both residential and business customers is an integral part of our local operations here at Tree Top Pros.

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Trees are just magnificent

They cleanse our ground water, they oxygenate the atmosphere and they also help minimize traffic noise. They help to reduce the speed of climate change by absorbing Carbon Dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere. Trees also support biodiversity due to the fact that they are normally shelter to many different plant and animal types. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, an individual large tree can supply a day's supply of oxygen for up to four people. The same tree can have a cooling effect on its surroundings equivalent to 10 air-conditioner units running continuously almost 24 hours a day, says the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Trees are very good concerning the planet Earth, our natural environment in Fort Myers and they lift our spirits too. And don’t forget that mature trees in great condition can add up to 10% to the value of our homes.

It’s safe to conclude that for more than 95% of the time they are a purely benign presence in our daily lives. So just what is the point of removing trees? Why is this, the most extreme form of tree service, ever required?

Trees are alive but are also susceptible to disease

A landmark study into nearby Tampa’s urban forest, published in 2018, found that 55 per cent of trees are in a condition described as excellent, 28 per cent are good, 6 per cent fair and 11 per cent are either dead or in a poor condition. This means that over one in ten trees in an average city in Florida is dead or dying and a potential hazard.

Should a tree become infected, it depletes its structural vigor which in turn harms its ability to hold up aloft hundreds of pounds or tens of tons of wood and leaf, particularly in a windy violent storm. Therefore when our team is called to inspect your trees as part of our service to remove trees, our experts make sure to look out for the following indicators to see how much of a risk the tree has become:

  • Overall stance - If ever your tree starts to pitch towards one direction where it wasn't bending before, it may identify a compromised tree. The problem can be even more severe when observed with bare and/or drooping tree branches without having leaves.
  • Trunk - ground wood grains close to the bottom of the tree's trunk reveals that tree-boring insects are burrowing inside or laying eggs. In this case the damage will most likely happen concealed. The tree will most likely end up being steadily weaker from disease, loss of tree sap as well as loss of structural cohesion. Then it’s only a matter of time before it collapses.

    Additional signs of disease may be recognized whenever the trunk has bark missing or fairly loose bark. We examine spaces and splits within the trunk also, particularly if fresh. Even if the hollow is invisible from the outside, we use sounding hammers, increment borers and even ultrasound equipment to determine the extent of the void inside. If it takes up more than 30% of the trunk’s volume, the tree has become weakened sufficiently to cause real concern and should be promptly removed.

  • Proximity to Property – A tree can be healthy but has been planted too close to a property. It’s a real shame when we have to remove a strong mature tree in this situation but there are rarely alternatives available to us when the roots start to damage a nearby building’s foundations. Tree roots can also invade drains and other utility pipe-work. Often, our only choices are to transplant the tree to a better location or to remove and then replace with some seedlings or saplings in a better location. Incidentally, August is a great time to plan the planting of shade trees as we discuss in the August Tree care Diary.
  • Roots - The well-being of the root system is similarly relevant for the well-being of the tree. If they indicate damage or decay, then your tree is most likely in danger. Fungus infection sprouting from either the tree roots or maybe near the base of the tree trunk indicates dead timber. In the event that there's an a lot of fungal proliferation (mushroom-like protrusions), certainly there will probably be no sparing the tree and it is going to collapse earlier as opposed to later.

    An uplift of ground around the roots signifies a partly unstable tree. Just one powerful gust and you will see a fallen tree, preferably not over your house of-course.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree being removed with a crane

Tree Removal Service – our 6 stage approach

By now, we have taken a good hard look at your problem tree and decided with you whether it can be saved or whether it needs to be removed. Some possible remedies might be effective such as solutions may work such as tree trimming, pruning, cutting, cabling, fertilizing, watering, replanting or tree pest and disease control measures. However, if your tree is likely to remain a hazard to property and people, what are the next steps from a customer’s perspective?

  1. Following your call to us, our firm will certainly be more than happy to offer you with a draft related to the most effective removal options for your tree, FREE of charge. Our team is then going to also present you with an expense quote, again for FREE. A quick visit to your place or building will be usually most ideal to fully comprehend the scale of the task, specifically when removing trees.
  2. Shortly after you agree to our proposal, a jointly convenient time will be set up so that we are able to undertake the necessary tree service.
  3. There are Fort Myers city codes and Lee County ordinances that apply whenever you want to remove trees – check our section below for more information. For the most part, a vegetation removal permit will be needed for all protected (native) trees on development land, county land and municipal parks etc. There are exceptions but it’s always best to check direct. We have the local numbers and contacts so you can find out what is needed in the quickest time frame.
  4. Our staff prides themselves with showing up on time. Our qualified tree technicians are going to then carry out the project as safely as they can.
  5. Our staff will subsequently take away your diseased or dead tree from your backyard and take care of waste tree parts by means of re-cycling or reprocessing as needed. Then again, you may retain the woodchips in order to keep moist your other yard shrubs and so minimize watering bills in the upcoming months or years.
  6. Whilst at your property we’ll see what we can do to increase its value. Before removing the last branches from your felled tree, we will check your other trees with your permission. We may be able to improve upon their condition and longevity. A regular tree care plan will help realize their true worth to you in both environmental and financial terms. Remember that according to USDA Forest Service, each mature tree can add up to $10,000 to the value of your home. So it will be worth keeping them in fabulous condition, hopefully with our help.

    Another benefit is that gentle thinning of canopies can reduce their wind resistance without harming your tree. This will help your trees to weather storms better reducing damage all round.

Emergency Removal of Trees

These 6 actions are suggested so as to maximize your complete satisfaction using our tree extraction service. Nevertheless, our firm can fast-track the method and take action faster when there is an emergency situation. Contact us and our firm will quickly run through the timing along with our broad costs in order to undertake any time critical tree cutting work.

Tree Removal Permit in Fort Myers

In the state of Florida, taking away trees requires that you first procure a formal permission in many cases. Lee County Codes for tree extraction apply and are comprehensive with a focus on the preservation of native tree species. Such trees are protected from abuse (poor trimming practices) and removal, specifically on commercial and industrial development plots. There is a list of protected trees online in case of doubt.

In all such cases of removal, a Permit will be required to be obtained from the County Administrator. There are 8 listed exceptions, however. Such exemptions include:
- dead trees
- trees destroyed by an act of god
- protected trees on residential land for single family use if lot is less than 5 acres in size. However, this exemption isn’t valid if the home is located on listed coastal islands.

As you can see the regulations could be a minefield so we’ll guide you through the legal maze as best we can based on our local knowledge.

Removal Cost

We make every effort to maintain our rates and also your charges as reasonable as possible. Our total cost and hence your charges from us will differ based upon:
- ease of access
- tree type
- tree height and overall size
- the type of the problem with your tree and
- in case extra machinery like a crane is required

As you can imagine, a standard price list is difficult to publish. So just call us on our phone number you see above on this page and we can give a broad indication before we visit, in most cases.

Our company firmly believes that being totally insured and our staff successfully trained is simply the most reliable approach to doing business locally. It helps to avoid expensive damage to your house as well as to eliminate any latent responsibility on you, in case there's an accidental injury to any of our employees, heaven forbid. You are going to understand our approach to be well-considered, priced fairly and the removal done competently and in safety. We’ll offer you cost savings where we can, of-course.


Call our company without delay! Our staff would love to speak with you concerning your tree problem.

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